Bad, Dirty and Poor

Episode 16 – Thursday, August 27th, 2015 (6813)

Well, I want to express to you about these situations that affect our lives (yes, OUR lives not only my life) every day, every time, every moment, and some sort of always in our beloved country, the Philippines. These are the five (5) bad, dirty, and poor things that I (or maybe some of you) might be no longer to live in this country anymore (or in the future). It’s because I’m too dissatisfied so many dirty, poor, or even bad (or worst) things that happen in this country every day (too bad news)!

This article is just my opinion (with some true facts) that I want to express about my dissatisfaction that probably I may not want to stay here in the future (but I’m NOT telling any negative intentions about this).

  1. Dirty Politics

Well, we always hear about these old, dirty politics in the Philippines. It’s look like more on circus when the politicians are arguing with their rude words about their “evil” things such as corruption, scandals, and anything that they do so wrong in our society. I don’t understand, in every election, why all poor and desperate Filipino people still choose a politician who already has his/her bad image because of his/her controversies that affect our society. To be honest, our government is too weak to stop corruption around its agencies. And the politicians (especially those in the Legislative), they are also weak too besides some of them do their “evil” things every time after they won in past elections where they promised (again and again) to clean up our government (and themselves, too) from corruption. They are only strong when they’re too comfortable in their positions but too weak for their actions for our poor people.

Another example that I’m so dissatisfied to these “dirty” politicians (especially to our government, right now) is their bad decisions. Just recently, I read and heard the news about the Customs that they decided to open Balikbayan Boxes delivered from hardworking OFWs abroad to inspect some “suspected” things to be caused as “smuggled”. Poor, poor OFWs who are sacrificed to work abroad without their love ones at home! That’s why most of us have criticized our poor government action. Territorial claims at West Philippine Sea is one of the examples of our weak government’s decisions that they didn’t defend our territory because they fear what China will act on this conflict. Weak! And one more mention, what shameful it is that our Rizal monument in Luneta is now overshadowed by a condominium (describing as an infamous photobomber)! These bad and poor decisions from the government (either local or national) are these reasons why the bad things happened.

In the next presidential elections which will be held next year, I’m afraid that our future potential candidates will be our “weak” leader. They are not just popular, but they have also had controversies and lack of political goodwill, too (many promises but lack of action). Probably in the future, our next generations will be experiencing poorer (or even worsened) conditions that they will be affected if our dirty politicians are still existed to solve our country’s problems affecting in our everyday lives (most especially those who pass their next generations to rule this beloved country which are commonly known as “political dynasty”).

  1. Bad and Dirty Conditions

Every time when I’m traveling to my work (and vice versa), there are some beggars gathering around the National Highway especially in most crowded places. Sometimes, when I’m on the jeep, these poor and dirty beggars (mostly children) climb on the jeep and ask passengers (including me) to give some money thru letter-sized envelopes, then they speak anything (even they speak in their different dialect probably from Mindanao) but to beg. Some of them are rush to ride and cleaning our shoes using their old, dirty rug and then beg to passengers inside. Some of them have their rude words when the driver wants them out from his passenger jeep. Even sometimes they carry their very young babies that they are seemed to be dangerous when they’re middle of the road.

These poor and dirty beggars are the examples of bad and dirty conditions in our society right now. I might be able to help some of them but not all of them because of suspecting that they are probably associated to bad syndicate. I’m not suspecting them, but they must NOT do this on the streets, not only in Laguna and Metropolitan Manila, but also in some parts of our country (they even reached in Nueva Ecija while I was traveled with my former love, and they were so violent when they faintly abused some passengers). And there’s NO government action to stop these beggars around. Some officials had caught them and replaced to social welfare, but months after they’re on the streets again, and even sometimes they act bad doings, such as snatching, causing them into criminals! Gosh! I don’t understand where and why these poor and dirty beggars came from. Is it probably because their parents (or ancestors) were also poor?

