Episode 19 – Friday, September 11th, 2015 (6828)

The devastated World Trade Center after the attack (left) and the new rebuilt World Trade Center with 9/11 Memorial (right)
The devastated World Trade Center (WTC) after the attack (left) and the new rebuilt WTC with 9/11 Memorial (right)

Today is September 11th, and it has been exactly 14 years when the world stopped turning. The terrorists attacked the United States after hijacking passenger airplanes and crashed into World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, The Pentagon near Washington, D.C., and another in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and claimed lives of many innocent people. This attack led U.S. into war against the terrorists.

I still remember the happen when I was a teenager and studying first year high school at a deaf school in Pasay. I was unaware on the night of September 11, 2001 (in the Philippines) when the attacks occurred (on the morning in the U.S.) then I woke up on the next (early) morning, preparing for my school, when I heard on the radio reporting the breaking news about the happening in the U.S. Suddenly, I turned on the TV set to watch the live news where the ironic twin towers (WTC) in New York were gone and covering the dust and ashes around the city. Within the days after the attack, I was focusing to watch news about this that shocked many people around the world.

The Pentagon is still standing after the attack, but the twin towers (WTC) weren’t survived because both of them, along with nearby buildings, were collapsed. Many innocent people were trapped in both towers and died after the collapse. This site became “Ground Zero”. Few years after 9/11, the Ground Zero had been cleaned up and replaced into a memorial site. A new tower was rebuilt nearby the original WTC site and completed in 2013.

The U.S. is now in full recovery and rebuilding years after the 9/11. It has been 14 years, and many of American people who lost their love ones in 9/11 attacks still never forget. Many of them already moved on from the trauma and rebuilt their new lives.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Anyway, I’m thinking that if the World Trade Center has been rebuilt again after the demolition by the terrorist attacks, will my “wounded” heart be rebuilt after the heartbroken splitting up from having a long distance relationship happened 11 weeks ago? I know my heartbroken love life is not really connected to 9/11 but related to the situation (segway kumbaga). While the 9/11 was occurred by the terrorist attacks, my heart was attacked with a sad ending after the break-up of my long distant girlfriend who was in my heart for three long years (four years as being textmates). And just like the WTC, my love life was totally collapsed and now in empty space (as in having no more girlfriend). And while the world was shocked on 9/11, some of my friends (and my “guardian angels” too) were so shocked about my break-up last June 25th. But this may be not the worst scenario that I have right now compared to 9/11 (which led into war, anger, demolition job, etc.).

Last Sunday, I attended Sunday Feast for my first time after two months of absence, and I was asking Sis Tess what I should do on my heartache. Moving on from the past is the best solution. Although there were the times when I was still thinking about the past memories with my former love, I tried to erase these from my mind (and my heart, as well). Reformatting from my mind is not the best answer as per Earl’s advice (he said that my name might be forgotten when reformat) but to erase or to delete what I have with my former love from the past. Deleting her pictures, unfriend (or blocking) her from Facebook, throwing her gifts that I received, and disconnecting our communication (excommunication) are the best way to forget her (although I didn’t delete our past pictures and videos consisted more than 5 gigabytes of data, I just kept or “buried” them into my past archives as a part of my history). I have no more communication with her (in any form – text messaging or thru Facebook) since June 25th (the day when we broke-up). I’m wondering if she did some things that she wanted to forget because most of my gifts and “properties” (see also Episode 14) are still in her possession (including Bro. Bo Sanchez’ book that I bought last Grand Easter Feast 2014).

Moving on is the best way to rebuild the new (love) life and to look for a better girl to be my girlfriend (and future wife) forever. But there’s the right place and the right time to start another (love) life to explore for the “right one”. And just like the recovery of the lives of American people especially rebuilding World Trade Center in New York 14 years after 9/11 attacks, it’s time for me to rebuild the new opportunity searching for the new ones that God will provide.

Like 9/11 (especially WTC), will my heart be rebuilt again from the heartache?
Like 9/11 (especially WTC), will my heart be rebuilt again from the heartache?

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