Feast SM Sta. Rosa First Anniversary

Episode 72 – Monday, June 20th, 2016 (7011)


Just last Sunday, I decided to go out from home because it was so hot inside, and I went to SM City Sta. Rosa to attend Feast which was celebrating its first anniversary.

When I arrived there, the mall was still closed, and there were lots of people waiting at the line. I thought the mall was already open as early as 9 o’clock in the morning because I usually went there to attend The Feast in the past weeks. But that time, it would be opened at 10 o’clock, so that I stood with other people waiting at the line. Later, a small truck passed thru my back, and I thought it was loaded with some packs of food to be delivered at The Feast. Suddenly, Sis Melissa spotted me and met me to help her bringing three packs of food to Cinema 1. We needed to find the shortcut to enter going upstairs. But, we couldn’t find the access where we could pass going to The Feast. Fortunately, we spotted some of our friends from The Feast, and we talked how we could enter going to the cinema while the people were waiting and falling in line outside. Minutes later, one of Feast servants came out from the fire exit and let us to enter (using the “secret” access or I mean, fire exit) going up there.

When I entered inside the cinema, I met Lanie, Janine and Sis Tess, my friends from Media Ministry who were so busy preparing for visuals. They missed me so much because I hadn’t shown up them for several weeks. During that time, I was going various Feast locations (mostly Feast Pacita) to attend their sessions, and sometimes I also attended Feast SM Sta. Rosa, but I immediately went out right after the closing song (and I didn’t go to the Media Ministry to greet my friends there). Anyway, this was my first time to attend Feast accompanied with my friends from Media after several weeks that I attended alone and unaccompanied. Later, because it was Father’s Day, they intentionally greeted me “Happy Father’s Day” even though I’ve not been already a father! I told to my friend, Janine, “Probably I’ll be a father about 5-10 years from now.”

I noticed at the stage that most Feast servants were preparing for the holy mass. Bro. Alex of Singles Ministry reminded thru text blast a day before that there would be a mass before The Feast. This was the first time that Feast SM Sta. Rosa had a holy mass for a long time. But when I asked Sis Tess if the mass would be permanent at Feast SM, she told me that it was just for an occasion (because of the first anniversary of Feast SM Sta. Rosa as Bro. Dreus stated that it was just a “bonus”). While my friends from Media were preparing at their laptops for the mass and the special presentation, Bro. Dreus Cosio and Laguna district builder Bro. Jon Escoto led our opening prayer minutes before the mass was started.

While the mass was held, there were a lot of people attending inside the Cinema 1, and it was so amazing. Some of attendees were already standing as the seats were already occupied, so some ushers and Bro. Dreus got some chairs to let them to sit. One of the servant told Bro. Dreus during his introduction that there were more than 700 attendees inside. This was the first time that Feast SM Sta. Rosa was jampacked with a lot of attendees, and it was because of its first anniversary.

And now, Bro. Dreus led a special talk, not just because of the anniversary, but it was also about Father’s Day. He stated from Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” and another from Proverbs 23:22, “Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.” And because it was a day for beloved fathers, he talked about the three fathers from the Bible: Abraham, Isaac (both from the Old Testament), and Joseph (from the New Testament). Abraham had obedience as Bro. Dreus stated that “God call us not to always understand but simply to obey.” While Abraham had many wives (polygamy) and children, Isaac had his faithfulness that he chose only one. And lastly, Joseph the Carpenter surrendered his holiness to God as Bro. Dreus stated, “The right time to give up is when you look up and lift up to God.” After Bro. Dreus shared a bible story, the four handsome and faithful fathers from Feast SM Sta. Rosa came up to the stage to share their stories about fatherhood. Then the cute kids from Awesome Kids Ministry had a video tribute to the fathers who celebrated their special day.

I was wondering why some of my friends from The Feast greeted me “Happy Father’s Day” although I’m not yet a father (and have no children). Because I have been still single and no girlfriend for almost a year, how come I’ll be a father if I have no girlfriend, live-in partner or even loving wife? But I just ask for myself. I will be a father of a child if I’ll have already a loving and faithful partner, but when…? I’ll discuss about my possible scenario that what if I’ve been already a father (or a young parent) in the future episodes.

Bro. Jon Escoto and Bro. Dreus led the pre-opening prayer
Holy mass held for the first time at Feast SM Sta. Rosa
Bro. Dreus Cosio introducing the four good-looking dad from The Feast at the stage
Celebrating Father’s Day as all dad attendees were blessed with Awesome Kids

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

It has been one year since Feast SM Sta. Rosa of Bro. Dreus Cosio was launched after relocating from Feast Central Mall Biñan on June 14, 2015. I didn’t attend on the first day of its new location because I was somewhere in Central Luzon for my anniversary date with my textmate/girlfriend. And because SM City Sta. Rosa is a crowded place, I couldn’t attend there because of tight security. Additionally, the unexpectedly break-up with my textmate/girlfriend happened just few days after the launch of the Feast SM Sta. Rosa, so that I was remaining isolated and feeling alone while I had been heartbroken. Because of the incident, I didn’t attend The Feast for almost three months, except one time in July 2015 when I attended unaccompanied and lonely after my terrible incident at home (Read Episode 7). I still remember that I just came there to attend The Feast to forget the incident happened at home which made me so badly. I almost cried being heartbroken and having trouble at home during that time when I went out to eat lunch alone. But finally, in September 2015, I was able to attend and to serve Feast SM Sta. Rosa after my long, long absence. And there were many things happen to gain my life into happiness from loneliness and being heartbroken.

Well, I’m so glad that Feast SM Sta. Rosa is now on its first year. I hope and pray that the holy mass will be permanent soon. I want to congratulate Bro. Dreus Cosio and all the servants for making Feast SM Sta. Rosa successful and full of blessings. I’ll always attend there every other Sunday (although there are some times that I attend other Feast nearby).

Happy First Anniversary Feast SM Sta. Rosa!

(Feast SM Sta. Rosa is held every Sunday morning, 10:30am, and led by Bro. Dreus Cosio. It is located at Cinema 1 (second level) of SM City Sta. Rosa, Laguna. See you there!)


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