Attending Feast ATC (and it’s their 3rd anniversary)

Episode 60 – Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 (7050)


Last Sunday, I just decided to take my own adventure to explore other Feast places nearby at the south (Laguna and Southern Metro Manila). It was just called as “My Solo Tour” because I travelled and went anywhere… alone (again). Yeah, I was the only one to explore and to attend Feast anywhere in the South.

Well, before my adventure occurred, I was supposed to be called by Feast Laguna Technopark Hotel in Santa Rosa to serve for Media Ministry on that day. But I decided I was not available to serve because of some reasons (I’m no longer to serve at Feast SM Sta. Rosa due of loss of my appetite to serve since I became loveless and single, but I’m willing to return as a servant of God). Last two Sundays ago, I was able to attend Feast Pacita of Bro. Dwight Castillo, and I will discuss this later on. But just last Sunday, I went outside Laguna to go and to attend one of the Feasts in Alabang.

When I checked the website of Feast Alabang, Feast Alabang Town Center (shortened as Feast ATC) is one of three location of The Feast Alabang along with Festival Mall and Bellevue Hotel (I’ll attend there soon). It is located at Cinema 2 inside ATC mall (about a mile from crowded Alabang junction and Festival Mall). As I observed when I first entered last Sunday, it is a large movie theater (I think it’s better than a cinema in SM City Sta. Rosa) filled with red seats. There’s also a large (movie) screen where the video, the worship song lyrics, and PowerPoint presentation were shown (hopefully this will be the same for Feast SM Sta. Rosa).

Just last Sunday, I arrived there just early before 9 o’clock in the morning. I thought the mall was still closed (it would be opened at 10 o’clock) when I asked one of the duty guards at the entrance where The Feast was. And they allowed me to enter despite of the mall was not yet officially opened. I walked towards the Cinema 2 of ATC where there were a lot of ushers wearing red T-shirts. When I entered inside, most ushers welcomed me with their smiles. I first met Bro. Anton of Kids Ministry then there was a female servant or usher (I forgot her name) approaching me to talk. Since I was a first-timer at Feast ATC, she asked me about my name and why I came there to attend. I supposed to tell that “it was just a part of my solo tour (at The Feast)”. Later, Bro. Anton let me to introduce with two guys who were regularly attending Feast ATC and to sit with them together in one row (sorry, again, I forgot their names! Gosh, I have only short-term memory to remember these names, hehehe). Later, a friend of mine (who had served at Feast Laguna) came up to greet me.

The Feast ATC was my fifth Feast to attend (since I first discovered in 2013) and second in Alabang location (after Wednesday Feast Festival Alabang). Coincidentally, Feast ATC was celebrating its third anniversary, and I was so glad to become the part of the celebration aside of being first-time to attend. At around 9:05 am, the Sunday mass was started. This was my first time to attend a Sunday mass inside the large movie theater. Then after the mass, there was a 5-minute break where I went at the entrance to grab some snacks (although I ate just few of them). Afterwards, the Feast was started with two powerful and wonderful worship songs (O Praise The Name and Love On the Line) followed by a happy and loud song (This Is Living). And then, the builder of Feast ATC came on the stage.

Bro. Mike Viñas began to speak with some fun features (flashing on the big screen) mostly about the “trio” or “trilogy” as Feast ATC celebrated its third anniversary. He coined the celebration as “3-in-One” as the special talk of that day, and he introduced a special guest, Bro. Obet Cabrillas from Feast Manila, to share about the three seasons of Being in Christ – Seasons of Triumph, Seasons of Trials, and Seasons of Training. After the talk from “Daddy O”, Bro. Mike introduced a lady named Lala, also a servant of Feast ATC, to share about her hard trails that she had before becoming a successful person.

At the end of session, as a tradition, Bro. Arun Gogna of Feast Bellevue and Bro. Bo Sanchez, the founder of Light of Jesus Family, had their own video messages to greet and to congratulate the three years of success of Feast ATC. Then, after the love offering and closing song, I wondered why there’s no announcement for first timers. But it was announced by worship leader right after the closing song, so I just approached with other first timers to one of the Light Group heads (I think) who gave some pieces of paper to write our personal info. They were also giving Novena to God’s Love booklet that I had already one, but I decided to take another new one (I need this to write my new dreams including the searching of the “Right One”).

Despite of being loveless for almost 10 months, I’m still in-love because love is where you are; I’m never alone because God is with me and God is love.

After The Feast, I went out from the theater when I met my common friend outside to talk some things regarding about my attending Feast ATC. Then, I went around inside the mall to find a place to eat my lunch. After my lunch, I went to a café restaurant where I could buy two pieces of donuts and a frozen yogurt (as my dessert). Although the said restaurant (in other branches) had some memories when I had a love life before, I didn’t think about the past, but I just missed to eat sweet donuts in that place. Around 1:30 in the afternoon, I decided to leave and to go to the office in San Pedro (my working place where I freely opened and used it) to have some rest (not to work because it was Sunday) and to explore on the internet (NBA updates, Facebook, etc.) before I went home alone.


The reason why I went to Feast ATC last Sunday rather than my usual attending in Feast Santa Rosa was because I wanted to explore other Feast, to meet new friends (unfortunately, I didn’t meet Bro. Mike Viñas in person) and… perhaps to search something that I could find the “Right One”. And it was a perfect time to attend Feast ATC because it was celebrating third anniversary (launched in 2013). I was so blessed to attend there for the first time.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Bro. Dwight Castillo (holding a microphone and a bible) of Feast Pacita talking about the series: Killing Me Softly

In Episode 53 that I wrote and published last month, I shared my story about attending Feast Pacita for the first time. And recently last April 10th, Sunday, I again went there to attend for the second time around, but this time, in a new location where I went there for the first time. As I noticed on their announcement a month ago (March 13th) that they would relocate, I tried to explore their new location – Casa del Niño Montessori School in Pacita, San Pedro. It was still a private school though located in the same area, but when I travelled going there, it’s farther than the last time when I went to the old location. When I arrived there, there was no ushers to welcome at the gate. I just asked a lone security guard, who eventually watched the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, the place where The Feast was held. He told me to walk straight ahead then turn right. And that was. There was a small air-conditioned “conference” room (I think) where there were some people entering the room to start the Sunday mass.

Few minutes past 10, the mass was started beginning with a song that was a live band similar to the beginning of The Feast session. And the priest preceded the mass. After the mass, Bro. Dwight Castillo spotted and met me to talk about my appearance where it was my only second time to attend. He wanted me to meet his friends from the stage (probably Dance or Music Ministry) after the session (but I didn’t after I decided to leave because I felt so hungry). Then, the Feast was started with two worship songs before he started to talk about the final installation of the series: Killing Me Softly: Mediocrity. It was also the series that I first attended at Feast Pacita, and it was the first installation or talk which was Sin (a part of SPAM – Sin, Pride, Abuse and Mediocrity).

After the Feast, I decided to leave the area alone, and I noticed that the school is located just near the South Luzon Expressway (that’s why, when I went out from the gate, I just heard some noisy vehicles on the highway). Then, I went back to Pacita Complex to take a lunch alone (again).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Well, that’s my story on this episode. Today is the 300th day of being loveless and single. Despite of being loneliness, struggles, and facing “ugly” environment at home, I’m still blessed to stay stronger and to remain happy at all times. The Feast is one of my habits to stay my happiness alive because it’s the happiest place on Earth!


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