My Holy Week Activities (During Recollection)

Episode 55 – Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 (7029)

And now, Easter has been already gone, and the month of March nearly ends.

Last episode, I shared my story about the happenings during the first half of holy week from Palm Sunday up to Holy Wednesday. Because it consisted so long, I just cut it into two episodes. So, I’m now talking about my happenings during Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR) which was started last Maundy Thursday.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Maundy Thursday (March 24th)


Because of being fatigue (not on my work, but on travel and commuting from home), I decided to not go on the first day of this year’s KLR: New. This was my first time to not go on the first day of the recollection, and this was also my first time that I didn’t serve on Media Ministry for KLR after serving on the two previous KLRs (2014 and 2015). So, I took my time to rest (although the weather was so hot because it’s summer) that I finally stayed at home for the whole day without leaving home to travel (first time after 11 straight days).

However, I had to do something at my bedroom. Because I really hated the dirty and notorious bed bugs, I decided to clean up my wooden bed with the help of my elder brother. This led my bedroom to have some changes where my old computer stand was dismantled for good. I have never used this computer stand because it only caused dust, so that I removed it and replaced the new drawer that I would buy later on for my clothes and make the space widened. And the desktop computer would be transferred to the new place on the right side of my study table (although it had still not completed because I needed to set up the monitor near the whiteboard). Later, I started to clean up all dusts inside my bedroom, and I had a lot of sweat all day because of hot weather. My elder brother helped me to glue up my wooden bed and my study table to avoid entering any bed bugs on the corners and very small spaces.

After hours of cleaning, I felt so tired and sweat although I felt little bit dizzy enough because of hot temperature inside my bedroom. At least, I could change the spaces of my bedroom into little bit wider and cleaner than before where my messy things were placed on my old computer stand which caused a lot of dusts. I didn’t regret my absence to attend the first day of Kerygma Lenten Recollection: New because of cleaning my bedroom first and having enough time to rest.

Good Friday (March 25th)

On the next morning, I supposed to eat my breakfast when there was no food on the table (because the store and the bakery were closed due of holiday). So, I just decided to buy some breakfast at a convenience store at Balibago Complex with free Wi-Fi connection (although it was so slow to connect). After the breakfast, it was already 8am, and I would be late for sure to attend the recollection. Later when I approached to the tricycle terminal at Walter Mart, a beautiful simple lady came beside me while I was sitting to wait for other passengers. That lady, again, was my new friend from Feast Technopark. It was just a quite surprising that we finally met for the first time for almost four months (although I spotted her last Palm Sunday at Feast Technopark where she regularly attends, but we didn’t meet). While we’re waiting for other passengers, we talked about our lives and happenings about KLR last Maundy Thursday where I didn’t attend. She’s so nice to talk although she’s just shy, so that I didn’t talk with her too much. Later, we rode a tricycle together going to Enchanted Kingdom for KLR.

When we arrived, she quickly went to the comfort room while I was waiting for her. Sis Sony met me to greet and supposed to let me to sit when I told her that I had companion. Later, my long-time Feast friend, Gee, approached me to greet and to take me a picture. Minutes later, my new friend came and wondered that I was waiting for her. I told her that I had nobody to accompany at KLR, so that she joined me to take up our seat to watch KLR: New. For the first time, I was no longer alone to attend this recollection, thanks for her companionship. My other friends from The Feast were so busy because they’re servants, and for the first time after serving two previous KLRs, I was not a servant (for Media Ministry) for this year’s KLR.

The second day of KLR was started around 8:30am beginning with 14 Stations of the Cross which lasted for almost 40 minutes. Then, the first speaker was Bro. Dreus Cosio of Feast SM Sta. Rosa to discuss about the suffering that he stated: “Walang excepted sa suffering, pero walang excepted sa blessing ni Lord!” (“There’s no exception in suffering, but there’s also no exception in Lord’s blessing!”). Next, Bro. Jan Silan of Feast Makati presented about the sorrow that reflected three things: Renewed Mind, Repentant Heart, and Restored Life.

Just minutes later after the love offering and having breaktime, my new friend told me that she needed to go home because she had something not feeling well, so that I understood her decision to not finish the second day of KLR. And again, I was left… alone. Although I went to the Media Ministry to greet and to talk with Gee, Lanie and Sis Tess, I just went to my original seat to eat some snacks and to continue watching the presentation about the 7 Deadly Sins thru the lights and shadows. After that, the next (and final) speaker was Bro. Obet Cabrillas, known as Daddy O, to discuss about things that need to move on (as I so much related, hehehe). He described the 4S’s of Spiritual Paralysis: Sulking, Sour-graping, Self-pity, and Stagnation where sometimes I related on these.

