SMS Communication: One Year After

Episode 76 – Monday, July 4th, 2016 (7125)

Well, it’s already July, and it has been one year of “lack” of socialization especially in exchanging text messages or short messaging service (SMS) to someone. As you know, I have no longer had any textmate like before, and I think I lose my appetite to have a potential textmate or talking/chatting to somebody who is not boring and telling a lot of stories.

Right now, as one year after the end of long distance relationship (LDR) with my former textmate from the North (I supposed to not mention her anymore because I must move on after one year of heartaches!), collecting my text messages has been declined and dull, to be honest. Unlike in the past few years where I had lots of text messages that I collected, as I expected, my SMS communication with my friends and someone has been sharply and dramatically collapsed by almost 93%.

I’ll show you the data that I collected in the past 12 months from July 2015 or right after the end of LDR.

SMS data in 2015-16

The figure shown above dedicates that the data of SMS collected from July 2015 to June 2016 are sharply down compared to the same period last year (2014-15). From more than 7,000 text messages (or SMS) collected in 2014-15, there were only more than 500 SMS collected in 2015-16. That’s totally collapsed!

There are some reasons why I made only few text messages that I collected during the term:

  • I have no longer had a textmate right now (in fact, last January, I had some potential textmates that I searched thru Facebook or given by a common friend, but they didn’t last long to communicate with me).
  • I have rarely received any text messages from my friends (mostly from The Feast) to greet or to have a chat with me because they’re so busy in their own work (really?).
  • The cellphone load has always been eaten (by non-sense promos or something), so that I barely load my phone besides I have never contacted anyone who is so busy (?).
  • Every time when I send a text message to someone, he/she doesn’t reply at all (or probably takes some minutes or hours to reply) that wastes my time and cellphone load.
  • Changing my mobile number was the main reason, so most of my friends are unaware about it (the true reason: I hate to receive some annoying or solicited text messages from them). Although my current mobile number has been used since late 2014 and my old mobile number has been shut down in July 2015, I didn’t tell or acknowledge everyone (except my close and trusted friends).

I created a long, long description that shows about collecting my text messages (or SMS) one year after the end of having a long-time textmate (as she “left” my heart broken) and the comparison in the past few years. There are the whole details and facts:


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

After one year of dull and boring interaction thru text messages (SMS), will I find another textmate (a nice lady, of course) that soon she might be the “right one” or the right “key” to open my heart again or… will it be still the same (loveless life) as last year? Hmmm…? I hope I’ll find “One True Love” as soon as possible (as I’m getting older now) to gain the collection of text messages back to the top (as being textmates, either we’ve already met or not).


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