Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2016 – Shall I Attend and Serve?

Episode 52 – Monday, March 21st, 2016 (7020)

KLR entitled New will be held this holy week. But the question is… shall I attend and serve for this year’s recollection? (Photo courtesy from KLR Facebook page)

It’s holy week. And I need to spend my time to relieve from the stress of work (not too much though) and the current problems where I’m still searching for the “Right One” and fighting for independence from the distractions at home (or in other words: paghinay-hinay or taking slowly).  I stay calm whole week although I can’t feel the peaceful environment because of, again, distractions and negativity at home (full of toxics, you know).

But while others are planning to go vacation or doing religious activities such as reading the Passion of Christ this holy week, most of my friends from The Feast are going to the holy week recollection called Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR). Every holy week, KLR shows the significance on how Jesus Christ died on the cross and experiences the pain and sacrifice of our lives. This year KLR will be presented about “New” based on Revelations 21:5 which states: God who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”

However, because I have still felt the loneliness of being single (it has been almost 9 months), I’ve not yet still decided if I will go to attend KLR and to serve for Media Ministry. I may attend the recollection for three straight days, but I still don’t know if I will like to serve too as what I had done in the previous KLRs. Last January, I told my Feast friend, Sis Tess, thru text messages that I intentionally decided to quit serving from Media Ministry for Feast SM City Santa Rosa and also for KLR for some reasons. Although I enjoyed serving, I felt the loss of appetite to serve anymore because of being loneliness as well as I was not too much talkative to my Feast friends (as you know, I’m a [very] silent person and probably an “anti-social” person, I think). Just two weeks ago, Sis Tess encouraged me to serve again for KLR, but I doubted if I could return to serve after I already decided to not serve for The Feast anymore because of that reason.

In two previous KLRs where I attended, as a member of Media Ministry of formerly Feast Biñan, I was the one to serve for operating visuals and PowerPoint presentations from the speakers. These were the times when I was happy with a love (long distance) relationship. It was my privilege to serve proudly at KLR because of visiting big guests and speakers including Bro. Bo Sanchez, founder of Light of Jesus Family, who was present at last year’s KLR.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

First KLR that I attended (Feast Technopark)
This was the poster of Kerygma Lenten Recollection that I attended for the first time in 2013. (Photo courtesy from Feast Technopark Facebook page)

On March 2013, I started to discover The Feast, thanks to my former college classmate (sadly, he’s no longer my friend) who invited me for Kerygma Lenten Recollection with some of our fellow former classmates. Attending KLR was the main reason to introduce me The Feast for the first time in my whole life. I attended the second day of KLR which was Good Friday where I met some new friends from The Feast such as Nikki Bumatay and Marian “Yani” Carpo. I and some of my former college classmates (ironically, including my former crush calling her “Chubby”) were also attending the Grand Easter Feast where the attendees came from different Feast branches around the country and some parts of the world. This made me so curious and interested to know about The Feast and Bro. Bo, the founder. And the rest is history.

Months later, I became jobless after I resigned my second job in June 2013, and I had my free time to attend one of The Feast sessions which was located, during that time, at Central Mall Biñan, and the builder was Bro. Andreus (Dreus) Cosio. This was my first time to attend a session presented by Bro. Dreus. Few months later, I joined to serve for Media Ministry where I operated for visuals such as presentations and videos. Because of being a servant, I was the one to serve for 2014 KLR – Adik: Christ is Enough.

KLR-Adik (Feast SMSR)
In 2014, I attended KLR: Adik, Christ is Enough for the second straight year, and it was my first time to serve for Media Ministry in the said event. (Photo courtesy from Feast SM Sta. Rosa Facebook page)

In 2014, first time to serve at KLR, I was placed to serve for Black Saturday (the third day of KLR), and with the help of the seniors, I was able to operate for Media without any getting distractions or problems. In the following year, KLR, entitled Lost, was held in a bigger and better venue. From Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center (renamed as The Medical City) in Paseo where Feast Santa Rosa used to serve there (until November 2015), the venue for 2015 KLR was now at Enchanted Kingdom Tent (not “Tent” as my “screen” name) to accommodate more attendees. This was the biggest event that I served for Media (until Kerygma Conference later that year, see Episode 32) where, as I mentioned earlier, Bro. Bo Sanchez was the one of the guest speakers of the recollection.

KLR-Lost (Feast Technopark)
In 2015, KLR presented Lost and was held in a bigger venue at Enchanted Kingdom Tent in Santa Rosa, Laguna (Photo courtesy from Feast Technopark Facebook page)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Right after the recollection, the Easter Sunday comes, and The Feast presents the Grand Easter Feast which is held every Easter. As I’ve mentioned above, I first attended the said event in 2013 with some of my former college classmates and some of my new Feast friends like Yani. This was held at SMX Convention Center where the event was divided into two where the one was held at upper floor (Function Rooms 1-5) while the other was at bigger ground floor (Halls 1-4).

The following year, 2014, it was held in a bigger venue at Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena where more than 20,000 attendees were present. I was there with my Feast friends, Yani, Lanie Garcia with her partner, Harold, and Gee Ebalde, who was coincidentally celebrating her birthday.

In 2015, however, I was unable to attend the Grand Easter due of tiredness from serving the last day of KLR (which was purposely moved to the late afternoon from usual start in the morning on the first two days) and, again, because of security reasons. Fortunately, it was ok for me to not attend the event after I found out on the next following days that two of my former college classmates were present with some of my Feast friends at MOA Arena after one of my friends posted their pictures on Facebook. These two are no longer my friends because of their past “anomalies” that bothered my life before. And besides, unlike previous Grand Easter Feasts, this was no longer a free admission event. The ticket was sold for 200 pesos, and there were two sessions of the event – the morning and the afternoon session. I supposed to buy the ticket when the comfortable seats (for nice and nearer view) were already sold-out.

Well, I’m still thinking about this year’s Lenten recollection that I mostly like to attend (about 80% or higher). But serving at KLR, well… there’s just a little chance if I will return to serve for Media or probably not (as I already decided last January) for the first time after two previous KLRs. And the Grand Easter Feast? I haven’t still bought some tickets yet because, I know, many Feast attendees will attend in a jam-packed MOA Arena this Easter, so that I’m more likely to not attend (about only 15% chance to attend or probably I’ll change my mind if one of my friends will offer me some tickets for better seats, hehehe) because of security purposes (you know, crowded people at the arena and have a hard time to commute further from Laguna).

But honestly, I don’t like to stay at home during holy week because of boredom and very hot weather (it’s now summer though). So, attending Lenten recollection is the best way to cool and to ease the boredom during holy week.


This year’s Kerygma Lenten Recollection: New will be held at Enchanted Event Place in Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna on Maundy Thursday (March 24th), Good Friday (March 25th), and Black Saturday (March 26th) from 8am to 12 noon. There will be a lot of guest speakers coming at KLR like Bro. Obet Cabrillas, Bro. Adrian Panganiban, Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Joy Cancio, Joseph the Artist (grand winner of a talent search on TV, Talentadong Pinoy), Fr. John Paul del Rosario, Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP, JB dela Cruz, Jan Silan, Bro. Dreus Cosio, Bro. Jon Escoto, and many more. Admission is free.

And the Grand Easter Feast titled Mercy Full will be held on Easter Sunday, March 27th at Mall of Asia Arena. There will be two sessions – the morning (8am to 12 noon) and the afternoon (2-6pm). Tickets are worth 200 pesos but be hurry because only limited slots left. See you there!

(Photo courtesy from Feast Bay Area Facebook page)

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