When the second day of KLR ended, I supposed to meet some of my friends from Media Ministry. But because I felt not much talkative with them, I just decided to go home alone under the sizzling sun (I patiently held my broken umbrella to avoid myself from the sunlight).

There are some pictures taken from 2016 KLR: New. (From top right) Bro. Dreus Cosio, Bro. Obet Cabrillas and Fr. Rap Rap del Rosario were among the speakers of this year’s recollection.

Black Saturday (March 26th)

I attended the third and final day of KLR (actually it was my second day because I missed the first day of the recollection), and as expected, I came up about 15 minutes late. Unlike on the previous day, I travelled going to Enchanted Kingdom alone (as usual, this has happened several times that I travelled without any companion). I arrived the place when the program was already started with dance and sing joyful worship songs. Suddenly, I spotted my friend from Feast SM Sta. Rosa, Carlo, who was shouting and dancing near the stage. I called him to sit with me because I had no companion.

After the happy and loud worship song, the first speaker was introduced to present for the final day of KLR. Fr. Rap Rap del Rosario stood on the stage with a lot of laughter and inspiration. He stated that God’s remedy is His mercy. The next speaker was former actress Myra Manibog who shared her story about her past experiences that made her way to change to become a successful woman. After her story, her beautiful daughter concluded the presentation when she played her guitar and sang the wonderful worship song. And the third, Bro. Adrian Panganiban sang his wonderful voice as he stood up in front of the audience. Right after he ended his final song, I thought the program was going to have a break, so I went out to buy some food to eat. Unfortunately, there was no break time, and the program continued when the magician JB dela Cruz was introduced (but luckily, only few people came outside to buy some food, so that I was able to buy it when it was not so crowded).

When I went back to my seat with Carlo, I watched JB dela Cruz performing on the stage as he showed some magic tricks. And while I was eating, he amazed the audience when he put a long metal into his mouth (actually, I think, it was a kind of “fake” magic after his assistant named Lucky revealed the “secret”). Afterwards, he called two ladies from the audience to ask them if one of them had a ring and a 100-peso bill which both would be disappeared. He gave one of the ladies a small black cloth where he put a ring inside, and he tried her to sway the cloth to make inside empty. The audience was amazed. Next, he called the other lady to write down the serial number of her 100-peso bill before he made it disappeared by burning it. Again, the audience applauded on his magic. Later, he revealed how the ring and 100-peso bill went. He held a pack of candies on a jar where the lady needed to insert a one-peso coin to release a candy from inside. When the lady tried to release a piece of candy, she found a one-peso coin again, but she tried again for another one. When another piece of candy was released from jar, she cracked it and found that her ring was inside of it. It was amazing. And then, the magician held his egg to other lady holding a board written a serial number. When he tried her to crack the egg, her 100-peso bill was inside of it. Carlo, I and other people from the audience were so amazed on his magic.

JB dela Cruz performed one of his magic tricks with a Feast attendee during KLR 2016: New (Photo courtesy from Feast SM Sta. Rosa Facebook page)

Later, JB the magician had a PowerPoint presentation where the audience would point on the top of the 10 (out of 14) Stations of the Cross flashing on the screen. He instructed us to choose from 10 to 20 and to count the number clockwise then we were asked to sum up the two digits of the number of our choice and counted it counter clockwise where we pointed the 9th picture (or station). JB started to eliminate some pictures on the screen, and there were only 6 remaining stations. Then he instructed us to count three clockwise or counter to one station, and after he again removed the remaining stations which the one that we pointed was left, and that was a station where Jesus raised from the dead. It was so powerful, wasn’t it? Another trick was performed when JB called another lady from the audience to do his “magic”. He first tried her to put a pile of staples on one of four staple guns (in same color and size) on the table. She put it one of these, then JB asked her to turn around when he mixed the four. When he placed the four on the table, he let the lady to turn in front and to choose three of these that she thought these would be empty (the only one that she inserted had staples). It was just a thrill and excitement because JB the magician believed the power and faith. The lady chose one of these staple guns as she did three times, and JB tried her to put these three on his palm, his face, and his forehead. She was just nervous, but JB had his faith that none of these staple guns had staples. And he succeeded. All three staple guns that she chose had no staples. The last one left on the table had staples where he tried to attach a card on a wood, and it was there. Wow, it’s so amazing!

