My Love Life Facts

Episode 46 – Monday, February 22nd, 2016 (6992)


Finally, V-day is over, but the “love” month is not yet gone. This was my first Valentine’s since 2012 to be loveless, single and having no love relationship, but I’m hoping this will be the last… please!!! (I’m still praying for it because I need FREEDOM! Hehehe!!!) Anyways, since it is already post-Valentines season (and heading to Lenten season), I have just written this new episode about my love life (again?) that I will explain the history and interesting facts (I don’t know if I will be amazed or not about these facts).

Pre-June 2005:

maxresdefault (1)

  • My love life was actually started around September 1997 (most of my friends were still young about less than 10 years old during that time).
  • In April-May 2005, I had an American sweetheart on the time when I was studying as an exchange student in the United States, but it lasted so short (about only a month) because I had only few weeks before I would be sent back home.
  • I also had sweethearts (or dating with girls) prior July 2005 (or Deaf School Era), but all of them are declared “illegitimate” because they’re totally deaf.
  • The reason why my deaf lovers are declared “illegitimate” is because of my unexpected transfer to the “Non-Deaf” World or Post-Deaf School Era (all history data about my love life prior July 2005 have been erased either from my memory or record books).

Since Post-Deaf School Era:

  • From June 2005, I had no girlfriend who is non-deaf (or hearing-impaired). This led to have the “Curse of Deaf Sweethearts” where I failed to have a non-deaf girlfriend in Post-Deaf School Era.
  • But not until June 2012, the “curse” was broken when I had my first-ever non-deaf girlfriend in my “new” life, thanks to my long distance textmate from the North who accidentally contacted me thru wrong sent text message.
  • 7 years being single (2,573 days) was the longest drought to have no girlfriend.
  • In the past 10 years since transferring from “Deaf World” to “Non-Deaf” World (2005-2015), 7 years being single was more than 3 years having a love relationship (2573 days > 1103 days).
  • Since Post-Deaf School Era (up to this date), I never have a (non-deaf) girlfriend who was my neighbor, former classmate, former workmate or even a common friend.
  • Also, until my college graduation in May 2010, I never had a (non-deaf) girlfriend while I was a student (however, I had a (long distant) girlfriend who was about to begin her college life in June 2012).
  • I had some ladies who were my classmates, schoolmates, or workmates becoming my crushes. But none of these never became my (true) girlfriend or have a dating.
  • As of present time, most of my former crushes have already in their own love relationships (some have already their first-born children).
  • I never have a girlfriend within February 29th (the leap year happens every four years).
  • From 2005-2012 (and again this 2016), I have never celebrated Valentine’s without having a girlfriend (or in a love relationship). However, there were two exceptions: I had given Valentine’s presents twice (during my college life in 2007 and 2010) to two of my classmates (one of them eventually became my crush but failed to court her) despite of being single or having no love interest to them.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR, 2012-2015):


  • Having love relationship for 3 years (1,103 days) was the longest ever to have a girlfriend (despite of being long distance).
  • Had celebrated three Yuletide seasons (within December) and three Valentine’s seasons (after February 14) during the tenure.
  • Having first (and only) time to experience a mock wedding with my girlfriend (during Valentine’s of 2013 – our first ever to celebrate that occasion).
  • Unlike most of my friends who post their pictures with their love on Facebook, I had never posted any single picture with my girlfriend together despite of having a (long distance) relationship (probably due of security reasons).

Interesting Fact:

  • Most of the girls that I fell in love before are born within a zodiac sign of Libra (including the one who became my girlfriend). Sadly, however, all of them didn’t last in my life (and in my heart) forever (walang forever?), and most of them have been already excommunicated (no more having contacts) from my friendship. (Is there somewhat a jinx for me where they are NOT deserved for my heart?)

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