Episode 58 – Friday, April 8th, 2016 (7038)


There are so many changes happened in our lives – physical, personal, emotional and social towards to our friendships (from having old friends to meeting new friends and so on). We love to change everything (technology, fashion, having new job, etc.), but sometimes we hate to change other things that we think these will be forever in our lives (just like changing loved ones and friendships).

Just last month, I and my work colleagues went to our office in San Pedro (where we work as graphic designers for gaming magazine based in Macau) for a meeting with our Australian boss. And we were surprised when he told us that he needed to change our magazine into a new approach. He explained that Macau has been changed its landscape from being “Las Vegas of Asia” (there are lots of casinos in the place) into a tourist destination spot. So, after two years of making a magazine for gaming (mostly referring to the casino gaming such as poker), I will encounter again the change in my workplace for the first time after my job stint in Alabang (I’ll explain it later on).

Well, in this episode, I just talked about changes that happened during the course of my life.

My School Life

In my school life, there were many changes happened during the time. I studied at Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) in Pasay City for 10 long years with the same classmates that I had been with them together even though some of them came as new classmates, but some were gone. But it was not until August 2004 when I became an exchange student to the United States. Because I came at the U.S. to study at Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) in Talladega, my school life was adjusted to meet new friends and new environment (bonding with a lot of American deaf people and the school system). After almost one year of my wonderful experience, I thought I would come back to PSD to study senior year again (and possibly meet my “new” classmates including my long-time enemy), but there was another change happened in my school life. I was transferred to a non-deaf school to continue my studies as a senior (fourth year high school). Again, I adjusted my life from “Deaf World” to the “Non-Deaf World”. And right after high school graduation, I entered college (in June 2006) with a new batch of classmates that soon became my close friends. In the span of two years (2004-2006), I had studied four different schools, and there were many changes that I had to adjust my school life and friendship.


And speaking of friendships, I had many changes towards having friends. When I was in PSD, I had an organization composed by my close classmates and schoolmates (including the one who became my “best friend” for 10 long years). Although there were some changes regarding of some who were gone and remained, they were my buddies until when I went to the U.S. for exchange program. This was my first time to change my “friendships”. I met most of the high school students from different parts of the country who eventually became as exchange students as I was. Even though I was not so close with them (all of them are non-deaf), they were considered as my new friends until the exchange program ended in mid-2005. In the past 12 years, there are several changes involving my friendships: from ASD to non-deaf school (including college) to my career job to The Feast where I have recently my friends there.

My Love Life

For almost two decades, I had fallen in love different girls – both are deaf and non-deaf. When I was in PSD, my love life was started with somewhat uncomplicated situation. Because I was so young during that time, my love feelings to the girls (such as crushes) were not so serious though. I had some deaf sweethearts before; however, they are not considered as the part of my history (they’re already “erased” from my life).

But when I was transferred to a new “world” from the deaf community (or “Deaf World”, I mean), my love life was changed to decline. The new environment was the reason why I couldn’t afford to have a nice (non-deaf) girlfriend. Being loveless was lasted up to 7 long years until the one came in my life thru exchanging text messages. However, sadly, our long distance relationship did not last after three years (and meeting only 15 times). Right now, I’m still searching for “One True Love” to open my broken heart and to love forever.

There’s one song (one of my favorites) that reflects my broken love life:

My Career Life

Months after college graduation, I started my career life in Alabang where I worked as a graphic artist. I was assigned to work in a department named SuperMedia. I met many new friends there who later became my close friends. I was working at Spec, a division/part of SuperMedia, where I intended to create ads. But it didn’t last long. Shortly after two months, my team leader picked me, together with other graphic artists from Spec, to be transferred to another division called Vertical. And again, after only a month, I was chosen to back at Spec. However, just only few days after, I was again transferred to the third division of SuperMedia called Display. My shift at Display lasted almost three months until June 2011 when I was the one of the three graphic artists to be chosen to place at Dex One. I was so upset during that time because I felt I was like a “basketball player” who was always traded to other teams. During my first nights (or midnights) at Dex One, I was not happy enough to stay the environment. But just few months later, I started to get closer with my colleagues. Working at Dex One was the longest that I had stayed before I and my other teammates were forcibly placed to a new department (creating for Facebook pages) for one month. Even though we were able to come back at Dex One, we’re not satisfied though when we were again transferred to Web department which was my last to handle before I decided to resign from the company before June 2012 because of frequent changes. I was tired with these changes in that company (and I was so tired to be transferred to one another which made my mind so confused), but I was just only an employee, so that there’s no forever to stay one department.

