My Programming Schedule

Episode 15 – Monday, August 24th, 2015 (6810)

In the past 8 weeks, I’ve been so bored in almost every day activities especially in my work when I’ve been idle most of the times (except for rush deadlines every two months). Even in my house, I don’t have any private (and free) time in my bedroom (as well as in my Tent Office) because of my elder brother who is still jobless and annoying me most of the times especially I’m tired from work and my rest day on weekends. And because nobody interact me either thru text communication or in Facebook, my life right now is so boring. If ever my long distance relationship (LDR) with my girl from the North has been existed right now, I could be survived from boredom thru text communication to make me happiness. But since LDR (and having a textmate) is over (and changing my old mobile number due of some annoying text messages that I really don’t like to receive), I have no more to socialize with my friends and other people.

Anyway, I want to share to you about my (programming) schedule (just like on broadcasting radio and TV) that I had done on my daily activities.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

My Tent Schedule for March 2014
My Tent Schedule for March 2014

Last year, I made my own personal schedule to do my daily tasks and activities time on time (it was started when I was still jobless on January). I usually wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, although sometimes I used to wake up earlier than 7:00 am to warm up. I leave home at 9:00 am (or earlier) then before 10:00 am, I usually arrive at the office in San Pedro to start my working day (entitled as Tent on WGM). On my original schedule, I was usually logging out from the office to go home at 5:00 pm because during that time I didn’t have own key to open and to close the office, but since I have my own key at the office, I usually go home from work at 6:00 pm or later due of some “extracurricular” activities such as Facebook, watching on YouTube, etc. Although it was originally scheduled that I had also my working day on Saturday, it was only held if there’s an important and rush deadline rarely (for bi-monthly magazine to be published).

During that time when I was belonged to HOT Team, I usually attended the presentation and team meetings with other members every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, especially on Sundays, we spent our meetings until midnight at the house of one of our members in Cabuyao, Laguna. At the Feast, I had attended Saturday Feast Biñan with Bro. Dreus Cosio, and sometimes I served it as a LCD operator in Media Ministry every Saturday. I had also sometimes attended Sunday Feast with Bro. Jon Escoto and Wednesday Feast Alabang with Bro. J Yogawin at Festival Mall every Wednesday evening right after my working hours from San Pedro.

And most of the times, I was usually “working” at my Tent Office to make my own personal interest like exploring thru internet (my house was accessed with free Wi-Fi from the church behind) and some personal writings.

My Tent Schedule for August 2014 (Note: there were some blanks on the schedule that indicated the same as previous schedules (as for March 2014) or may subject to change)
My Tent Schedule for August 2014 (Note: there were some blanks on the schedule that indicated the same as previous schedules (as for March 2014) or may subject to change)

In late March 2014, my former college classmate and HOT Team friend named “royalprince” encouraged me to join a new opportunity that emerged our financial freedom. On that time, we joined seminars (financial school located in Makati), meetings, and even conventions with a lot of members from around the country gathered for one big event. With my departure from the HOT Team, in April, I replaced my schedule in HOT Team to my new club. It was usually held every Tuesday and Friday evenings. But because the office that we attended was located in Makati, we usually got to travel further to Laguna and arrived home so late from there because of long meetings, chatting with our mentors and inconvenience (the buses going to Laguna were no longer to serve after midnight).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

From all of the “programming” schedule that I mentioned above (mostly from 2014), only my working schedule, Tent on WGM, and most daily activities before and after working hours (from home to the office then going back home) are still existed up to present. My visit to St. Clare Monastery in Cabuyao is also existed (including my biking exercise from home to the monastery via “short cut” plus eating breakfast alone at a convenience store) every Saturday (except when I rarely work on Saturday due of rush deadline) and holidays (mostly on Fridays) if the weather condition is good. But all others that were scheduled in 2014 are gone.

As my departure from the HOT Team, I also left so-called A-Team (Abundance Team) of a financial school in Makati because of somewhat “irregularities” made by the team (team only but NOT a whole organization as I clarify) especially to that “royalprince” who depended on me frequently such as asking for his lack of allowance most especially when we were in Hong Kong with our team. The last time when I attended a meeting was on October 3rd 2014, a week before attending the Hong Kong convention, where I got to go home from a very long meeting almost midnight which made me so inconvenient because I was so hungry and I didn’t catch up the last trip of the bus from Buendia going to Santa Rosa. After the convention, I decided to leave the team (but again NOT from the organization) because of personal reasons especially to him. I was thinking to have my “comeback” to the HOT Team, but I just decided to not resume my “career” to the HOT Team (probably because I don’t like to meet and to talk a son of one of its members who is too much talkative and the one who is so mayabang).

My attending to the Feast was still existed especially in Saturday Feast Biñan (SFB) where I sometimes served in Media Ministry. However, because of the changes that a new tenant would occupy the place in Central Mall, Saturday Feast Biñan (as well as Sunday Feast by Bro. Jon Escoto) was disbanded, holding its final session last June 6th, but the Feast moved to a new location and has been held every Sunday led by Bro. Dreus Cosio. But I can’t be able to attend a new Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa (although I attended once last July) because of security reasons that I don’t like to go a crowded place and personal reasons where “royalprince” with his former college classmates most especially “chubby” are sometimes present attending the Feast. I have also never attended or joined Connect/Care Group (CG) with some friends from the Feast because I feel it wastes my time (most of the times when I joined them right after SFB past 9:30 pm and talked up to midnight (which caused my mother worried about being getting home so late). Another, I have never attended Wednesday Feast Alabang (WFA, led by Bro. J Yogawin) in Festival Mall since October 2014 due of some personal reasons where most of the friends from A-Team are always present. I still remembered when one of my Feast friends in Alabang (also in A-Team) encouraged me to join Media Ministry of WFA. I accepted to join at first, but because of this, my attending to WFA was my last.

My working at my Tent Office was existed when my elder brother was not at home (either he was in abroad or in his girlfriend’s or friend’s place). But since he’s still jobless until present, I rarely do my duties of own office because he sometimes annoys and interrupts me (besides his bedroom is located “inside” my bedroom so that he always passes thru my own office every time when I do something.

And the saddest thing about my own schedule was the “dead” of text communication between me and my textmate/girlfriend. Although it was not originally planned on my schedule, our text communication was occurred almost every day, from wake up in the morning until before sleep at night. Sadly, we broke-up our long distance relationship last June 25th causing our text communication shut down. And because of that, my own personal schedule (except for my job) has been dull right now.

Almost every day, I feel so bored because I don’t talk with somebody even thru text messages (although I talk with my officemates a little bit at work, still I don’t talk about my personal problems most). I have NO best friend right now. I have NO friend to help me about my problems. I can’t confess about these to my parents who are too old enough to understand me and to my elder siblings because they’re too choleric and too misunderstanding on what they feel, so that’s why I feel they can’t help me most of the times. And I have NO more girlfriend or any textmate who wants to talk with me most especially when I’m in trouble and hopeless.

But for me, only GOD will provide to help me as I always pray to Him for my troubles in life.


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