My 2015 Yearend Review: My Family

Episode 38 – Saturday, December 26th, 2015 (6934)

Paper family in hands

As the year 2015 nearly ends, I just want to review the happenings that I had experienced in the past 12 months. I’ll discuss and summarize my experiences about my family this year.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

When the new year of 2015 arrived, I was glad to be with my family almost complete together (my first elder brother was the one who was not at home due of his job overseas). But there were some instances that my aging mother was worried about. My elder brother (the second one) has been jobless since April 2014 and always stays at home almost every day. And right after the Feast session in Biñan every Saturday evening (prior June), I immediately went back home to avoid my late night arrivals. My mother would be worried at me if I arrived so late at home even past midnight especially from my long travel from Nueva Ecija after my date with my (now former) long distant girlfriend and from the prayer meeting and Caring (Connect) Group of The Feast. She has little bit problems on her health because she has experienced high blood (I think she has stopped to take coffee every morning).

Speaking of health, during the first weeks of January, my aging father was still okay to do household things such as feeding our two pet dogs, fixing some broken things inside and outside the house, and of course, watching TV with changing the channels that he controlled on his remote control. But on January 26th, the day would be changed forever.

My father fell down on the street while sitting. My neighbor called my mother to help him to bring at the nearest hospital. My mother and my elder brother brought him there for emergency while I was preparing to go to my work on the first working day of the week. Later at night, when I arrived home, I realized, after my eldest sister told me, that my father was suffered mild stroke. I was almost numb. On the next following days, I was in “solo flight” inside the house (although my eldest sister and her son have been living in their house on the other side) while some of my eldest siblings and my mother were in the hospital in Manila taking care with our father who was bedridden during that time.

For the first time in my entire life, our house was so quiet. I remember when my father spoke louder while watching news on TV to criticize about the happenings in our beloved country, and my eldest twin sisters argued something to make our house noisy. But for two weeks, I was so glad (but yet a little bit scare) to have a peaceful environment inside the house, so I could do many things that I had never done before such as cooking some dishes (although I usually bought my dinner from outside) because my mother was still in the hospital taking care of my father and handling our two pet dogs like taking their bath, feeding their food, and throwing their poo that my father usually did these before. I also did some things that I felt some “freedom” on the house while my parents and my eldest siblings were not at home. For example, I didn’t turn on a noisy AM radio where my father had always used it every morning to hear news (sometimes about negativity on the government and corruption), and I just turned off the TV as early as 8 or 9 pm where he was usually watching until 10 pm to watch late evening news (he was so addicted to watch news with most “negativity”). Actually, I had watched early evening news (on 6:30 pm) but without any negative comments where he usually did to criticize while watching news. But most of the times, I didn’t watch early evening news instead, and I referred to turn on a FM radio in the living room to hear my favorite songs (fortunately my jobless elder brother was not at home most of the times because he didn’t like to hear most of my favorite music that he seemed them as “baduy” because he loved rock and punk music). However, there was a disadvantage of being a solo inside the house (especially when it is a big house with wide space). When I was going to sleep and the lights went out, I usually covered myself on bed. I was not afraid to have something scared while alone in the dark but because I was so alone living in a house in the dark night. I usually turned on FM radio on my phone before I slept at night.

Now back to my father. In mid-February of this year, my mother and my elder brother brought my father from the hospital and came back home after two week of medication. It’s hard to see my father so weak couldn’t stand or walk and couldn’t do many things that he had done before while he was strong though. Almost several weeks after came back from the hospital, he was bedridden. But thanks to the therapy and maintenance, he’s now merely standing and walking after his recovery. He can do his eating food and watching TV that he’s now again handling his remote control. Although he’s not yet stronger, he’s remained sitting and can’t do heavy things. And one more thing, his speak has been developed (but he’s still loud though) unlike few months after his hospitalization where he couldn’t even speak clearly. But I’m glad that he’s no longer to speak out negativity while watching news on TV (although there are some times that he criticizes but not too much).

However, there are some times that I’ve gotten frustration on him. One time, he commanded me to do some things that he wanted, but because I couldn’t understand his blurry voice (due of suffering mild stroke), I did some mistakes which made him anger. And even sometimes, I just walked out from his side because of misunderstandings. One of the worst episodes that I had ever seen was happened last July 5 when my father accidentally fell after I didn’t handle him to walk going inside the house. I was so upset because my eldest twin sisters scolded me a lot after the incident (and I decided to leave the house to go out and to attend the Feast at SM City Sta. Rosa).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Now, I’m talking about my eldest siblings in the house. Like in the past years (since I came back from the U.S. in July 2005), I’ve never been closed to them because of wide age gap except to my elder brother (which is 15 years older than me). My eldest twin sisters are too noisy enough to talk and to argue some simple things as they’re shouting in the dining room which becomes a noisy marketplace because of them. That’s why I have never joined with them eating meals on one table. However, in this episode, I’m not talking about them because I really don’t care what they’ve been doing for this year. My other elder brother (the first one) had been still working at abroad and has already his own family (but recently he returned back home this month). So I don’t let to discuss about him (because we’re not closed though). But now, I’m talking about my elder brother (the second one) that I’ve written about him in most episodes of My Tent Journal (MTJ).