Also, there are some dirty places that I don’t appreciate here. Although some people are so discipline taking care our environment and keeping our place clean, most Filipino people are so unaware about the environmental concern in our country such as throwing garbage (even small pieces of wrappers, paper, or useless plastics) anywhere, spitting, taking a “jungle” everywhere (mostly men), air pollutants and even domestic animals such as dogs don’t care about placing their “poops” on streets (especially in residential areas like the village where I and my family live). Poor people who live in their informal settlers (or commonly known as squatters) are the ones who make our environment ugly. These are living nearby rivers (or estuaries, in Filipino: esteros) where they usually throw their garbage and other dirty things (as well as their waste), or they just throw anything that are dirty anywhere. Damn! They never learn for this! Tapon nang tapon kasi kayo tapos pag bumaha lugar nyo, sisihin pa nyo ang gobernyo! They’re so hard-headed! And also some people try to destroy our environment such as mining, quarrying, dynamite fishing, illegal logging and air pollution.

  1. Bad and Dirty Crimes

No place is safe for me and other fellow Filipinos here. Bad (and dirty) criminals are everywhere – inside the passenger bus, jeep, taxi, van, crowded places and elsewhere (even in private and most secured subdivisions)! Gosh! I feel most of the places that I’ve mentioned are (probably) no longer to safe either commuters (riding and traveling in a public transportation) or having own private car. These criminals are snatchers, robbers, holdapers, carnapers, notorious gangs (like laglag barya gang, budol-budol gang and others that are too many mentioned), riding-in-tandem, and more. And why they do these bad things? I think because most of them are from their poverty that’s why some people are victimized to rob their own things (mobile phone, tablets, laptop, jewelries, etc.) not only in the metro, but also almost everywhere especially in Laguna. Last year, I had witnessed notorious people who rode a passenger jeep where I was inside. One morning while I was traveled going to my work, one of these criminals sat beside me on the right, and he tried to open my bag. Fortunately, he didn’t succeed. I had observed him and his companion trying to victimize some passengers (including me) by dropping some coins on the floor where someone would pick up while one of them tried to open the bag and to rob things inside. See… even in Laguna, it has been NO safe for me and other commuters who are living in Laguna. And where are the police? They are too invisible around especially in some remote and dark places along the National Highway and elsewhere in Laguna. Luckily, I have never been victimized by these bad and dirty criminals around. In my mind, I’m always praying to the Lord every time when I’m in travel. Many of my friends have always said to me (and others): ingat (take care). But that word is really not enough for me to safe. I’m not letting in my mind to attract negative things to be happened to me, but these criminals are already everywhere victimizing some people in unknown place and uncertain time. And the worst is that when they’re caught, they’re free again in few weeks or months after bailing in low amount for one (minor) case then they’re doing bad things again what they’ve done. Poor, poor commuters! And the police… where are they? Nganga lang?

Bad and dirty criminals are also doing, not to victimize, but to kill someone. Most of them carry illegal firearms or take illegal drugs (drug addicts) that affect their mind to do bad things. Most especially, many of girls out there must be more careful, aware, and stay alert (especially walking alone at night) because some suspected guys may victimize them thru harassment that turns into rape, or the worst they might be killed. Police visibility may not be existed in a particular place or area. And the worst when a victim was killed, where’s the justice? The suspect/criminal may remain alive at jail (or hiding), but the victim is already lifeless! The justice system in the Philippines is so weak! There’s no capital punishment that put criminals into death sentence (probably because there are too many arguments around especially in church sector and because of presence of our “weak” president) unlike in other countries. It’s not only for those ordinary people who commit crimes but also for the dirty politicians who have committed criminal charges and cases that cause our government (and its agencies) becoming corrupted and dirty.

