Attending Feast Pacita for the First Time

Episode 53 – Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 (7021)

Last March 13th, it was my first time to attend Feast Pacita in San Pedro, Laguna (Photo courtesy from The Feast Pacita Facebook page)

Last March 13th, Sunday, I was able to go out alone (again) to explore something new. And I decided to go another Feast branch in San Pedro, Laguna called Feast Pacita.

I think this was the third Feast to be established in Laguna after Feast Technopark Hotel (formerly Feast Santa Rosa and later Feast Paseo) led by Bro. Jon Escoto and Feast SM Santa Rosa (formerly Feast Central Mall Biñan) led by Bro. Dreus Cosio. But its location is just a remote place which is not easily access to public (unlike Bro. Dreus’ Feast in a very crowded SM City Sta. Rosa). Feast Pacita is located, when I went there, at Catholic School of Pacita Auditorium inside Macaria Village (I think it is a private subdivision). And because of something remote location, I needed to commute a tricycle alone going there.

When I was there before 10am, I got almost lost because I thought the place was located inside the school campus (just like most schools in my subdivision where they have small areas). But I found out that The Feast Pacita is actually located in an auditorium nearby (it is a separated location from the main campus where I was dropped by the tricycle driver). When I entered the place, it was actually a basketball court with a small auditorium on the far front. There were only few ushers around who welcomed the attendees. I finally sat on an empty chair, and some strange people came in and sat beside me that I didn’t know who they were. I observed that most attendees were teenagers (or youth) who, I think, were living in some subdivisions in Pacita. The attendees were not just many as I expected, about only 50 something (just like during my old days serving at (Saturday) Feast Biñan where the attendees were just less than 70).

Preparing for the Sunday mass

The session was actually started at 10:30am with a Sunday mass. It was quite simple, but I really appreciated that they had a holy mass in the place (Feast SM Sta. Rosa doesn’t have Sunday mass since its transfer from Central Mall in June 2015, but I hope there will be in the future).

After the mass, there was a short break before the playing of the first worship song. I was just kind of innocence because I hadn’t had any common friends on the place. Later, after the second worship song, there was a young builder named Bro. Dwight Castillo standing on the stage to begin the talk with the series titled Killing Me Softly. Compared to the senior builders in Feast Laguna, Bro. Escoto and Bro. Cosio, he was just a simple but fine builder with his young voice, and most of us, especially the youth, were listening at his talk.

Bro. Dwight Castillo, builder of The Feast Pacita, speaking the series about Killing Me Softly.

After the talk, I felt so hungry because most of the other attendees got some snacks to eat, but there were no already food left so that I didn’t eat any single snack except for drinking a glass of water. After a bunch of announcements and before the final song played, I decided to leave the seat even though Bro. Dwight didn’t acknowledge the first time attendees because I was expecting to stand up for the first timers. This was my first time to attend Feast Pacita; however, no one knew about me as a first timer (or probably they forgot). Just before I left the auditorium, Bro. Dwight met me and talked to introduce ourselves. I told him that I just visited Feast Pacita for just an experience and to explore new people. I remembered, a week before, Sis Tess reminded that I was exploring for “chicks hunting” not “Feast hunting”. I so laughed, but probably I just explored other branches of Feast not to meet new people but also searching for the one true love (is it possible?) because of somewhat desperation. After we talked, I went out with a very hot weather and rode in a tricycle (again, I was a sole passenger) going back to Pacita Complex to eat my lunch and to buy a grocery. I also went to the office for some rest (thankful that I have keys to open freely).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Based on my observation when I went there last March 13th, Feast Pacita is just a small community or prayer meeting. And I noticed that the visual for the mass, the lyrics for the worship songs and PowerPoint presentation for the talk was quite simple although there’s no any video presentation to show on (I think they don’t have a software that is usually operated for Feast SM Sta. Rosa). And because of remote location (not easily access to public), most people especially in San Pedro didn’t know that there’s Feast Pacita. But it sounds okay for me because of… security (yeah). I’m thinking that I will like to attend (and probably to serve for Media Ministry) at Feast Pacita because of remote location. Indeed, I love remote places to stay (just like Nueva Ecija before as my “exile country”) without any security “threats” from my enemies and also from my former friends that I don’t like to see them.

By the way, Feast Pacita was launched in 2011 (older than former Feast Biñan). It is held every Sunday at 10am with holy mass and inspirational talk led by Bro. Dwight Castillo. It is located at Catholic School of Pacita Auditorium, Macaria Village, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna.

(Note: Just a clarification, I’m NOT comparing Feast Pacita from other Feasts in Laguna, as well as two other builders, that I’m talking about on this episode. I just share this to let you know about the things happen in my daily life.)


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