Since he has been jobless after working abroad last year, he has been staying at home all the time (although sometimes he left out from home to stay at his friends for few days). That’s good for him because he can help his father who still recovers from mild stroke early this year, and he does many household things. However, I don’t like what he’s doing to me (especially right now when I become loveless and heartbroken) while he’s at home.

He has bullied me most of the times like calling my nickname (or household name) like a goat, “Meee! Meee!” Gosh! I really hate to hear that! So, that’s why, starting around September, I frequently leave the house to go out during weekends (these are supposed to be my rest days from work). And I have no peaceful environment when I’m in my “own” bedroom during weekends or rest days. That’s why I always go to the mall to play at the arcade and to buy my own lunch. And because of these, I’ve spent my own money too much by playing on the arcade at mall almost every weekend (damn, thankfully I have no longer girlfriend that my extra savings were supposed to be used for the date). Another reason was interrupting my doing at my Tent Office. Because his bedroom is connected to mine thru one main door, I can’t concentrate what I’m doing while he’s passing to go to his bedroom. That’s why I have NO private life when I’m in my “own” bedroom. And I have no time to have enough rest (and taking exercise every morning) because of him distracting me so much.

That’s why I’ve criticized what he’s doing to me in most episodes of this blog (I’m not sure if he already know about my blog especially reading my “harsh” comments against him because MTJ is a public blog site; however, he has a little bit knowledge to surf on the internet because he knows only Facebook, and he’s not my friend (I just block him for good on that social media website).


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Another distraction that came in my life this year was the addiction of my family especially my mother to watch AlDub (featuring actor Alden Richards and Dubsmash star Maine Mendoza or “Yaya Dub”) and Kalyeserye (story from the streets) on the popular noontime show in the Philippines. Around July this year when the unexpected phenomenon came up for the first time, I just watched it during the first few weeks. But I didn’t realize why I had watched this funny romantic segment within few weeks after I became loveless (breaking-up long distance relationship last June). So, I just stopped to watch it because I didn’t want to make some kilig factor while I’m heartbroken.

Since then, I have never watched noontime show which was one of my favorite shows to watch since childhood because of “non-sense” segment. Instead of watching, I just decided to cover my ears or to watch Hollywood movies on my laptop. Or I’m rather to go and to stay around the mall or at the office in San Pedro where I work there. I don’t hate AlDub or Kalyeserye or even their TV commercials shown, and I’m not bitter on these while I’m still loveless. But I don’t really like them to be overexposure on TV even network news are reporting about the happenings of AlDub every day. Gosh! Because of these, my aging mother are now addicted to watch these, and she became a “certified die-hard” AlDub fan! I’m not against her being a fan, but I really dismay on what she’s doing like watching AlDub almost whole day (even in news programs) on a “non-sense” and mayabang (boastful) TV network in the Philippines, singing “God Gave Me You” by Bryan White again and again (last song syndrome or LSS), and buying a newspaper tabloid which features AlDub and Kalyeserye to be read every morning (for me, I suggest her to save money rather than buying “non-sense” things).

I feel so disappointed that AlDub phenomenon made TV Network War worsened that the fans (and fantards) are arguing everywhere especially in social media. And for my mother, well, I just let her go, and that’s her hobby. But I don’t like the way that she’s so addicted for. Ayyy…

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

My Wishes For 2016

This is not my New Year’s resolution regarding to my family (I don’t really make resolutions every New Year because I don’t make these come true), but these are my prayer wishes for my family in 2016. First of all, I pray, of course, my father for his fast recovery almost one year after suffering mild stroke and to stay him strong and healthy. Although there are most of the times that we have misunderstandings, I hope he will change his “hard-headed” attitude despite of being old. Second, I pray my beloved mother to live longer and to stay stronger. I’m hoping her complications from high blood will become stable and healthy (and she must avoid unhealthy foods). And please… stop buying tabloid newspapers (and magazines, too) about AlDub!!! Hehehe! Instead of buying these “non-sense things”, she must save her money to buy her maintenance (medicine) for her health. Third, my eldest twin sisters must shut their noisy mouths while talking and arguing! Hehehe! And fourth and last, my elder brother must look for his new job and stop bullying me so much like calling my nickname like a goat!

However, I know my family will not change their attitude forever! It is because of their old ages (40+) and crab-mentality (but I’m hoping that one of them will go to The Feast to awaken what they’re thinking).

The only best solution to get rid from these distractions of my family is… to set up my own independence. #RoadToIndependence is my greatest goal to set myself free. But it’s so sad for me because how can I set my own life if I have no girlfriend/someone special at the present? This is because my long distance relationship with my textmate was disbanded 6 months ago, and I was so hurt for that. My plan to #RoadToIndependence has been (temporarily) disappeared. This caused me so panic enough to look for the single ladies out there to be my next girlfriend, but it’s not too easy to do it. That’s why I need to search for the right girl in the right place, in the right time. And if I’ll find the “Right One”, I will be ready to prepare for INDEPENDENCE from the distractions of my family!

I will always pray, not only to myself, but to my family as well for whatever happens next year. God bless me, my family, and my greatest plan for #RoadToIndependence.


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