Another trick was that he tried to escape from wearing a straight jacket (familiar to Harry Houdini’s stunt). Again, he called a couple to help him to lock up the jacket. Bro. Adrian Panganiban came up the stage to instruct the timer. When JB was ready on his performance to escape from tightened straight jacket, Bro. Adrian started the timer. In just less than two minutes, JB succeeded after he removed his straight jacket from his body. The audience again astounded. Finally, at the end of his performance, he had a message about the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ while he was performing when he removed a light bulb (represented as a soul) from a lamp (represented as a body) and covered it in a yellow cloth and buried into a box. Later, as he illustrated the resurrection of Jesus who disappeared from His tomb, he revealed that the light bulb was gone from the box, and the lamp was lighted up again. That’s his wonderful and magical conclusion.

Finally, Bro. Jon Escoto of Feast Technopark delivered his message as the conclusion of three-day KLR. He also shared an inspiring video about a woman who has no arms could fly a plane using her feet. And after his final talk, the series of worship songs began to play then most ushers and servants gave the audience some pieces of strings where everyone must put one string to a member of his/her family, a friend, and loved ones.

After the program, I went to Media Ministry led by Bro. Jeff to meet and to talk some of my friends there. However, I just stayed there for a short time and decided to go home instead. But some minutes earlier, I met some of my friends from HOT Team (where I formerly belonged) like Ralph and Marian. So, I just joined with them along with their other friends from the said “team”. Suddenly, a guy (just called him “M” as in mayabang) met me telling that I had been “diet” because he noticed me losing my weight. But I had no idea what he said. Later, Marian let me to join with her, “M” and her other friends from HOT Team to take a ride on one of their friends’ van. Then, when we arrived at Walter Mart, we rode a tricycle going to Balibago Complex. I sat with “M” behind the tricycle driver, and while travelling, “M” talked me a lot especially about the business that he wanted me to join even though I didn’t really want it. I just pretended that I didn’t understand what he’s talking about because my both ears were filled with earphones playing some music. Honestly, I really don’t like his attitude (as well as I really hate him) to be arrogant where he always talks especially about his business. I supposed to NOT join with him accompanying from Enchanted Kingdom, but his girlfriend (my friend) insisted me to join with them (rather than going home alone, but it seemed “non-sense” companionship with that “brag” guy). Another, I noticed that one of my friends (just called her “Rose”) didn’t see me in person. I’ve known her, but it seemed that she didn’t know me so much. Did she snub? Hmmm…

When I arrived home, I had to eat my lunch and to take some rest before accompanied with my elder brother to buy a new drawer for my bedroom and a new folding bed for my mother who usually sleeps on a sleeping mat near my father. Around 4pm, we went to Balibago Complex exploring some stores to canvass the price and the quality. When we found the right one, we first took a break as I treated my elder brother our snack (meryenda) to eat (he should thank me for it because he’s still jobless). Then we explored a computer shop to search for a handler for my monitor, but unfortunately, we didn’t find the right one. Right after, we went back to the store where we found the folding bed and the new drawer that we wanted to buy (paid from my money, of course, because it would be my drawer on my bedroom). Afterwards, we rode a tricycle directly to our home to put them inside.

Easter Sunday (March 27th)

Because I felt so tired from the previous day, I decided to not go to Grand Easter Feast at SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City for the second consecutive year. The reasons why I didn’t go there were because I needed to energize my strength for my tomorrow’s work after long holiday (even though I didn’t take some break to rest enough) and, again, security reasons that I didn’t want to go with the crowd to the arena. I didn’t know if some of my “former” friends were also there attending the event just like last year where I spotted their pictures on Facebook posted by one of my Feast friends.

Nevertheless, I just stayed at home to take enough rest. It was my rarest time to stay at home whole day on Sunday where I usually went out to go and to attend Sunday Feast. However, since my mother always watches a noontime show that I really don’t like to watch (because her idol is there), I just watched a movie inside my bedroom. The movie lasted almost two hours then I went out to have haircut.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Ayyy… last week was a probably somewhat busy week for me despite of long holiday. I just notice that my second-part story on this episode is longer than the previous one, but it doesn’t matter. As the Lenten season ended, let’s praise that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead.


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