5-10-15-20 (for 2nd Quarter of 2016)

Episode 57 – Thursday, April 7th, 2016 (7037)


It’s Throwback Thursday. And I feel so bored at the office without doing some heavy works. But anyway, I’ve never thought that time flies so fast. Just ten years ago, I was fresh grad from high school in a non-deaf school, and it was about 9 months after I came back home from the United States. Five years ago, almost a year after college graduation, I had my first job in Alabang, and I was still single (loveless for almost 6 years), looking for love during that time. But today, I’m now working on my third job in San Pedro (still same job position), and right now I’m single (again) for 9 months! Wow, I can’t imagine it was already happened a long time ago. So, because of time is really fast, I just want to explore my past happenings that occurred in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago.

School/Career Life

At the present (April 2016) – Currently working at a gaming magazine company in San Pedro, Laguna where I’ve been there for two years.

5 years ago (April 2011) – I was working in an advertising/phone directory company in Alabang where I started in October 2010.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Almost a year after I came back from my wonderful experience in the United States, I finally graduated from high school (actually it was my second time to be graduated) which was a non-deaf school in Santa Rosa, Laguna (my first school year in Post-Deaf School Era after studying many years in a deaf school).

15 years ago (April 2001) – I was recently graduated elementary with honors at Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) and taking my summer vacation to prepare for my first year in high school.

20 years ago (April 1996) – After studying first grade at PSD, I took my summer vacation at home (I would enter second grade on the school opening).

My Family

At the present (April 2016) – I’ve felt unhappy to stay at home because of “toxicity” and “negativity” in my family. My elder brother is still jobless for two years, so that I can’t make my peaceful personal life at home.

5 years ago (April 2011) – The pursuit of happiness with my family had been little bit increased after I got my first job.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Right after my high school graduation, the pessimism at home was still existed especially my pessimistic father who was always watching TV, mostly news, about the bad happenings in our nation.

15 years ago (April 2001) – Especially during summer vacation, I felt happy with my family despite of “deaf invasion” in our community.

20 years ago (April 1996) – I had too much happiness with them during my childhood life.



At the present (April 2016) – I have a lot of friends mostly from The Feast although the interaction and communication with them have been declined 9 months after the break-up of long distance relationship (LDR).

5 years ago (April 2011) – At my work in Alabang, I met my fellow officemates who eventually became my close friends as well.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Right after high school graduation, I remained in-touch with my former high school classmates (who are non-deaf) especially my “best friend” in Tower 5 (Phase 2F) of Golden City where I had so many friends (called tropa) there.

15 years ago (April 2001) – After elementary graduation at PSD, I didn’t have any communication with my deaf classmates during our summer vacation (we didn’t have own mobile phones to communicate thru text messages during that time).

20 years ago (April 1996) – Most of my friends (non-deaf) were my neighbors and doing our childhood playing outside.

Technology (that I Have)

Technology in the hands of businessmen

At the present (April 2016) – I have personal laptop, two android phone (the one bought from my elder brother) and more knowledgeable skill in graphics (as I’m working for gaming magazine).

5 years ago (April 2011) – I had Nokia 7210 (gifted from my elder brother) and recently bought a touch screen phone (but not yet Android). I also had personal computer with internet connection (probably dial-up) inside my Tent Office.

10 years ago (April 2006) – I had MP3 player (filled with songs only) with 256-megabyte capacity (used for a year after a gift from winning a photo-essay contest back in the U.S.).

15 years ago (April 2001) – I had wished to have own PC (computers were so expensive during that time, and my family couldn’t afford to buy it). I had no idea about cellphones until they came late 2011.

20 years ago (April 1996) – During my childhood life, I had always wished to have own PC although I had no idea about computers.

My Community

At the present (April 2016) – Never going outside the house (except going to St. Clare Monastery in Cabuyao every Saturday mornings) because of my strict personal security (due of my mortal enemies are still around in the community).

5 years ago (April 2011) – (Same as above) I’ve never gone out to explore around the community due of security reasons.

