Things That I Really Miss

Episode 66 – Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 (7085)


Last Sunday, I finally attended Feast SM Sta. Rosa after my two-week appearances at Feast Pacita of Bro. Dwight Castillo. I just missed to attend Bro. Dreus Cosio’s Feast where most of my Feast friends served there. However, I noticed why Bro. Jon Escoto was there walking around before I approached to Cinema 1 of the mall. And I found out that Bro. Dreus Cosio was not present because he was taking care with his curing mother. Although I miss Bro. Dreus to share the talk, I also missed Bro. Jon at The Feast because of his unscripted and funny jokes. I also missed his favorite taglines during the talk such as “look at me here…”, “Pwede ba akong magkuwento?… sige na…” (“Can I share a story, please?”), and “Sabihin nyo kung bakit…?” (“Tell me why?”). The series that he talked was about “The Power of Small”, and its second talk was Blessings.

And again, I was sitting on an empty row of seats alone although some attendees would come later on to seat the vacant seats beside me. I supposed to go at Media Ministry where I saw Lanie (was it she?) preparing for the song lyrics and PowerPoint presentation, and I missed to have bonding with other Media Ministry colleagues like Bro. Hans who was now a front singer. But I just decided to not go there for unknown reason. Although I really missed to serve at Media where I decided to step down from being operator last January, I was just hesitated to show up with my former colleagues in the ministry. Later before the start of The Feast, my friend, Earl, approached me to talk shortly and wanted me to join with him for Music Ministry’s bonding later on that afternoon (but I didn’t go with him instead). But all of the sudden, I was sitting on the row unaccompanied or without having any common friends sitting beside me (most of my Feast friends were busy to serve).

Hugging with someone

Anyway, the truth was that I was not alone to watch and to hear the entire talk from Bro. Jon. There were beautiful young ladies sitting on my both side of seat. However, a lady on my left side was so beautiful and wearing a nice dress. I didn’t know if she’s still single or whatever, but I was so introverted because I didn’t know who she was, and she’s not so familiar (probably a friend of one of my friends or not) from my current friends either. When she found at vacant seat on my left side, she asked me about the talk that was already started by Bro. Jon. Later, before Bro. Jon prayed for Novena, he let the audience to have some hugs and handshakes. And the beautiful young lady on my left let me a nice hug. I just felt so charm after we hugged, but there’s one thing that I really, really miss in my present situation – to have a hug with someone especially to a young female person.

Of course, as you know, I came from a broken (long distance) relationship, and it’s so sad that I’ve no girlfriend since then. So, no girlfriend, no sweet hugs. Although I can assume to hug with my friends especially to the girls (and to my family, as well (obviously I’m not really closed with my elder siblings)), I’m so hesitated to have a hug to a female friend. But since we’re attending The Feast, the attendees may hug themselves even to the unknown strangers like what we did as a sign of peaceful approach. I felt this was my first time to have a nice hug from this type of lady after I had never done for almost a year. Well, honestly, I really miss having a sweet, tight hug from a loved one or a girlfriend as what I had done before when I had a (long distance) relationship.

Having a lunch date


After The Feast, as what I’ve done several times, I immediately went out right before finishing the final song (although I just grabbed some free food on the stands). As I went out from the theater, I didn’t approach some of my Feast friends inside to talk or to have some bonding time as what I had done before. But I just decided to leave immediately for some “security” reason. After that, I went to other mall somewhere in Laguna to take a lunch alone. Again, I just took a lunch in a restaurant alone (and unaccompanied). I have done it so many times after my break-up or becoming single.

Suddenly, I just missed having a lunch date with someone (girlfriend). I just reminded this because there were some lovers or companions having their lunch dates in other restaurants. Since I’ve been single in a long time, I just spend my time to eat lunch in a restaurant all alone. Also, walking and traveling alone (or unaccompanied) in public places were my saddest part. Almost every time especially in weekends (or after The Feast), I have been solo to walk around the mall without been accompanied from any of my friends. I remembered when I needed to travel about 120 miles (or 190 kilometers) from home just to meet my (now former) long distance textmate/girlfriend to have our lunch date and walking around public places together (just the two). Of course, I really miss the moments that we had before, but it would never be happened again. These will never be the same again, but I hope that the “dream” lunch date will be happened to my next girlfriend… soon.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

There are so many things in my life that I really miss. Things like (sweet and warm) hugging and having a lunch date are the examples that I easily forget but suddenly miss. Bigla ko namiss ang mga bagay na hindi na muling mangyayari pa. These were already happened before, but these are no longer existed in my present life. I have lots of missing things that I want to share in the future episodes, and I just share about my story happened just last Sunday. I’ve missed having a hug and having a lunch date with someone. I’m hoping these will be happened again in the future.


Probably next episode, I’ll be talking about companionship that it’s not absolutely present to me (and in my life) outside home.


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