Episode 78 – Friday, July 8th, 2016 (7129)

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors
LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers winning their first NBA championship after defeating Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of 2016 NBA Finals ending the 52-year championship drought in the city of Cleveland (Photo courtesy of Reuters)

Almost three weeks ago, I was able to watch NBA Finals (thru internet live streaming) between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the defending champion, Golden State Warriors. It was thrilled to watch especially in Game 7 where the Cavaliers (Cavs, for short) escaped the Warriors to win its first NBA title in franchise history, and it was historical for Cavs because of their incredible comeback from 1-3 deficit to win a best-of-7 championship series (the first to do so in the NBA Finals history). I felt so happy for them because they’re not only clutching their first NBA title since entering the league in 1970 but also ending the 52-year championship drought for the city of Cleveland after NFL’s Browns won the championship in 1964. Cleveland is now no longer a sports curse city.

However, in all four professional major leagues in North America (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL), there’s one team that has a drought longer than any other else. The Chicago Cubs of Major Baseball League (MLB) hold the longest championship drought in professional sports history. Their [very] last MLB championship was in the year… 1908! We know those who born in 1908 or earlier are already dead when the Cubs won their last championship. That’s a long, long, long drought for them.

And speaking of drought, I’m not talking about winning a championship or accomplishments in sports, but I’m now talking about, of course, my love life.


Love drought is what I mean. All we know that I’ve written in most episodes on my personal blog about my love life. Even though it has been only a year after the unexpected break-up from long distance relationship (LDR), this is the start of my love drought – having no girlfriend or love relationship in a long time. 12 months being single and loveless is not too long. But before I had LDR in 2012, I was single or had no girlfriend for 7 long years! Yeah. That was the longest “drought” that I had in my love life before.

While I was studying in a deaf school, I had some numerous dates with some girls who are deaf. But not all were serious though (even they’re now considered as “illegitimate” in my love life history). In 2005, I had a date with an American deaf girl way back when I was in the United States as a foreign exchange student. But we didn’t last long because I was preparing to go back home at the time when the exchange program was ended. And it was the time when my life was adjusted after I was transferred from a deaf school (or so-called “Deaf World”) to a non-deaf school. As changing into the new environment, I thought I was going to have my first-ever girlfriend who is NOT a deaf. But I was remained single and loveless for 7 long years (or 84 months or 2,583 days)! 7 years without a girlfriend was a long drought for me. From 2005-2012, I had tried to court somebody to have my first-ever non-deaf girlfriend, but none of these were succeeded. When I was in college, I had crushes to some pretty college classmates, and I tried to amuse them. But I failed to do so. Even when I was now working in a corporate world, I had so many crushes in the workplace mostly were proofreaders. However, I didn’t try to court one of them because I didn’t want to make myself into publicity (as my work colleagues teased me about my love life) and shame (if I was busted).

Different environment and declining my ability in courtship were the reasons why I couldn’t take to have a girlfriend. I was stuck to so-called “Curse of Deaf Sweethearts” because I failed to have a non-deaf girlfriend and to overcome my past lovers that were mostly deaf. For years, I was always praying and hoping to have a nice lady to open my heart. But it was until one unknown girl came into my life. Finally, after 7 long year of love drought, I had my first-ever non-deaf girlfriend who was my long-time textmate in June 2012. I felt I was winning a championship and breaking the “curse” as my love drought was ended. However, most long distance relationships don’t last forever. Walang forever! After three years of love despite of long distance, we ended with break-up unexpectedly.

Thankfulness, I had a girlfriend for three years even though I met barely because of long distance. If this didn’t happen, I might have been single for 11 long years! 7 years single (2005-2012) plus 3 years (if LDR didn’t happen from 2012-2015) plus 1 year (being single again just like now, 2015-2016) equals 11 years of loveless and having no girlfriend, that would have been the longest love drought ever in the history of my love life!

I just present a TV commercial for a fastfood chain (watch the video below) that reminds me a nice-looking lady remembering the same table when her boyfriend left her after their break-up. That’s so heartbroken, isn’t it? I’m so much related in this commercial, but it was not in my case (I was broken up thru text messages).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Now, one year after the heartbroken break-up, I’m still single and loveless. I might little bit be envious to some of my friends (younger than I am) who already have their love relationships including one of my former college schoolmates who was recently married to a nice guy. Some of them are already having their own families (having at least one child). But for me, I’m still empty in love life. One year is just the beginning, but I don’t want my single life last longer up to 7 years or even forever! If I’ll stay single for a long time, I will be afraid that I’ll have hard time to look for a better girlfriend while I’m getting older. I don’t want to have a love drought longer than what I had been single for 7 years. My future life will be ruined as well as my plan to be independent from the distractions in my life (especially at home) if I can’t find a potential girlfriend for my future family.

I want to end this love drought, and I’ll try my best to find a better girl deserves to have her right “key” to open my heart again as soon as possible.




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