Watching Super Bowl 50 and NBA All-Star Weekend

Episode 49 – Monday, February 29th, 2016 (6999)

SB50 NBA ASW.jpg
I watched these two biggest sporting events held in the month of February. (Logo courtesy from and

Every weekend nights, I’m so bored to stay at home (isolated at my “refuge” bedroom) and to close my both ears and to hear my favorite music (mostly worship songs that are played at The Feast every Sunday). I hate to watch TV every weekend (especially at night right after basketball games) because my family likes to watch from the “Heart” Network which most of their programs are really non-sense and not in High-Definition (HD, or 16:9 picture format). That’s why I don’t watch with my family because I don’t like what they watch especially there are most of the times, every Sunday evening, when the “bragged” network features about AlDub and the scenes from Kalyeserye where my mother is so addicted to become a vivid fan of this non-sense thing! Gosh!

I’m not comfortable to watch TV nowadays because, at first, most of the TV networks in the Philippines are still not yet digitalized. Yeah, we’re already in 2016, but we’re so slow (like internet connection) to have a better technology like digital broadcasting! And second, not all of their TV shows and programs are in HD (or what I have said earlier above). They are still using old, obsolete format (which is 4:3 picture frame). I know that our TV sets are really “old” because they are CRTs, but I don’t feel to watch these. TV sets are just like computer monitors where old CRT monitors are now changed into LCD monitors to fit our today’s standards (which is HD). But sadly, most Filipinos are still using old CRT TVs (and we have still waited for 5 years or more to change our TV networks into digital broadcasting).

But anyway, forget about my problem every weekend nights. I miss when I’m in the office. Yes, I’m now workacholic because I’m still single after having a long distance relationship, and I feel I’m “free” from my family’s problems. But in reality, I’m not really addicted in work as what they are. Most of my times at work are idle (waiting for e-mails to receive if there’s a job to be created, by the way, I’m a graphic designer for magazine), and it’s good to have a lot of idles at work (unlike my two previous jobs). And while being idle, I’m able to watch some foreign TV programs… LIVE (huh…, not from YouTube) straight from other countries like in the United States. This is my valid reason why I refer to watch TV shows from the U.S. (or other countries, if ever available) rather than those in the Philippines (where not all are in HD).

And because February is about to end (thanks to the leap year where we have 29th), I just want to share about the major events that I watched this month.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I love to watch sports on TV (I’m wishing to watch these in live audience). And most of the times while I’m working at the office are to watch sporting events especially those major professional sports in the U.S. (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL). Because TV networks in the Philippines can’t provide to carry these games live (I really hate to watch in delay basis, and I don’t have cable TV at home) or in their limited resources (only NBA is popular in the Philippines while others don’t), I like to watch these live straight from the broadcast sources (thanks to the live streaming on the internet).

In this month of February, I had watched two major sporting events in the U.S. – the Super Bowl 50 and the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Super Bowl 50

Last February 8th, Monday, it was a non-working holiday because of Chinese New Year (huh… whatever!) But I was able to skip my home rest to go at the office (I’m so thankful that I have keys to open) to watch Super Bowl 50… alone and uninterrupted. I left home around 7 o’clock in the morning (I supposed to leave earlier than 7 because of my mother). But I came at the office late about 30 minutes after the tip-off and set up my office computer to search better live streaming to watch the event (I watched via CBS live feed).

I was able to watch the championship nearly the end of first quarter when Denver Broncos already scored by 3-0 over Carolina Panthers. This was my first time to watch Super Bowl live after the last time that I watched when I was an exchange student in the United States way back in 2005. This year’s Super Bowl was held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The most amazing moment that I watched was the longest punt return made by Broncos Wide Receiver Jordan Norwood, who is a Filipino-American and brother of Gilas Pilipinas Guard Gabe Norwood. After first half, the most awaiting halftime show was arrived and performed by British rock group Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé. Although the halftime show was quite having some controversies, it was superb by their performances (just my opinion).

And one thing that I like to watch Super Bowl was their commercials during time outs. It was my first time to watch new and fresh Super Bowl commercials thru live streaming. Some commercials were funny while others were informative and impressed.

In the second half, the Broncos and the Panthers were unable to advance their possessions after several fourth downs, and they both were able to score only three points each until Broncos finally scored for their only second touchdown to take their largest lead for the night and defeated Panthers, 24-10. This was Broncos’ second Super Bowl title. Winning championship for Broncos was perfect for Quarterback Peyton Manning who played for his final season in professional football.

Super Bowl is one of the most festive sporting events in the United States. This is the conclusion of the football season of National Football League (NFL) where the National Conference champion meets against the American Conference champion for the championship match.

In 2005, I first watched Super Bowl (it was Super Bowl XXXIX held in Jacksonville, Florida) when I was the one of many students of Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) to watch this event on TV at our school’s Student Center. Although I didn’t understand about American football during that time, I was able to watch the game from start to finish where New England Patriots won over Philadelphia Eagles.

Since then, I had never watched Super Bowl or any NFL games because there was no TV coverage provided in the Philippines (knowing that American football isn’t so popular here at my home country). But I wanted to watch American football because I realized that I missed to watch this where I had been in the U.S. several years ago. Luckily, since last year, thanks to the live streaming, I have been watching some NFL games LIVE straight from the U.S. And I was able to watch some NFL playoff games until last February 8th.

NBA All-Star Weekend

As a basketball fan, I have watched NBA All-Star Games since I was a kid (or teenager, I think). Unfortunately, for some past years, I was unable to watch All-Star game (West vs East) live when I was attending classes at school or at the office on Monday morning. In 2005, when I was in the U.S., it was my first time to watch All-Star game on live TV at Sunday night at ASD dorm where I stayed. During my college life, I had watched it on live TV when there was no class schedule on Monday morning.

In this year’s All-Star Weekend held in Toronto, Canada, I was so thankful to watch it for three straight days. On February 13th, Saturday, I watched Rising Stars Challenge (featuring Team USA vs Team World) on live TV at home. Although I felt bored to watch the game (because I was at home with my father), the game was fun to watch with more slam dunks and exhibitions from young rookies and sophomore NBA players (including Fil-Am Laker guard Jordan Clarkson) from different teams.

On the following morning, February 14th, it was Valentine’s Day. And it was my first time to not celebrate this kind of occasion because I’m now single and loveless! Fortunately, despite of being alone, I was so happy to watch All-Star Skills Challenge thru live streaming at the office. However, the internet connection was somewhat interrupted which made me furious, and I couldn’t watch the game live because of no internet! Ahhh!!! I missed the Three-Point Contest live (although I was able to watch delayed via YouTube when Warrior guard Klay Thompson won over his fellow teammate, Stephen Curry). But when the internet was connected, I only watched the Slam Dunk Contest until the end.

Oh well, being single, I was able to order my lunch via delivery while watching NBA All-Star Event. And because it was V-Day, I posted on my Facebook about this:


Finally, on the third and final day of All-Star, I watched the game between the Western All-Stars and the Eastern All-Stars where my idol, Laker forward Kobe Bryant, played for his final All-Star Game appearance (after announcing his retirement last November and playing for his final NBA season). Unfortunately, just like the previous day, I was unable to watch the game in full due of my some office works that I needed to take on my office computer (and the live streaming, covered by a British sport network from TNT live feed, was somewhat interrupted by slow internet connection in the Philippines). The game was ended by West winning over East, 196-173.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I’m so thankful to watch these sporting events thru live streaming rather than non-sense Philippine TV where there are not in HD and digitalized. Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend, which both are held every February, were over, but the action continues for NBA when I will watch the upcoming playoffs and the finals LIVE.


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