My SMS Communication for 2015

Episode 42 – Monday, January 4th, 2016 (6943)

It’s already 2016, but I’m still thinking about the past happenings in 2015 because of a lot of regrets. During first half of 2015, the inbox on my phone was full of text messages from my love one in long distance. And I was doing this since she came in my life in 2011. But in the second half, it was changed. Right after the break-up, I felt I was going back to a “boring” life without being a textmate or even chatting thru text messaging.
Just let me show about the statistics on Short Messaging Service (SMS) from my phone (as I send text messages to my friends and vice versa) in 2015. (I’m just doing to write this topic so late because I need to summarize the text messages that I collected from my phone.)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

This is an example of “annoying” text messages from my old friend.

As what I said in Episode 11, having communication with someone is the most important in either personally or thru media (cellphones that we can call or send text messages and computers thru internet connection). But since the internet connection in the Philippines is so slow (and expensive, too), we only relay thru text messaging on our cellphones to communicate with someone.
During the time when I had long distance relationship (LDR) with my girlfriend (textmate) from Northern Luzon, my SMS communication was still firmly high. Take note, these were NOT included text quotes (inspirational, spiritual or funny) and “annoying” text messages (mostly about business) that I had received on my phone. However, on June 25th, I and my long distant girlfriend broke-up our relationship (as we chatted thru text messages), and since then we’re no longer to communicate (this made me so heartbroken). And this unexpected break-up affected my SMS communication very badly.

Aside of break-up from my former love, some of my (old) friends who sent their “annoying” text messages (mostly about their business or something that I was not really involved or being congratulated, see picture above) were no longer in the inbox of my phone. This was because I just deactivated my old (Smart) mobile number, and I stuck to one mobile number where only few friends knew my number. Because of these, there’s what happen to the chart below:

SMS Communication, 2015
Chart 42-1: SMS Communication in 2015

According to the database of collecting text messages from my phone, from “high-rocketed” text messaging in the first half of 2015, my SMS communication was severely collapsed! After June 2015, I had rarely used my phone to chat with few of my friends thru text messaging, and in July, I had received only 10 text messages from them. Because I didn’t remind most of my (old) friends that I had changed my mobile number, I didn’t receive any text messages from them (I really don’t like to receive “annoying” text messages from some of them that’s why I decided to deactivate my old one).

Text Messages Per Day, 2015
Chart 42-2: The average SMS (inbox and outbox) per day

During first half of 2015, the average text messages (TMs) that I sent and received per day were still high (thanks to my long distant textmate/girlfriend). The highest was on February 2015, averaging 27.36 TMs per day. But since I became heartbroken, it fell down from above especially during the first two months after the break-up. From averaging 15 TMs per day last June (see Chart 42-2), it sharply fell to only 0.61 in the following month. This was the lowest since I created SMS database that I’ve kept and collected text messages from my friends in the past 6 years. In November 2015, the average was up to 3.83 TMs per day (thanks to Kerygma Conference) – the highest in Post-LDR era.

From My Long Distant Textmate/
From My Friends in The Feast Other Friends
January 2015 281 28 26
February 2015 357 14 34
March 2015 308 57 28
April 2015 233 53 30
May 2015 110 28 36
June 2015 189 31 21
July 2015 0 8 2
August 2015 0 16 2
September 2015 0 24 1
October 2015 0 13 3
November 2015 0 74 1
December 2015 0 39 7

Looking at Table 1, the figures shown above are the received text messages (SMS) from my friends and my former love in 2015. This table shows that there’s a big, big difference between my long distant textmate/girlfriend and my friends (including The Feast) in terms of numbers. And there’s also a big, big difference from the first 6 months to the remaining months of 2015. That’s because of the disappearance of my former love who has been no longer communicating with me after our break-up. So, the SMS communication during the second half of 2015 was almost dead!

Total of Text Messages No. of Text Messages Received Text Messages Per Day
June 2015 450 241 15.00
July-December 2015 312 190 1.70
Difference -30.67% -21.16% -88.67%

At Table 2, you have noticed that the figure for June 2015 was still higher than the figures for the next 6 months… combined! The figures for July-December 2015 were supposed to be combined for the total of text messages in a month. If having a textmate (or our LDR) was still existed, our SMS communication might be in high figures, higher than the reality.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Text Messaging in the Last 5 Years

Let me show another chart below where the total SMS that I collected in the past 5 years (in quarterly from January 2011 to December 2015):

SMS Communication (Quarterly), 2011-2015
Chart 42-3: The total of collected text messages from my phone within 5-year length

When my textmate came into my life in 2011, the SMS communication became high, and we kept chatting thru text messages. The figures went ascending when I started to court her, and eventually we became lovers (in light-blue shade). The highest peak was during the first quarter of 2013 (that was Valentine’s season where we had for the first time), and since then our SMS communication had been stable (averaging no lower than 10 TMs per day). But after our break-up, the figures went tragically down, averaging no higher than 2 TMs per day for the most second half of 2015.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

SMS Communication in the Future

Especially in this New Year 2016, I still don’t know what I shall do next. Finding another textmate (like my previous one) is difficult. Because of strict personal security reasons (I don’t like a person who has mutual friends (or enemies)), I’ve a hard time to find for another one (better than my old one) either thru personal (exchanging numbers to chat each other) or thru an “accident” (receiving wrong sent message like what happened in 2011). However, I feel I’ve been going back to a simple, normal and “single” life like what I had been during the most of 2010 (or before my long distant textmate came) although the figures (total of collecting text messages) during that time were still high though (thanks to my former college classmates who had still contacted me while we’re already in our own working careers). But I can’t do this anymore since I have only few friends on my phone contact list.

The life without having a textmate is just hard for me. After 53 months (4.4 years) of having a textmate (or 3 years of LDR), relaying on text messaging or SMS became a part of my life (in Post-College era) to have communication with someone. And the SMS communication, for 2016, might be lower than the previous years because almost no one has contacted me back to interact thru text messages.

But there are lots of big questions for me in the future (especially in 2016): shall I find another textmate in my life? Will there be somebody sending a wrong sent message to become my textmate? And will this textmate be the “Right One”? Or will my old textmate return back in my life after our break-up? (For the last question, it seems impossible.) I can’t answer these questions that I made for myself, hehehe! But there’s one thing to be sure – I’ll always pray to have blessings and abundance from our Lord in this 2016 especially finding the “Right One” for my future.


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