After my job stint at Alabang, I started to work for my second job in Mandaluyong. This was the change that I wanted after my 20-month stay in Alabang. However, I felt not so comfortable on my second job because of these inconveniences: traffic, commuting from home in Laguna, slow computers/internet connection, strict implementation on quota and quality, and many conflicts involving my work colleagues. Although there were some changes for my second job, they were still the same as what I had in Alabang. So, after one year working at Mandaluyong, I left my job and stayed jobless for almost 7 months until I found a new one in San Pedro, Laguna. Since I started to work there for the magazine in 2014, everything changed my career life most especially about… conveniences on work that I’ve felt right now compared to my two (actually three) previous jobs where I felt dissatisfied.

My Family

The atmosphere in my family has never been changed. They are still noisy when they talk too much similar to the public market. While my father was retired in his job in 2001, he sometimes liked to drunk together with his neighbors. But when I came back home from the U.S., he changed, but he remained pessimist. That’s why I don’t watch any news on TV because of his negative comments especially about our government (you know that the government may have still corrupt officials). I was so patient to hear his negativity until early 2015 when he was suffered a mild stroke. While my mother and my elder siblings were in the hospital where our father was confined, I stayed at home happily, but I felt so weird because the atmosphere in our home was changed from being noisy into a quiet place. His speech was affected, but later he recovered although he still barely walks.

As of now, even though my father is now less noisy unlike his healthy days, I’m still staying with my family that the atmosphere has somewhat “toxicity” and “negativity” regarding to our everyday lives. And one thing that I need to change is to set myself into FREEDOM.

Feast (Laguna)

feast laguna
From left to right: Bro. Dreus Cosio of Feast SM Sta. Rosa, Bro. Jon Escoto of Feast Technopark, and Bro. Dwight Castillo of Feast Pacita (Photo courtesy from Feast Laguna)

In 2013, I entered the world of worship with God. The Feast was actually started when I was invited for Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR). It was my first time to explore and to meet new friends on the prayer meeting. Feast Laguna, led by Bro. Andreus Cosio and Bro. Jon Escoto (the senior Feast builder for Laguna), had three places – Feast Biñan, Feast Santa Rosa, and Feast Pacita (San Pedro). I frequently went to Feast Biñan at Central Mall to attend the mass and worship. I also served for Media Ministry where I operated visuals for PowerPoint presentations. But, in June 2015, Feast Biñan had its major changes when it transferred to a bigger venue – Cinema 1 of SM City Sta. Rosa, and it was now called Feast SM Sta. Rosa.

While I regularly attended at Feast Biñan, I sometimes went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to attend Feast Santa Rosa with Bro. Jon Escoto during Sundays. It was located at the 8th floor of Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center (now The Medical City). It was also the location during KLR in 2013 and 2014 (it’s now held at Enchanted Kingdom Tent for 2015 and recently last March 24-26) where I was the one to serve during KLR 2014. However, like formerly Feast Biñan, Feast Santa Rosa had also changes. In December 2015, it’s now held at Technopark Hotel (about 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers or about 20 minutes walk from its former location), and its name was changed into Feast Technopark (dropping “Santa Rosa” due of two Feast locations in Santa Rosa).

There is also Feast Pacita which is held every Sunday led by Bro. Dwight Castillo. When I first went there last March 13th, it was located at Catholic School of Pacita. I didn’t know that it would be the last when, on the next following Sunday, Feast Pacita is now on its new location: Casa del Niño Elementary School (also in Pacita area). Well, I will go to attend Feast Pacita again (probably this Sunday, I think). These three Feast Laguna locations have changed their locations just within nine months.

