Staying at Home vs Office

Episode 62 – Monday, May 2nd, 2016 (7062)


It’s already May and goodbye to the fourth month whose name is the same name of my “long-time” enemy, hahaha! Anyway, last week, when I travelled going home from work, I noticed some students in late teens or early 20s, with their parents or companion, were wearing formal dresses from a college in San Pedro. Then they rode in a jeep where I was sitting inside almost alone. I thought they attended “Junior-Senior Prom”, but it was no longer February though. However, I got an idea that they attended their graduation (I think) although I didn’t see them carrying any graduation togas or something. Because of that, I just remembered about my former textmate (and girlfriend) who has been still studying college. I had promised her before that I would attend her graduation (and possibly meet one of her parents or loved ones) after her final year in college. But since we’re no longer lovers, it wouldn’t happen anymore. Just forget that thing.

Before that happen, just few days ago (or last two weekends from now), I decided to not stay at home for my rest day. Instead, I just went to the office to stay there ALONE and to have my FREEDOM temporary. My God, after my long working week, I supposed to have a nice rest day at home. But, as you know, the house has full of “toxics” (negativity, bullying from my jobless elder brother, noisiness like a public market, etc.). How can I take a nice and peaceful rest at home if there has many distractions? And since summer is still ongoing, it’s looked like an oven because it’s very HOT inside even the electric fans can’t enough to ease the heat! So, is it enough to have a “rest” day at home?

That’s why almost every weekend I always go out from home to have my OWN free time (like attending The Feast every Sunday). And, not only that, I have a privilege to use the office in San Pedro, where I work there for my job, for my temporary “freedom”. Yeah, thanks that I have keys to open the office. I use the office to work Mondays to Fridays and to have my own FREEDOM (temporary) on weekends. (Note: I use it for non-working days (e.g. holidays except Christmas, New Year, and Holy Week) and at least once per weekends or rest day.)

(Note: this is NOT actual situation that I have right now but just an example)

Right now, I have some comparisons (and reasons, too) that I’d rather to stay at the office rather than at home mostly during weekends and rest days:

At home At the office (during weekends only)
  • Very hot atmosphere inside (because there are only two windows, and my bedroom, attached with my elder brother’s, has NO windows on it making the room so hot during summer.
  • Air-conditioned workplace.
  • I have NO freedom to have my personal and private time at my bedroom because of my jobless elder brother (my bedroom is obviously attached with his bedroom thru one door from the living room, see figure below this table). Distraction is always present especially while I’m working at my “own” office inside my bedroom.
  • I have FREEDOM to have my personal and private time without any distractions and interruptions (because I use the office ALONE).
  • My jobless elder brother always calls my household name, “Meeerrrr…” sounds like a goat. Damn! It’s so annoying and irritating!
  • Very peaceful (except for noisy but religious songs at the next door) and relaxing.
  • My mother watches TV especially when she watches her “die-hard” idol, AlDub in a non-sense TV network (the “heart” network).
  • There’s no TV at the office, so I prefer to watch U.S. TV shows (mostly sports) thru internet live streaming on the computer.
  • My father always watches TV mostly sports and always changes the channel that he wants to watch. Palipat-lipat ng channel!
  • I prefer to watch only ONE channel on live streaming (or if optional, I can watch two live streaming videos in one computer monitor (however, the sounds will be conflict).
  • He sometimes commands for some things that he can’t handle (because he was suffered mild stroke last year).
  • I’m the only ONE to do anything at the office alone.
  • Noisy environment (e.g. my elder brother plays his favorite rock and punk songs which are so noisy, and my eldest twin sisters or my parents are arguing for something).
  • So quiet inside (but outside, there’s some traffic on the road nearly but in rare cases).
  • No internet connection (and poor network connection especially when using 3G data).
  • Has unlimited wireless internet connection.
  • Except three main meals to be served, there is only little food to eat especially during meryenda (sometimes shared by others).
  • I can order food that I want thru delivery and eat it alone (without sharing). Am I selfish? Hehehe! But food scarcity is sometimes happened during office hours.
  • I rarely use TV to watch (especially when they’re already sleeping at night); however, most of the TV shows are so non-sense and not yet in high-definition or HD.
  • I like to watch more sports (especially NBA games) live in real-time thru my office computer.
  • Blaming me from my elder siblings sometimes when I’ve done some simple things that they don’t appreciate (read Episode 7). Inequality is sometimes common at home.
  • Equality is so present among officemates (during working hours). We’ve never blamed ourselves.
My bedroom
This is my bedroom where it is attached to my elder brother’s bedroom thru one door (updated last March 26 after the addition of my own cabinet replacing the old desktop computer stand).

