Still Searching (and Waiting Desperately) for the “Right One”

Episode 61 – Friday, April 22nd, 2016 (7052)

It has been more than 300 days or almost 10 months, but I’m still… still single! Ahhhh!!! How time is so fast since I became loveless and lonely without having a love relationship last June 2015. Last year, my birthday, Halloween, and Christmas season were passed, but I had been still single. And this year, Valentine’s and Lenten season were already passed, but I’m still single though! And now, it’s already summer where I feel so hot (and even hotter), but it’s still the same what I am right now. Still single and remain loveless. Zero, empty, nganga, nothing, and… what else?

Since I began to write my stories on My Tent Journal that I published almost 10 months ago, I would become loveless instantly a day after I published my first ever episode (coincidentally, it was about my date and adventure with my love). And that’s so, so sad for me because it was supposed to be my best time to launch my own blog thru the internet when the unexpected break-up happened. I didn’t blame myself why I published my own blog (which was the successor of my old All About Tent that I had written in 2009). But I didn’t expect this would happen to me and my love life very badly. Continue reading “Still Searching (and Waiting Desperately) for the “Right One””


Attending Feast ATC (and it’s their 3rd anniversary)

Episode 60 – Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 (7050)


Last Sunday, I just decided to take my own adventure to explore other Feast places nearby at the south (Laguna and Southern Metro Manila). It was just called as “My Solo Tour” because I travelled and went anywhere… alone (again). Yeah, I was the only one to explore and to attend Feast anywhere in the South.

Well, before my adventure occurred, I was supposed to be called by Feast Laguna Technopark Hotel in Santa Rosa to serve for Media Ministry on that day. But I decided I was not available to serve because of some reasons (I’m no longer to serve at Feast SM Sta. Rosa due of loss of my appetite to serve since I became loveless and single, but I’m willing to return as a servant of God). Last two Sundays ago, I was able to attend Feast Pacita of Bro. Dwight Castillo, and I will discuss this later on. But just last Sunday, I went outside Laguna to go and to attend one of the Feasts in Alabang. Continue reading “Attending Feast ATC (and it’s their 3rd anniversary)”

What If… I Was Born to be the Eldest?

Episode 59 – Monday, April 18th, 2016 (7048)

(Photo courtesy from Wattpad)

Ahhhh…. I don’t really appreciate the environment at home because of the practices that my family does every day (except my other elder brother who is living with his own family) – my aged father who is always watching TV especially basketball games, my aged mother who loves to watch her “idol” (which is non-sense AlDub), my eldest sisters (who are both twins) who sometimes fight about their purposes, and my jobless elder brother who is always calling me my nickname sounds like a goat: “Meeerrr!” (I really hate that calling!). All of these make me dissatisfied and unhappy. Unfortunately, I can’t change their environment and habits in the house because I’m just only the youngest among our siblings.

Being the youngest (or bunso in our Filipino culture) is really hard for me because I’m the youngest in the family. There are some struggles that I have experienced being the youngest (if you’re related to be the youngest, click and read an article: 8 Struggles Only a Bunso Will Understand by anonymous). In this episode, I’m now thinking, especially to myself, that what if… I was born to be the eldest? It might be complicated if I can change all of my family’s personal and physical appearances. Let’s discuss it. Continue reading “What If… I Was Born to be the Eldest?”


Episode 58 – Friday, April 8th, 2016 (7038)


There are so many changes happened in our lives – physical, personal, emotional and social towards to our friendships (from having old friends to meeting new friends and so on). We love to change everything (technology, fashion, having new job, etc.), but sometimes we hate to change other things that we think these will be forever in our lives (just like changing loved ones and friendships).

Just last month, I and my work colleagues went to our office in San Pedro (where we work as graphic designers for gaming magazine based in Macau) for a meeting with our Australian boss. And we were surprised when he told us that he needed to change our magazine into a new approach. He explained that Macau has been changed its landscape from being “Las Vegas of Asia” (there are lots of casinos in the place) into a tourist destination spot. So, after two years of making a magazine for gaming (mostly referring to the casino gaming such as poker), I will encounter again the change in my workplace for the first time after my job stint in Alabang (I’ll explain it later on). Continue reading “Changes”

5-10-15-20 (for 2nd Quarter of 2016)

Episode 57 – Thursday, April 7th, 2016 (7037)


It’s Throwback Thursday. And I feel so bored at the office without doing some heavy works. But anyway, I’ve never thought that time flies so fast. Just ten years ago, I was fresh grad from high school in a non-deaf school, and it was about 9 months after I came back home from the United States. Five years ago, almost a year after college graduation, I had my first job in Alabang, and I was still single (loveless for almost 6 years), looking for love during that time. But today, I’m now working on my third job in San Pedro (still same job position), and right now I’m single (again) for 9 months! Wow, I can’t imagine it was already happened a long time ago. So, because of time is really fast, I just want to explore my past happenings that occurred in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago. Continue reading “5-10-15-20 (for 2nd Quarter of 2016)”

SMS Communication – 1st Quarter of 2016 (Nothing New, Still The Same)

Episode 56 – Friday, April 1st, 2016 (7031)


Argh… it has been already three months passed this year, and there are still 9 months left. But sadly, I’ve been still alone (in my heart) for 9 long months since the girl who had loved so much “left” me. As while I’ve been single, the interaction and communication with my friends are declined. These were because of changing my mobile number (although I’ve still used the one when long distance relationship or LDR was existed, but the other one number was shut down) that I didn’t want to receive any unsolicited messages especially from my “former” friends such as (just called them in initials) “M” and “N”. So, that why only few of my friends (mostly from The Feast) have contacts with me. All of these were after the break-up of LDR. Continue reading “SMS Communication – 1st Quarter of 2016 (Nothing New, Still The Same)”