My Worst Friday the 13th in My Life

Episode 29 – Friday, November 13th, 2015 (6891)


Today is Friday, November 13th, right? So, it means today is Friday the 13th. And some of you have been suspicious on that day because it is considered as an unlucky day in Western superstition. During my childhood days, I didn’t believe this “superstition” of Friday the 13th, but when I grew up, this would be the unlucky day for me in my whole life.

In this episode, I don’t really want to remember the past incidents that made me so worse, but because today is Friday the 13th, I just want to share you about my worst experiences happened exactly on Friday the 13th.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

The “Break-up” of High School “Love” (September 13, 2002)

When I was in sophomore (second year) high school at a deaf school in Pasay City, I thought my “good” relationship with my deaf lady (just named her in initials as A.A.), who was also studying at the school as freshmen high school, would be stable. But one “careless” incident that I made occurred to “destroy” my love to that girl.

I was fallen in love with a young teenage girl from the fifth grade (just named her in initials as M.J.), and I was so obsessed to that girl because of her pretty appearance. Almost every early morning before getting to school, I was waiting for her to ride a jeep going to Pasay. In some rarest times, I accompanied with her going to school with something “weird” while we’re travelled. I let her to have our holding hands, holding on her shoulder, and even letting her to sleep on my bag (under my hips). This young pretty deaf teenage girl from the fifth grade became my “controversial” crush because of “wrongdoings” between us even I had already a lady from the freshmen. Within days later, because I felt so guilty on A.A., so I decided to confess my “wrongdoings” to her, and she accepted my apology. But it was not the end… it was the beginning. Our “good” relationship became unhealthy, and on Friday the 13th of September 2002… this became my worst day in my school life. This was after she decided to break-up our “good” relationship that we had for only… three months. I became “unconscious” and numb on that Friday afternoon, and after my final class, my feelings began to getting hurt (but I didn’t cry after the “break-up”) to tell my big sorry to her because of what I had done. Some of her deaf friends accused me as “playboy”, but I defended myself to have my big apology to her on these “dramatic” episodes in my life that lasted for a week until I decided to reconcile her bravely (even after she snubbed me directly).

Fast forward, after I left the deaf school where I had studied for 10 years, A.A., whom I had “loved”, became my mortal enemy (because it was after she slapped me for her “scandal”). Even within the years when I was studying in a non-deaf college, some of her deaf close friends encouraged me to have a peaceful reconciliation to that lady, but I intentionally refused to accept any of her apologies (because she already destroyed my reputation in the deaf school that we studied, so that she must pay for it). In early 2010, I had almost accepted her will to have our peaceful reconciliation when she sent me her friend request on Facebook, but I just decided to reject her and to block her from contacting me on any form of communication (she has been excommunicated since then). And for M.J. who was in fifth grade that I had almost loved her during that time, I think she’s already married or having children. I had seen her on Facebook before where she was carrying a child (probably her first son/daughter), but I didn’t add her as a friend because she’s already in my PAST life.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I thought the Friday the 13th bad incident, for me, was already “buried” in my life. But 7 years later in 2009 and in my new life in Post-Deaf World Era, another Friday the 13th incident came and became worsened that almost destroyed my entire life.

The Involvement of My Former College Crush (November 13, 2009)

In my college life, I had a college classmate that became my crush because of her pretty. Her name was “Precy” (not real name) who also lives in the same village where I live. In the first three college years, she was my good friends although I had courted her to be my (first non-deaf) girlfriend but failed. However, during my junior (third) year, I had no idea why I did something that she and her family thought me to be obsessive to her. I don’t want to share the main reason why I did my biggest mistake in my whole life causing “Precy” and her family (coined them as “The”) almost in “danger”, but I had no intention to put them in danger. But it was too late for me when, on February 28, 2009, her strict mother came at my house to confront me with my aging parents. That was my biggest mistake, and after I quickly apologized to “Precy” for the bad things that I had done. But this was only the beginning of the worst in my entire life.

In the first days of November 2009, I was so excited to attend the new class for second semester, but none of my college classmates informed me that the opening of second semester was suspended (due to heavy typhoons affecting our campus days before). This made me so mad because I was wearing a newly-ironed school uniform and a new that I supposed to be happy with my classmates that I missed so much. But I didn’t think this was the start of “bad omen” in my life. Two days later, the younger pretty sister of “Precy” (just named her “Peach”), whom I had “crush” on her during that time, told me thru text messaging that she was informed by one of my friends in the village that I was watching something that I didn’t appreciate. I tried to ask her where that “non-sense” information came from. But I had already known that I was watching some “exploited videos” at my friend’s computer café few months ago. And three days later, my suspicious clue was finally answered after one of my friends (or tropa in easternmost part of the village where my former high school classmate and “best friend” lives there) told me that “Peach”, the younger pretty sister of “Precy”, was suspecting me and now afraid at me. I didn’t really understand why this controversy against me, which was already buried 8 months ago, was “rising” again and involving the same family that made me so bad. In few days, I tried to talk “Precy” and especially to “Peach” to explain clearly about that non-sense issue, but it was too late.

I had no idea on the bright Friday of November 13, 2009 when something happened even worse in my life. “Peach”, whom I had talked her shortly before I went to the campus, complained to her strict mother, and while I was in the campus, she rushed to my house to confront again my aging parents about the “non-sense” controversy involving her pretty (but some “naughty”) daughters including my former college crush. When I arrived home from school, my aging parents again scolded me so much with anger and some “high-blood”. The curse struck me once again because it was happened Friday the 13th. And on that night, I had never eaten my dinner because my feelings filled with anger (and I was thinking almost that I was planning to have suicide after my aging parents didn’t defend me like their true son). Since the worst incident in my whole life (even until now), I was starting to “snob” my aging parents and eldest siblings in every aspect of family life (like I had never eaten dinner with them, watching TV with them, and bonding with them because they’re not close to me in one family).

Fast forward, exactly six years after the worst incident that almost destroyed my entire life, I have still traumatized on this because, aside of my parents in their 70s and don’t understand on what I’m thinking, “Precy” and her family are still around in the village where I and my family lives for two decades. And because my personal security has been tightened, I’m really staying away from this “Chinese-blooded” family. The last time when “Precy” spotted me was in October 2013 after she, together with her another younger sister and her first child, greeted me while I was taking a bicycle. But I “snubbed” them because they (and her family, as well) are already part of my past life. PAST is PAST! “Precy”, “Peach” and her family became my “enemies” of the state and are already excommunicated from my friendship; this means they’re no longer to interact or communicate with me in any form.

(Note: I just changed their names because I don’t want to destroy their reputation and also my reputation as well.)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Now, in the next generations, I don’t want to duplicate the worst happenings in my life during Friday the 13th. My worst incidents that I’ve mentioned above are already “buried” in my life, but their “bad” spirits are still around in my mind. I want to have a better life but not right now because of the distractions that are present in my life – jobless elder brother who is always calling my name like a goat again and again, my mother addicting AlDub on TV and reading on tabloids, my aging father who’s recovered from mild stroke early this year, the “crab-mentality” of my eldest siblings and also my aging parents (that’s why I don’t invite them on The Feast), and negativity in the house that’s why I will not be living with them in my future. I’m still hoping that there’s a hope for me in my future life, and the worst incidents in my life will be forever forgotten and erased in my mind and in my history.


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