My Holy Week Activities (Before Recollection)

Episode 54 – Monday, March 28th, 2016 (7027)


Happy Easter! And holy week is finally over.

In the past one whole week, I was not so much busy to do things that I worked for. But I felt so tired because I’ve not yet rested and relaxed at home within the whole week (you know, I can’t make my silence and relax because of distractions at home). And I haven’t stayed at home for one whole day for my rest day (beginning last March 13th, I’ve been always going outside for working my job, attending The Feast or going to other places to make myself cool). But it’s okay. I really enjoy my time to be “independent” just for a while because I hate to stay at home with some negativity and “toxic” environment.

As the sacrifices were done, well, I just shared my activities and life happened during holy week.

(Note: I wrote this story that’s too long enough. So, I just made this into two episodes. I will share this episode about my happenings during the first half of holy week or before the Kerygma Lenten Recollection or KLR)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Palm Sunday (March 20th)

In the morning, the weather was coming to be warmer, and I wanted to cool up and avoid getting hot at home. Every Sunday, I usually go out to attend The Feast (or taking somewhere alone) because I don’t really want to stay at home especially when my mother watches noontime show on TV which features AlDub (I know she’s “diehard” fan of this). On that time, it was Palm Sunday, and I needed to go to the mass and The Feast. Since there’s no Sunday mass at Feast SM Sta. Rosa, I was just thinking to go either Feast Pacita or Feast Technopark which both of them have mass. But because I already attended Feast Pacita a week ago, I decided to go to Feast Technopark Hotel. This was my second time to go there (the first one was on February 21st where I got to serve for Media Ministry) as the new venue when they moved last December from Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center (renamed as The Medical City).

Before I went there, it was a kind of confusing when I arrived at Balibago Complex to ride a tricycle. I asked the tricycle driver that his destination would pass the Technopark Hotel. But he told me that I would ride on the other lane, and then I went to that lane and asked another tricycle driver. But the second one told me that I must shift to the lane where I first supposed to ride after I asked him the same question. I was confused and didn’t understand what the drivers telling me to ride. They only knew the Gate 1 (of the Greenfield which was the place that I obviously didn’t know). The Gate 1, where I needed to walk few meters from the highway, is the entrance going to Technopark Hotel which is located just near the gate. So, I rode a tricycle on the lane that I originally stood.

There were many vendors selling palm leaves nearby the church. But I forgot to buy it because I thought that there would be some vendors nearby the hotel or the gate. Unfortunately, no one selling palm leaves was spotted nearby except some attendees who had already bought elsewhere (probably, the place is private, so that no vendors are allowed to sell nearby). This was my first time, in two years, to attend Palm Sunday mass without having palm leaves.

Bro. Jon Escoto speaking about Talk 2 of the series Killing Me Softly at Feast Technopark Hotel last Palm Sunday.

I just arrived within a half hour before the mass was started. I thought I supposed to serve for Media when Bro. Bods was there to operate for visuals and PowerPoint presentation (in fact, I just made a presentation for the Passion of the Christ during the mass). During the mass, I felt so cold because the air conditioner was placed behind me, so right before the first worship song began, I transferred to other seat with my new friend, Tanji, who introduced me thru my former college classmate, Karen, who was also a servant for Feast Technopark.Bro. Jon Escoto speaking about Talk 2 of the series: Killing Me Softly at Feast Technopark Hotel last Palm Sunday.While Bro. Jon Escoto began to speak about the second talk of the series, Killing Me Softly, I spotted a beautiful lady who was so familiar to me. And that lady was actually my new friend who was introduced by Bro. Jeff last May 2015. Even though I already met her personally for only twice last year (the other one was on November 2015), I only saw her personally sitting with her companion (I think) at The Feast for the first time this year. However, I didn’t meet her after the session because I needed to leave immediately for some reason. I left from the hotel going outside alone in a hot Sunday afternoon.

I went somewhere in Biñan, Laguna to find a place to eat my lunch alone (again). There was a new restaurant inside the mall, and I tried to eat there. I found a sweet dessert on the menu, and I ordered it. When the waiter came to serve the dessert (while I was eating), I was thinking about the past where I shared this to someone. I realized it because I was so alone to eat this that no one shared. Few days later, I posted this photo on Facebook and stated:

fb status snapshot 160321

After my lunch, I spend my (lonely) time to play at arcade to enjoy myself and being alone. Some few hours later, I decided to go home because of my tiredness.

Holy Week at My Work (March 21st to 23rd)

Within three days of my working week due of Lenten season, I did nothing to do heavy jobs at my office work because most of the times I and my colleagues were idle. We’re just exploring and surfing the net like Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, searching something funny, and etc. We’re so bored actually because we did nothing at the office, so some of us went home early (or earlier than usual 5pm). I usually go home around 6:30pm even the traffic is sometimes occurred along National Highway going to my home in Santa Rosa, Laguna. So, it didn’t matter how’s boring at the office, but at least, it has internet connection to explore on the web, hehehe!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I’m so done, but it’s not yet over although it’s little bit late to tell my story because it’s already Easter (the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ). On the next episode, I will talk about my happenings during the other half of the holy week and Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR).


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