Attending at the Feast – My Comeback

Episode 18 – Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 (6825)

My friends from Feast SM Sta. Rosa (Photo courtesy from Stella Tupas on Facebook)
My friends from Feast SM Sta. Rosa (Photo courtesy from Stella Tupas on Facebook)

Last Sunday, it was my rest day, and I had my free time to do things that I missed. And my jobless elder brother was not at home, so I was alone at my “own” bedroom to have my private time for the first time in more than two months! But on that morning, I was willing to go at SM City Sta. Rosa to attend Sunday Feast. This was my first time to attend the Feast in two months.

I departed home around 9:45 in the morning, and without heavy traffic, I came at the mall around 25 minutes before the Sunday Feast would be held at 10:30. I met some of my friends especially in Media Ministry that I missed so much. I came and met Sis Tess who was busy instructing the preparation with Lanie. I was sitting and waiting for a while before starting the session. And because I missed to serve in Media Ministry, she assigned me to hold the video camera for the event.

The series talk was about Coach, but I only came on the final talk of that series (Big Day). Some of its topics were about love and HUGS (Help Us Give Spiritually). I really related these too much because of what I had two months ago most especially about hugging that has been missing in my heart. I had been “envious” to someone who had been hugging each other (as demonstrated by Bro. Dreus Cosio and his wife, Love) with a nice romantic music (just related to #AlDub). Awww… I have never been hugged by someone anymore! I really miss hugging to love ones (but not my family) because of my recent heartache! But anyway, I just told Sis Tess about it that I needed to move-on from heartaches that I have right now. I couldn’t think the hugging, spreading the love, and nice romantic music that I’ve been no longer to belong. But in the future, I’m praying to be granted for the “right one”!

After the Feast, I and some friends from Media Ministry gathered to talk and taking our group pictures (I supposed to not join with them when I just decided to be with them). Later, I and Sis Tess together with her daughter waited with Che and Earl to have our lunch together. During our lunch, we talked about happenings in our lives. As we shared our stories, I talked with Sis Tess about my heartaches that, in the past two months, I was so depressed, unfortunate, feeling alone, and feeling empty at all times. It was just like what my [lonely] life had before my textmate (former girlfriend) came in my life in February 2011. Che and Earl got curious on my conversation with Sis Tess especially I’ve been searching for the “right one”. Then I shared my “heartache” experience to them, and they gave me their advices.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Few days ago, I conversed with Sis Tess thru text messages about my heartbreak that has been still existed for 10 weeks after the unexpectedly break-up of long distance relationship with my long distant girlfriend. I confessed her that I couldn’t forget the past memories with my former girlfriend. They were still fresh from my mind and my heart that’s why I wanted to move-on from heartaches but they couldn’t be erased. Sis Tess told me that someone would be found to be my right girl and God will guide me to search for the right one better than my old one. She wanted me to talk about it on Sunday after Feast which was also in my schedule that I would attend it as my “comeback”.

That’s why I decided to come back to the Feast to stay away from the “negativity” in my house and being boredom. Attending the Feast last Sunday was my first time after two months of absence, and it was my only second time to attend since its transfer from Central Mall Biñan three months ago. The last time I attended Feast was on July 5th with full of frustrations and troubles especially I had a problem at home during that time (it was lonely and rainy Sunday for me). But this time, last Sunday was full of joy and excitement. And it’s good thing that I didn’t see any of my old friends around especially inside the Feast Cinema 1 despite of my tightened security. Success!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Phenomenon on TV Goes So Wild

I have noticed nowadays that most Filipinos are now focused to so-called Kalyeserye of a popular and longest running noontime show on TV. This story is led by unexpected popular “loveteam” calling themselves as #AlDub. I don’t understand why this becomes crazy to many Filipinos to have loveteams (or phenomenon) like this (just what Taiwanese F4 did in 2003). No offense to the (crazy and die-hard) fans out there, but I’m NOT a fan of any loveteams (including this one) in the Philippines. Although I only watch this story during Saturday afternoon (my rest day), I only laugh to their “supporting” casts with their funny antics while annoying the “main” protagonists because of their portraying only thru popular Dubsmash and writing on their notes (wasting paper) for their communication. Are they deaf? Why they only speak thru Dubsmash mostly? Kulang nalang eh mag-sign language sila! No offense about my comments that I’ve mentioned. (Take note: this is because of my recent heartache that I’ve been loveless after the unexpectedly break-up happened almost 11 weeks ago that’s why I don’t want to listen most love songs such as Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and God Gave Me You by Bryan White, and I really hate to have a pabebe way. Sorry for my condemnation (but not being bitter). If ever my “love” has been existed in my heart right now supposedly, I might appreciate two of them.) And to be clarified, I don’t even watch their opponents’ show when most “negative-minded” and pessimistic netizens have been continuing to criticize and to insult the poor and low-rated show. I thought Filipinos are united (in terms of unity such as overcoming from natural disaster, faith in God, Filipino pride, etc.), but why they do this? Nagkakaisa daw tayo pero bakit ganyan? Instead supporting their favorite show that they’re watching, they have their time to insult for others (especially for its rival show) mostly on dirty and negative-minded social media! Why not they leave them alone? God damn! I’m not even criticizing this for our poor Filipino people. Dirty competition from TV networks is the main reason why Filipinos are keeping their “negative” minds (and that’s why I don’t really watch Philippine TV nowadays). I’m really sorry what I have written in this episode, but I really express my condemnation to US (yes, US (not United States, ah), we’re Filipino) about this (see also Episode 16).

I hope you’ll understand this (and I’m very sorry to condemn about it) because I really don’t want to make our Filipino people stupid and pessimistic. In so many issues we face right now – crime, poverty, unemployment, dissatisfaction, inconveniences, bad (and dirty) politics, lack of discipline, dirty environment, poor education and more – we just forget our faith in God. I know most of Filipino people have (or never) attended Sunday mass (including Feast) to hear the solemn and the gospel, but they continue to have their “negativity” (and hypocrisy) in “dirty” social media because of these many problems (including dirty competitions, bragging TV ratings, etc.). I hope most Filipinos will open their minds from being “pessimistic”.

My commentary that I’ve mentioned above (even in my previous episodes) is just timing because the next series of the Feast will be about Thanks God I’m a Filipino.

Oh… by the way… today is Mama Mary’s birthday!



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