Technology that I Applied

In technology, of course, time is changing when we come to be convenience. When I was a kid, I had always wished to have a personal computer. But today, I have now my own laptop to use for my personal things. Before, in 2004, I had used 10 pieces of floppy disks to store my computer data. But 11 years later, I’ve now a 1-terabyte external hard drive to store my bigger data. I didn’t have my own cellphone until college (although it was only given by my elder brother), but now I have two android (touch screen) phones (but sadly, I don’t have any textmates right now unlike before).

Other Things that We’re Experiencing Changes

In Philippine politics, however, Filipinos want to change from the past mistakes of the current government. As per constitution where the president shall remain his/her position up to 6 full years, we intend to vote our new leader of our nation every 6 years (3 years for local position). But the question is… are we satisfied the changes in the government in the past 6 years? Oh well when we elected the new president in 2010, most of us wanted to have changes. But do we feel on these changes? Traffic becomes worsened. Corruption, although it became minimal, is still there invisible in the government. And the never ending crimes are still around especially because of worsened poverty. In this upcoming election in May, is there any hope to change these situations after electing new officials for the new government? I hope so…. maybe.


For those who are still kids and teenagers right now, K-to-12 program might be implemented this upcoming June (I think). This was required to follow the school system among Southeast Asian nations. Really? It means a child will enter the school as kindergarten and study up to grade 12. That will be 13 years of entering in school – one year in kindergarten, (the usual) six years in elementary (grades 1 to 6), four years of “so-called” junior high school (grades 7 to 10 or formerly first to fourth year high school), and there will be adding two years of “so-called” senior high school (grades 11 to 12). (Note: preparatory level is now defunct, and it is not included four years in college as well). Before the implementation of K-to-12, those who are now 18 and above had usually entered schooling from nursery, kinder, prep, grades 1 to 6, and first to fourth year high school. There had also 13 school years to be exact, but entering for nursery and kinder might be an option, so that most of us had studied at school for less than 13 years before enter college. When I was a kid until teenager, I began to study in preparatory level then elementary years and then high school years (not counted when I was a senior at ASD in the U.S.). I had only 11 school years. And most of Filipino youth, back then, had entered college when they’re 16 in average (I was almost 20 when I entered college due of late start of schooling (at age 8) and one-year of being exchange student), and they would be graduated college at age of 20 (in average). If this implementation of K-to-12 program will start this upcoming school year, these new generation of Filipino youth will be affected! Poor for those who are born in 1999 onwards! Tsk… tsk…

And another change that affects those who are in college. The school calendar for most state universities in our country has been moved from usual June-March to August (or September) until May. This move is due of rainy season happened between June and August where most of the schools have frequently suspended their classes (usually happened in the past several years) due of floods and heavy rains. But is that kind of situation where one place (mostly in the metro) having frequent heavy rains and flood must suspend the school classes (and we have done this for many years)? How about the other places (especially in the provinces) where they don’t experience heavy rains and floods during June-August? It doesn’t sense, isn’t it? One more thing is that most of college students have (or will) experienced heat in their classrooms during summer. Instead of having a nice, happy summer vacation with their families, they need to come to school under the summer heat! Sadly, that will be their “new” reality. Poor for those college students in the provinces are still coming at school during summer time and taking their vacation during rainy season! Tsk.. tsk… Because of this “crazy” situation, this was the reason why my long distance relationship with my textmate broke up! (During that time, she’s still studying one of the state universities, so that it affected the school opening which was intentionally moved to August)

Blame Education Department for these changes! The K-to-12 program and moving school calendar are the major changes in school system in the Philippines… right now.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Changes affect our society, community, personal lives, and environment. Even our time is changing though (how time flies so fast). But there’s one thing that we never change: our God. Our relationship with God will never be changed. The faith, the worship, our blessings, and our prayers must be remained unchanged, and we’re doing these every second in our lives. We love God and He loves us… forever and ever.


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