  1. Dirty Competition

It’s not about the consumer products that we buy in a store or in supermarket, but it’s about Philippine broadcasting especially in television so-called “Network War”. I’m so sick and tired to hear from major TV networks (especially the “heart”) that brag their high ratings, claim to be No. 1, and being watched by million Filipinos nationwide and overseas. Since I came back home from my wonderful experience in the United States in July 2005, I rarely watch TV shows (because of my father who criticized these most especially news program while watching), in exception of watching basketball games (either NBA or PBA) and live news coverage such as typhoon. To be honest, I’ve watched the “family” most because of their humble and quality programming while I really hate the “heart” because of their brag (so yabang) in terms of ratings but not their quality (even before on my old article, All About Tent in 2009, I had always criticized that “brag” network). Unfortunately, this dirty competition affects most Filipino lives (including my family) most especially those who are in line of poverty (lower-class or pang-masa, I mean) and some who are “illiterate” (including fantards and bashers) causing arguing themselves (either personal or in social media where they often criticize some TV shows that they hate to watch rather than to watch their favorite TV shows and NOT to criticize what they hate). Their criticisms to most TV shows cause their negativity in their lives. It’s too bad for them (especially those in social media) because instead of focusing for their future, they’re rather to watch on TV more than their own personal lives. Bragging high TV ratings are also affecting most Filipinos watching TV. I really hate to show or to brag their high ratings of their particular shows that make them popular while others who don’t brag their ratings are often criticized (in case, mostly about noontime shows, news programs (mostly bad news), entertainment, and so-called “loveteams” in most teleseryes). These make most people (especially fantards and bashers) stupid because they often put their (positive but most negative) comments on social media rather than taking themselves causing them into negativity!

To be honest, I really don’t watch Filipino programs on TV anymore because of their dirty competition (and also because they’re so boring). Unlike in the U.S. where most of TV networks are often to be united and fair competition, TV networks in the Philippines are so such hypocrites just like politicians! And that’s why I refer to watch TV shows from the U.S. often (like what I had watched NBA Finals recently thru free live streaming). In the U.S. (or probably as well as other countries), there is a friendly competition among TV stations (either local or national) to share information and news from their rival stations and being united together, unlike here at home where our TV stations are so dirty (telling na “sa kabilang istasyon” you know) to compete for their ratings (and for their selfishness)!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

And there’s one poor thing that I may not live our beloved country (probably) in the future.

  1. Poor System

Because of growing our population, most of us have been experiencing inconvenience such as heavy traffic, crowded passengers on public transportation (bus, LRT, MRT, etc.), poor access roads, and even slow connection of internet! Gosh! Many private individual might own private vehicle to drive going to their work, business, or special events, but there are too many to drive on one road causing heavy traffic. Plus, our commuters may be inconvenient riding public transportation with full or crowded passenger (mostly they only stand), and because there are so many public vehicles around, they may also cause long hours of heavy traffic. Riding in public mass rail may fasten our time from traffic, but we may also become inconvenient for this because of full of passengers travel in one train, and even sometimes the train might cause malfunction making most passengers into anger from a long, long waiting line to ride in just one (poor) train. Our roads and highways may be safe or not (as what I’ve mentioned on #3) from accidents, but some of them have poor access to some major destinations (like what I had traveled to Mt. Samat Shrine in Bataan last June where there’s no access to have a provided public transportation going there and vice versa). Most especially in remote places in most provinces, there are no access roads and lack of infrastructure to build a new highway or even a public transport (such as trains). And also our airports are in poor maintenance making us (especially OFWs) so inconvenient!

Poor transportation is not only affecting to us but also in poor communication. Although we’re able to communicate thru our mobile phones (such as text messages), we’re not satisfied on our country’s slow internet connection. Our beloved country is the one that has the slowest internet connection in the world. This makes us so inconvenient besides of traffic and poor public transport. This is unlike other countries where there are so many access roads, an efficient public mass transit, and fast internet connection just like when I was in Hong Kong last year.

Our public transportation system and internet connection may be seemed too disadvantage compared to our neighboring nations (in Southeast Asia) with their good public transportation and communication as well. What a shame! Because of dirty politicians ruling in our beloved country, they don’t even solve problems regarding to heavy traffic, poor maintenance of airports, public mass transit, and even slow internet connection.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

To be honest, I feel I don’t like to stay here at our beloved country because of these dirty and poor things. I’m thinking whether I will leave and settle my “new” life in other country or not if our country will get rid from these dirty and poor things. I’m really regretted that our beloved country has rich natural resources, many beautiful tourist attractions, delicious food, hospitality, culture, and many Filipino talents who made so proud worldwide. But it seems becoming a bad image because of ruling dirty politicians, inconvenience, crimes, poverty, pollution, and even dirty TV competition that are happened and affecting most Filipino people into negativity and closed-minded. It’s so sad for these, but we, our Filipinos, are still seeking a new hope and opportunity for the future generations in our beloved country.


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