This is the reason why I hate to stay at home every weekend (especially on my rest days) because of the distractions (especially to my jobless elder brother) that bother my life. I would like to stay at the office alone and without any distractions rather than home!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —


Staying at the office (during weekends or rest day) is more comfortable for me rather than staying at home with a lot of distractions and “negativity” environment. It is because I can do anything at the office alone that I can’t do at home (thanks to my jobless elder brother who always calls my name which makes me so annoying and distracts my private life at my bedroom).

But there’s only one thing that I’ve never done at the office: staying there overnight alone.

Since I entered there for my graphic job in 2014, I’ve never tried to stay at the office overnight to sleep there and to take a morning bath alone. Even though I have a privilege to use it (thankfully, I have keys to open it), I have never stayed there for overnight sleeping (making it as a small rent house or hotel). But I almost tried to stay there overnight when my community in Santa Rosa had no electricity for days, making our home so dark and hot (and even without running water), after the typhoon in July 2014. Fortunately, I decided to not stay there overnight when the electricity resumed finally in my community.

Overnight stay at the workplace is not new for me. In fact, this was already happened in June 2010 when I had my (unofficial) job in Mandaluyong. I was working in a travel agency owned by a deaf entrepreneur just a month after my college graduation. Because it was hard time for me to commute from home in Santa Rosa, Laguna to Mandaluyong and vice versa every day (26 miles apart), I decided to stay at the workplace overnight from Monday to Thursday (right after my working day) and to go back home every Friday after my last working day. During my stint at the deaf travel agency, I had my FREEDOM from the distractions, not only at home, but also in the community (my former college classmate/crush turned enemy was still around at the time). Although I didn’t have some private time when I stayed there overnight (my deaf boss usually stayed in a separate room), I considered that workplace as my new “exile country” because I was so free to do things that I couldn’t do at home (because of my elder brother who just came back from his overseas work in 2010). Unfortunately, staying overnight at the office of a deaf travel agency didn’t last long because I got ill on my “unrelated” job and after, I decided to resign from there after working for only one month. And the workplace that was considered as my “exile country” fell so short.

So, the question is… shall I do this in my current job?

Probably, yes, but it will be doubt because of my mother who’s already old and always worried on me especially when I came home so late (remember when I travelled back home so late from a date in Nueva Ecija before?). My current boss at work told me that he’s ok for me to stay at the office as my “new” home (and leaving the “toxic” home forever). I can do it, but how about my beloved mother? I know she will not allow me to leave home and to go alone for the sake of my own freedom. That’s a tough choice. I love my family though, but I hate to see them at home like thinking negatively (but not so much), having crab-mentality, watching non-sense TV shows, calling my name like a goat, and more that I can’t express anything.

I’m already in near 30s though, and I want to have my OWN life because I’m already matured and growing older. In that age, I suppose to have my own family (like what some of my friends, in their same age as I am, have already their own small families), but how can I have own life and own family if I don’t have any love relationships or girlfriends right now? My long distance relationship with my former textmate/girlfriend from the North was supposed to be the “key” to set-up my freedom from my family at home in the near future. But what happened next? It’s gone! She just left me brokenhearted. And my dream to have freedom in my life was also gone (… temporarily). I don’t blame her leaving me so alone in my heart, but I so regretted for that happen 10 months ago. (But just forget about it because I want to move on!)

Therefore, the only solution to have FREEDOM in my own life (from the distractions and “parasites” at home) is to look for the “Right One” that I’ll be with her in love forever. I know it takes time and patience, but I’m so desperate to find the right girl in the right place, in the right time. I’m still praying for this.



— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

“…but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work,neither you,nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates.” – Exodus 20:10


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