10 years ago (April 2006) – I had been going out from the house to go my friends (or tropa) in Tower 5 (Phase 2F) of Golden City.

15 years ago (April 2001) – I had never gone outside the house because of “deaf invasion” in the neighborhood, and my friendship with childhood neighbors were affected.

20 years ago (April 1996) – Had played outside with my childhood neighbors.

My Tent Office (inside my “shared” bedroom)

At the present (April 2016) – Partly operational but not the most due of my elder brother (recently cleaned up into a wide space).

5 years ago (April 2011) – Partly closed due of non-sense controversy in late 2009.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Had been operated since I came back from the U.S. in July 2005.

15 years ago (April 2001) – It was located in the upper bed deck of my elder brother’s bedroom; however, it would be renovated into a wide space later in a month.

20 years ago (April 1996) – The future site of my office was my childhood place.

My Adversaries

At the present (April 2016) – Up to this date, they are still around not only in the community where I’ve lived for two decades but also elsewhere that most of them are already excommunicated from my friendship.

5 years ago (April 2011) – Again, they’ve been still around in the community including my former college classmate and crush whose her family had almost “destroyed” my life.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Even though I was no longer in “Deaf World” and coming back from the U.S., my long-time deaf mortal enemies who lived near in my neighborhood were still existed around.

15 years ago (April 2001) – The “deaf invasion” caused my security threatened when they had been there in my neighborhood for almost three years causing my summer vacation not really impressive.

20 years ago (April 1996) – Fortunately, there were no enemies around in my neighborhood, and I had no deaf enemies at school.

My Love Life


At the present (April 2016) – It has been 9 months after the break-up of LDR, and I’m still lonely and single until now.

5 years ago (April 2011) – Even though I had no girlfriend for almost 6 years and searching for my crush, I had textmate from North who always communicated with me so much thru text messages (she would later become my girlfriend a year after).

10 years ago (April 2006) – I had still loveless when I came back home from the U.S.

15 years ago (April 2001) – Still loveless (Note: those events about my love life prior June 2005 have been void in my history because they are already PAST!)

20 years ago (April 1996) – None (I was still young though).

My Worst Problem/Situation

At the present (April 2016) – Aside of personal security, searching for “One True Love” is now my problem because I have been loveless for 9 months.

5 years ago (April 2011) – My personal security was the main problem because of my adversaries who were still around the community.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Although I was no longer in “Deaf School”, my personal security was still intact.

15 years ago (April 2001) – The “deaf invasion” was the reason why I had problems regarding to the security and personal life with my neighbors.

20 years ago (April 1996) – None.

My Creations

At the present (April 2016) – Although I’ve been busy working at my job, I’m still able to write my commentaries and documentaries on my blog, My Tent Journal.

5 years ago (April 2011) – Due of non-sense controversy happened in late 2009, writing my notes and some commentaries were “suspended”, but I was able to write my stories thru my cellphone.

10 years ago (April 2006) – Had been declined when I came back home from the U.S.

15 years ago (April 2001) – Had created my drawings mostly about the protest against my enemies.

20 years ago (April 1996) – My drawings that I made were on some pages of my old notebooks.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I started to write about my happenings occurred 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago in May 2009 when I was in college (it was entitled: 5-10-15 Now and Then). I didn’t continue that work until 2012 and later in 2013. In 2015, I resumed to write again about the events that I had done in 5, 10, and 15 years, and that time, I added the events happened in my life 20 years ago. These events are based from my (Tent) history and archives that I’ve been written from various source such as My Tent Diary, my writings from various notebooks, and also from my status on Facebook to reminisce and recall my past happenings (except my unhappy love life during Deaf School Era, of course) in the past 20 years.

Well, I’m assuming that the first quarter of 2016, has already a lot of happenings that I have experienced (such as Kerygma Lenten Recollection, searching for “One True Love”, etc.). And these will be remembered for the next five years. I’m so excited for the future (probably in the next five years) where I will recall the events that I have written right now.


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