Still Looking… Actually

Episode 87 – Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 (7182)


In the past two weeks, I’ve been still thinking whether I continue to communicate with the strange lady, just called her “Textmate A” (also known as “You-know-who” ver. 2.0, “Miss Parasite” because of her asking for some money, or “Miss Obsession” because of forcing me to fall in-love with her), or not by changing my mobile numbers (leading her into excommunication from my life). I think it was my mistake after I let myself to entertain her thru text messaging which caused me into trouble (thanks to what she saw on the website where I posted there that I was looking for potential textmate). Her obsession to me (as she’s so in-love with me without observing our real personalities), asking for some finances (I got almost “bankrupt” because of her), her attitude, and disturbances (mostly while I was at work when she contacted me) made me so stressful especially during the third week of August. If ever I didn’t have any communication with that “weird” lady, my life would be the same as I feel lonely and alone after having a long distance relationship last year. Right now, my life is almost ruined by her! Gosh! She’s so obsessed to me after she claimed that I was her “boyfriend” despite of the conditions that I made when we first met two weeks ago. She just hypnotized me to be in-love with her! Inaangkin nya ako maging boyfriend nya kahit ayoko at wala sa oras! Parang China lang, inaangkin basta basta! Hehehe! Continue reading “Still Looking… Actually”


Another Love Mistake… Again?

Episode 86 – Friday, August 26th, 2016 (7178)


Last episode, I shared my unexpected story about one of my newest textmates (just called her “Textmate A” better known as “You-know-who” version 2.0 because of her wearing eyeglasses and being chubby) who quickly fell in-love with me. This may sound so crazy because we only met for the first time a day after we contacted thru text messages (thanks to my post on a website where people were searching for their textmates). I don’t understand why the girl fell in-love to me immediately, but I notice that she’s also in urgency (as I am) searching for her future partner. For instance, when I met her personally to have a “date” last August 13th, I had some love feelings on her, but I didn’t immediately consider her as my new girlfriend (despite of having holding hands together) after she asked me about our “relationship”. Continue reading “Another Love Mistake… Again?”


Episode 85 – Monday, August 15th, 2016 (7167)

глаза гот

Do you remember when I tried to post my mobile number on social media to search for a potential textmate last January? Well, it came into failure because none of textmate wannabes did last long. After that, I had never tried to do this again. But… it’s not until just last Wednesday.

Recently, I bought a new mobile number for a backup of my existing (and current) mobile number. Because of this, last Wednesday, I tried again to post my personal mobile numbers (yeah, both of my numbers) elsewhere (not on Facebook). I typed my details on a small comment section stating that I was looking for a possible textmate. I also looked for other comments that they’re also searching for their prospects. And on the next day, some would respond on my number. Continue reading “Eyeball”


Episode 84 – Friday, August 12th, 2016 (7164)


Within last week, my friend from The Feast asked me thru text message if I was still interested to join her “work” about travel. I didn’t reply because I had no more cellphone load to respond about her offer. That was the only time that she reminded me about travel business where I had been belonged (as business partner) two years ago. When I saw her photos in Facebook, she and her friends (as business partners) went anywhere, not only in the Philippines, but also in abroad. But the question is… why do they keep posting their photos (about travel) on social media as an inspiration or brag to make other envy? Maybe…? Continue reading “Networking”


Episode 83 – Friday, August 5th, 2016 (7157)


Tomorrow will be my birthday, and this will be my second birthday without having a love life. It will not be completed without a sweet greeting from my true love (girlfriend). Yeah, yeah, love life again! I think you’ll be tired talking about my love life because I’m not even from a showbiz industry as you’ve thought. And yet, you might be bored on my stories especially about my never-ending searching for “one true love”. I know this is urgent because I’m getting old as I will be no longer within 20s by tomorrow. And, speaking of “boring”, in this episode, I’m just talking about boredom especially in my situation right now. Having my boring life is now everywhere… almost. Being dull, numb and middling are always present in my situation since I became loveless more than 400 days ago. Continue reading “Boredom”

Giving Up… Almost

Episode 82 – Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 (7155)


I’m going crazy in the past week about things that so annoying to me. Last Friday when I arrived home from work, I got a mail from a friend of my host (or foster) mother in the U.S. But the mail was arrived home while I was still at work. Of course, everybody at home got curious on the mail that supposed to be received by me personally and not others. When I got this mail, my mother asked me about it. I hate to be asked about my personal things! She noticed that the mail from unknown which she thought from a Chinese friend. I answered to her about it that it’s from a friend of my foster mother back in the U.S. But because my mother is already old and deafened, she didn’t understand what I was explaining about. Continue reading “Giving Up… Almost”