Celebrating Valentine’s in the Past

Episode 44 – Friday, February 12th, 2016 (6982)


Ughhh… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This Sunday, it will be (only) for those who have loved ones and, of course, girlfriends/boyfriends. But for those single people, like me, it will be a little bit “bitter” for that day. Instead of having a date (with loved ones), most single people will do something that they’ll enjoy without having love.

But in my past Valentine’s occasions, I had never celebrated this kind of “romantic” occasion while I was single. Not until when I had a long distance girlfriend (from the north), we celebrated Valentine’s within three years (2013-2015). However, this year, it will be my first Valentine’s to be heartbroken.

Anyways, I would like to share, in this episode, about my past Valentine’s happenings since Post-Deaf World Era (or my Post-U.S. experience, beginning 2006).

(Note: for those Valentine’s happenings prior 2005, these are not included on my list because these are no longer in my history records or memory– declared as illegitimate.)

7 Years Without a Valentine (2006-2012)

Since my unexpected transfer from “Deaf World” in July 2005, being single life was begun in my life (I had a short-lived dating with a deaf lady when I was in the United States, but it’s not technically an official because of my shifting to the “Non-Deaf World”). In 2006, I started to not celebrate Valentine’s every 14th of February.

I know I was so young then to look for a young girlfriend in a non-deaf high school, but because of different environment compared to what I had been in a deaf school, I wanted to concentrate first on my studies all the way to my college life that lasted up to 5 years because it would be hard for me to study in a non-deaf school (although I got still high grades but not as high as when I was in deaf school).

However, in 2007, when I was freshmen in college, I had two crushes around the campus (one of them was my classmates in Information Technology (I.T.) course). Because the V-day was near, I had a “funny” plan (obviously) that I would choose to be my Valentine. I got a piece of paper then cut into five pieces. I wrote on each pieces of paper the names of my three crushes, my “best friend” (although I had no intention to fall in-love with her), and a note that stated “No Valentine’s” (I don’t remember what I wrote). Within few days before Valentine’s, I picked up one piece of paper from the box that would be my Valentine’s. Before revealing the “winner”, I tried to see the other pieces that I didn’t choose. Unexpectedly, the one that I chose was my another I.T. classmate, just called her “Chubby”. She would my Valentine on the 14th who would receive my “special” gifts (a Valentine’s letter that I crafted personally and a flower). I had no idea why I had chosen her to be my Valentine because in later days during my college life (in sophomore year), she would eventually my new crush.

That funny “contest” about being my Valentine turned out into “love feelings” on her… almost. Although I had special feelings on her, she was my “special friend” back then before I started to have some conflicts on her because of having another “special friend” who was almost 10 years older than her. This caused our friendship into “Cold War”, not once but twice! Oh well, just make a story short, she’s no longer my friend (although we had connected when she attended The Feast few years ago) because she’s already in my past life.

Between 2008 and 2009, I had no Valentine’s because of being single (especially on the year 2008 because of second “Cold War” against “Chubby”). But in 2010, I attempted one more time on my final year in college. On Valentine’s eve, before I attended my Saturday morning class, I bought something for Valentine’s that supposed to be given to one of my crushes in college. But, hours after attending my second subject, I just decided to give my Valentine’s gift to one special person. And that’s my “best friend” (or closest ally) although I didn’t have any love feelings on her.

Within my college life (and also in Post-Deaf School Era), I had never experience any girlfriend who was a student as I was.

In 2011, it was my first Valentine’s in Post-College life, but I didn’t even celebrate because I was still single back then. In the workplace that I worked for the first time, there were some pretty ladies around that I had crush on them, but none of them were for my real heart. On the following year, 2012, it was my last Valentine’s without a girlfriend. During that time, I began to “spark” my love feelings to my long distance textmate who eventually became my girlfriend in June 2012.

Having a Happiest Valentine’s (2013-2015)


Having a long distance relationship (LDR) was so hard for those who have experienced this. But despite of this, we were happy lovers to stay connected. When the Valentine’s came in 2013, we enjoyed our first-ever Valentine’s that I had never done in the past 9 years. We had our Valentine’s date in a theme park where we rode some rides together for the first time. Although our date came after the 14th, this was my happiest Valentine’s in my whole life. In the next two years, we did the same date as lovers although we did celebrate right after the exact date.

However, our LDR came to be end last June 2015 which made me so heartbroken and depressed.

Valentine’s 2016 – The Hibernation


This year’s Valentine’s will be somewhat the saddest for me because of recent heartbroken (although it has been almost 8 months, so that I want to move on from the failed relationship). This will be the first time since 2012 that I will not celebrate Valentine’s. Instead of envying for those sweet lovers out there, I will prefer to watch NBA All-Star Weekend rather than being bitterness.

As of now, there are some things that I need to find the perfect girlfriend for my future. But I have hard times to do it because I’m now getting older! It’s just quite difficult to search, but I’m still hoping that I will find the “Right One” as soon as possible (for my independence).

Here’s the list of my Valentine’s experience in the past 10 years:

2006 – Not celebrated (this was my first Valentine’s in Post-Deaf School Era)

2007 – Although I didn’t have any girlfriend, I had a “funny” contest for my Valentine. My college classmate, just called her “Chubby” became my “Valentine” who later became my special friend (crush).

2008 – Not celebrated due of “Cold War”

2009 – Not celebrated

2010 – Not celebrated (actually, I had a Valentine’s present to one of my closest friends. This was my last Valentine’s in my college life that I had without any girlfriend while I was a student.)

2011 – Not celebrated

2012 – Not celebrated (my last Valentine’s to be single)

2013 – My first-ever Valentine’s to have a (long-distance) girlfriend

2014 – Second Valentine’s to have a GF

2015 – Third (and last) Valentine’s to have a GF

2016 – I will not celebrate V-day, but I prefer to watch NBA All-Star Weekend in my workplace… alone! Oh yeah!





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