My Holy Week Activities (During Recollection)

Episode 55 – Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 (7029)

And now, Easter has been already gone, and the month of March nearly ends.

Last episode, I shared my story about the happenings during the first half of holy week from Palm Sunday up to Holy Wednesday. Because it consisted so long, I just cut it into two episodes. So, I’m now talking about my happenings during Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR) which was started last Maundy Thursday. Continue reading “My Holy Week Activities (During Recollection)”


My Holy Week Activities (Before Recollection)

Episode 54 – Monday, March 28th, 2016 (7027)


Happy Easter! And holy week is finally over.

In the past one whole week, I was not so much busy to do things that I worked for. But I felt so tired because I’ve not yet rested and relaxed at home within the whole week (you know, I can’t make my silence and relax because of distractions at home). And I haven’t stayed at home for one whole day for my rest day (beginning last March 13th, I’ve been always going outside for working my job, attending The Feast or going to other places to make myself cool). But it’s okay. I really enjoy my time to be “independent” just for a while because I hate to stay at home with some negativity and “toxic” environment. Continue reading “My Holy Week Activities (Before Recollection)”

Attending Feast Pacita for the First Time

Episode 53 – Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 (7021)

Last March 13th, it was my first time to attend Feast Pacita in San Pedro, Laguna (Photo courtesy from The Feast Pacita Facebook page)

Last March 13th, Sunday, I was able to go out alone (again) to explore something new. And I decided to go another Feast branch in San Pedro, Laguna called Feast Pacita.

I think this was the third Feast to be established in Laguna after Feast Technopark Hotel (formerly Feast Santa Rosa and later Feast Paseo) led by Bro. Jon Escoto and Feast SM Santa Rosa (formerly Feast Central Mall Biñan) led by Bro. Dreus Cosio. But its location is just a remote place which is not easily access to public (unlike Bro. Dreus’ Feast in a very crowded SM City Sta. Rosa). Feast Pacita is located, when I went there, at Catholic School of Pacita Auditorium inside Macaria Village (I think it is a private subdivision). And because of something remote location, I needed to commute a tricycle alone going there. Continue reading “Attending Feast Pacita for the First Time”

Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2016 – Shall I Attend and Serve?

Episode 52 – Monday, March 21st, 2016 (7020)

KLR entitled New will be held this holy week. But the question is… shall I attend and serve for this year’s recollection? (Photo courtesy from KLR Facebook page)

It’s holy week. And I need to spend my time to relieve from the stress of work (not too much though) and the current problems where I’m still searching for the “Right One” and fighting for independence from the distractions at home (or in other words: paghinay-hinay or taking slowly).  I stay calm whole week although I can’t feel the peaceful environment because of, again, distractions and negativity at home (full of toxics, you know). Continue reading “Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2016 – Shall I Attend and Serve?”

Then and Now (Having LDR vs Being Single)

Episode 51 – Friday, March 18th, 2016 (7017)

Loving Couple at Sunset

It has been almost 9 months, but I’m still single! Ahhhh!!!

As the holy week enters within a week from now, it will be my first time since 2012 to be single or loveless in holy week. I’m just thinking that I now suffer from having a loveless, boring, and desperate life. In the past years, I was so active to contact with some of my friends especially in The Feast (Santa Rosa) when I had a long distance relationship (LDR). But now, it’s so sad that I’m no longer in a relationship and less contact to my friends (changing my mobile number was the reason because of security and unwanted solicits). Continue reading “Then and Now (Having LDR vs Being Single)”

“Exile Country”

Episode 50 – Monday, March 14th, 2016 (7013)


In several years, I’m not really happy to live in one place in Santa Rosa, Laguna. This is because of several “distractions” that bother my entire life. I’m not talking about my family (who have their negativity) but the enemies of my life! Some of my enemies are also living in the same community where I’ve lived for many years and in different “world”. That’s why I have been not satisfied to live a “home sweet home” with some “distractions” in the community which is unsafe for me. Gosh!

I and my family have been still living in a subdivision called Golden City (I thought it was almost called “Golden State (Warriors?)”) for two decades from a tiny slum house in Paco, Manila where I was born there. My childhood life was wonderful when I let myself to play on the streets outside with my childhood neighbors. I thought there were my good neighbors in my community until late 1998. Continue reading ““Exile Country””