What If… I Didn’t Go to the United States (and Enter My Life in Non-Deaf World)

Episode 75 – Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 (7019)

US adventure

On June 28, 2005, 11 years to be exact, I was ready to leave from a house of my host family in Talladega, Alabama in the United States going to the airport. I didn’t cry though, but it was the saddest part to me because, after 325 days of stay with lots of most memorable moments that I never forget, I would go back home to the Philippines. Like what last Kerygma Conference 2015 said, “I’ll be coming home.” My wonderful experience at the U.S. brought me and my life so memorable when it was my very first time to go and to stay there for one year (less than a year though). During my one-year stay in the U.S., there were so many unforgettable moments happened in my life. As an exchange student, I had an obligation to study in an American deaf school for one academic year (as a senior or equivalent to fourth year high school in the Philippines). This, however, would be my last time to study in a deaf institution because right after the exchange program, I would be transferred in a non-deaf school (for the continuation of my final high school year at home) making my life changed into a new direction and environment. And that’s what I’ve been right now (the rest is history). Continue reading “What If… I Didn’t Go to the United States (and Enter My Life in Non-Deaf World)”


One Year After

Episode 74 – Friday, June 24th, 2016 (7015)

one year after

How about that! This has been exactly one year after I launched My Tent Journal (MTJ) thru my personal blog. I’m so happy because this is an accomplishment for me to share my stories within one year. But, in contrast, I’m so sad because this has been one year that I’m loveless. Yeah, I have still no girlfriend for one year. That’s another accomplishment for me to make myself being single for one full year. And it’s just a coincidence because after I published my first ever episode of MTJ on June 24, 2015, on the following night, my long distance relationship (LDR) with my long-time textmate/girlfriend was over. On that night of June 25, I was numb and clueless after we decided to break-up our LDR for some complicated reasons. I didn’t cry, but deep inside, my heart was crying and hurting so much. Continue reading “One Year After”

What If… I Became a Parent (and Had Own Family) Too Early?

Episode 73 – Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 (7013)


Last Sunday, I attended the first anniversary of Feast SM Sta. Rosa, and it was also celebrated Father’s Day. When I approached to my friends in Media Ministry, Lanie, Janine and Sis Tess just greeted me “Happy Father’s Day”. I wondered why they greeted me even I’ve not been yet a father (or having a child). I told them that how I could be a father if I’ve no children yet (and still no girlfriend until now). I also said them that probably 5-10 years from now I would become a father (but when?). Continue reading “What If… I Became a Parent (and Had Own Family) Too Early?”

Feast SM Sta. Rosa First Anniversary

Episode 72 – Monday, June 20th, 2016 (7011)


Just last Sunday, I decided to go out from home because it was so hot inside, and I went to SM City Sta. Rosa to attend Feast which was celebrating its first anniversary.

When I arrived there, the mall was still closed, and there were lots of people waiting at the line. I thought the mall was already open as early as 9 o’clock in the morning because I usually went there to attend The Feast in the past weeks. But that time, it would be opened at 10 o’clock, so that I stood with other people waiting at the line. Later, a small truck passed thru my back, and I thought it was loaded with some packs of food to be delivered at The Feast. Suddenly, Sis Melissa spotted me and met me to help her bringing three packs of food to Cinema 1. We needed to find the shortcut to enter going upstairs. But, we couldn’t find the access where we could pass going to The Feast. Fortunately, we spotted some of our friends from The Feast, and we talked how we could enter going to the cinema while the people were waiting and falling in line outside. Minutes later, one of Feast servants came out from the fire exit and let us to enter (using the “secret” access or I mean, fire exit) going up there. Continue reading “Feast SM Sta. Rosa First Anniversary”

No Time For Love (?)

Episode 71 – Thursday, June 16th, 2016 (7107)


In the past almost 12 months, I still remain single, loveless, no girlfriend, and alone. Right after the break-up of long distance relationship (LDR), my mind (and my heart) has been “out of nowhere” that I’m almost numb, and I don’t have my time to talk with my friends anymore (probably becoming “anti-social” (?)). Although I have hard times to look for another one (must be more deserving than the previous one), it’s not so enough for me because, sometimes, I feel I’m tired looking for someone who will love me forever.

However, most of the times in the past almost 12 months of being single, I have only spent my time to do… nothing. Nothing but just enjoy for myself. Continue reading “No Time For Love (?)”


Episode 70 – Friday, June 10th, 2016 (7101)

This coming Sunday, June 12, we, the Filipinos, will celebrate our 118th Philippine Independence. But am I free from the distractions in life? Definitely… NOT just for now.

Two weekends ago, as I promised in Episode 65, I decided to not stay at home and to go out anywhere that I could make myself free. You know the reason that I hate to stay at home most weekends because of these distractions at home – having very hot atmosphere inside that makes me so sweated, noisy environment especially when my family watches “non-sense” shows on TV and the never-ending “annoying” of my jobless elder brother making my personal and private life in my bedroom ruined. That’s why I couldn’t make myself to have a nice and peaceful rest day. Continue reading “Independence”

School Opening

Episode 69 – Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 (7098)

Students were about to start the flag ceremony for the first day of classes (File photo from Rappler.com)

The summer vacation is over, and it’s time to back to school. This coming Monday (June 13th), about 25 million Filipino students in different levels will be ready to come back classes for the school year 2016-2017. And they are now so busy to buy school materials and to prepare for this Monday’s opening classes.

Although I’m now working in the corporate world because I’m no longer a student since 2010, I still share the story about my experiences and some memorable moments during the school opening when I was still young as a student (1994-2009). Continue reading “School Opening”