Summer Outing

Episode 67 – Monday, May 30th, 2016 (7090)


Before the summer ends, I forgot to share our “field trip” with my officemates last May 6th. We went to Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite, about 20 miles (or 33 kilometers) away (or almost two-hour drive) from our office in San Pedro, Laguna. We had already planned our “company” summer outing as early as March. And we supposed to be ready for outing last April when one of my officemates got ill. But after a month (and coincidentally we finished our latest issue for magazine), our outing was finally granted. Continue reading “Summer Outing”


Things That I Really Miss

Episode 66 – Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 (7085)


Last Sunday, I finally attended Feast SM Sta. Rosa after my two-week appearances at Feast Pacita of Bro. Dwight Castillo. I just missed to attend Bro. Dreus Cosio’s Feast where most of my Feast friends served there. However, I noticed why Bro. Jon Escoto was there walking around before I approached to Cinema 1 of the mall. And I found out that Bro. Dreus Cosio was not present because he was taking care with his curing mother. Although I miss Bro. Dreus to share the talk, I also missed Bro. Jon at The Feast because of his unscripted and funny jokes. I also missed his favorite taglines during the talk such as “look at me here…”, “Pwede ba akong magkuwento?… sige na…” (“Can I share a story, please?”), and “Sabihin nyo kung bakit…?” (“Tell me why?”). The series that he talked was about “The Power of Small”, and its second talk was Blessings. Continue reading “Things That I Really Miss”

Being Anti-Social?

Episode 65 – Monday, May 23rd, 2016 (7083)


I’ve been so lazy enough to write a new episode for my blog because my work at the office has been idle for days (and it sounds so boring to do nothing at the workplace). I feel so bored either at home or even at the office because I do nothing. Yeah, I have nothing to do with myself – just eating, listening music from my phone, watching movies on my computer, annoying and “bullying” from my jobless elder brother (as you know) and… sleeping all the times especially during weekends (my rest day). Well, I miss the way that I had chatting with my friends thru text messages especially during the times when I had a long distance relationship. But not in my present situation. Since I’m not closed with my elder siblings and my parents who are in 70s, I’ve never talked or confessed with them about something related in my life or even my problems that I know they don’t understand (and solve, too). Aside of that, they will not understand what I am talking for because of my speech deficiency (I’m not talking so loud and clearly). So, I just remain myself into silence at home. Wala na akong kakampi sa bahay kaya “shut up” nalang ako. Continue reading “Being Anti-Social?”

It’s Election Time

Episode 64 – Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 (7070)


(I supposed to publish this episode yesterday, May 9th – Election Day, but I felt weary as I was not feeling well, and I was busy watching election coverage thru live streaming at the office.)

This year, the nation is not just hot as we’ve now experienced this summer but also hot as the politicians running for their desired positions, national and local. This was my third time to vote for the national and local positions (my second time to vote for president and vice-president) since 2010, and it was also the third time that the elections were automated. And just yesterday (May 9th), I went to the precinct inside an elementary school in Santa Rosa, Laguna to vote. Continue reading “It’s Election Time”


Episode 63 – Thursday, May 5th, 2016 (7065)

maxresdefault (1)

It has been 10 months (or approximately 315 days) since I “lost” from being in-love. And within the past 10 months, I’m still waiting and hoping to find the “Right One” in my life. But it has still been nothing. I feel I’m so hopeless to find the right girl to be deserved in my heart more than the last one who just “left” me last June. I tried to explore somebody thru social media, online dating, and looking for a textmate (posting my personal mobile number thru Facebook). But none of these were successful. And the worst was that I had no longer to socialize and to contact with my friends (mostly from The Feast) because of my depression. Continue reading “Hope”

Staying at Home vs Office

Episode 62 – Monday, May 2nd, 2016 (7062)


It’s already May and goodbye to the fourth month whose name is the same name of my “long-time” enemy, hahaha! Anyway, last week, when I travelled going home from work, I noticed some students in late teens or early 20s, with their parents or companion, were wearing formal dresses from a college in San Pedro. Then they rode in a jeep where I was sitting inside almost alone. I thought they attended “Junior-Senior Prom”, but it was no longer February though. However, I got an idea that they attended their graduation (I think) although I didn’t see them carrying any graduation togas or something. Because of that, I just remembered about my former textmate (and girlfriend) who has been still studying college. I had promised her before that I would attend her graduation (and possibly meet one of her parents or loved ones) after her final year in college. But since we’re no longer lovers, it wouldn’t happen anymore. Just forget that thing. Continue reading “Staying at Home vs Office”