My Wonderful (but not quite) Birthday

Episode 12 – Friday, August 7th, 2015 (6793)

Yesterday, August 6th, it was my special day in my life, and that was my birthday. Although I couldn’t be able to make fun on my birthday due of very irritating mouth sore, I was still able to cheer in a very simple celebration. (Ahhhhhh! It’s so irritating to me especially I’m eating!) This was my first time since 2011 that I celebrated my birthday as being single, without having a girlfriend, or without any love life existed. Yeah, it was my first birthday since the unexpected break-up (or the end of long distance relationship) happened 6 weeks ago. Let’s start my happenings occurred yesterday.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

When I woke up almost late in the morning, everyone inside our house (except my curing father who had suffered mild stroke several months ago) greeted me “Happy Birthday”. Even I was still irritated on my mouth sore, I was still able to eat my simple morning breakfast before leaving off to my work in San Pedro. When I came at the office, I was the first to open it to start my working day. About 20 minutes later, one of my officemates came and greeted me, and others also came to greet. We’re just five people inside the workplace (except the one who is just a high school student). It’s just fun to have a very few colleagues in my work (like my two previous workplaces) with a lot of FREE time!

Later in the afternoon, we went out from the office going to Muntinlupa City to have my birthday blowout to them. We dined in a restaurant named Classic Savory where we ate two big plates of long-life pancit (noodles) and a whole chicken that we shared. Within less than an hour of taking my blowout, we went back at the office to continue our work.

After my working hours, I went to a cake shop to buy a half rolled chocolate caramel cake nearby before taking a jeep going home. And when I arrived home, I ate my dinner less due of irritating mouth sore before taking my rest on my bed.

It was my simple (and ordinary) birthday that I made whole day. Although I didn’t make myself happy due of irritating mouth sore (and still fresh from the post-LDR emotions), I did make my work colleagues and my family happy on my birthday.

My birthday blowout with my work colleagues. (Photo courtesy from InstaMag)
My birthday blowout with my work colleagues. (Photo courtesy from InstaMag)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Meanwhile in social media, the time when I arrived at workplace, I opened my Facebook with a bunch of birthday greetings that made my day cheerful. My friend from the HOT Team, Tito Dhing Carpena, was the first to greet me, and some other friends were followed including my beloved foster mother, Mrs. Lyn Woolmaker of Talladega, Alabama, my deaf friends in the U.S. (they greeted me during nighttime at home), some friends from Feast Biñan, Feast Santa Rosa and even Feast Alabang, and some of my friends outside (mostly my former officemates). In text communication, although I just activated my old Smart mobile number for just one day only (because most of my friends still don’t know about my new mobile number), my HOT Team friend, Marian “Yani” Carpo was only one to greet me “Happy Birthday” thru text messages. Almost all of my other (old) friends didn’t know or forgot my birthday or just ignored either in Facebook or thru text messages, but the important was that they still remembered my birthday. So I would like to sing my message, “Thank you, thank you ang babait ninyo!” (“Thank you, thank you for your kindness!”) Hehehe!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Anyway, I would like to share the happenings (or “throwbacks”) during my past birthdays in the past 18 years (Note: this number 18 is NOT my actual age):

1997 – I was absent at school (PSD) on my birthday (probably because I had thought that the school classes were suspended due of bad weather).

1998 – Because of my tardiness at school on that day (exactly on my birthday), some officers of an elementary students’ organization (I was the secretary during that time) ordered me to clean up the school canteen as my punishment of being late. It was my worst birthday in Deaf School Era.

1999 – When I was in fifth grade, the school classes was suspended for one week (including my birthday) due of series of typhoons.

2000 – Unknown

2001 – I was absent at school during my birthday (?)

2002 – Unknown

2003 – For my first (and only) time, I celebrated my birthday with a blowout treat for my classmates and some of my beloved teachers at PSD (although I treated for them two days after my actual birthday and at the midst of bad weather outside).

2004 – Just three days before I went to the United States, AFS Philippines treated me (with one of co-workers in AFS Phil.) to celebrate my birthday along with my fellow exchange students/scholars who also would send to the U.S. for the exchange program.

2005 – Just a month after my wonderful experience in the U.S., I just went out for myself to explore on my birthday. But it was supposed to be my happiest day when the AFS Philippines, a non-profit organization that supported me to go to the U.S. in 2004, scolded me out because of the allegations that I had already transferred to a new (non-deaf) school which violates the agreement where I supposed to come back to PSD after the exchange program. For the complete details, I will explain these “throwback” incidents later in the future episodes.

2006 – My newly college classmate gave her nice drawing to me for my birthday. Three years later, that classmate who was my crush became my mortal enemy and was already excommunicated from my friendship. (She was living in the same village where I currently live)

2007 – For my only time during my college life, I treated some of my college classmates my birthday blowout inside my house a day after my actual birthday. (Note: my “chubby” classmate was supposed to come at my house when she decided that she couldn’t go due of unknown reasons. This caused me to be sulked (tampo) to her, and a month later we had a series of “Cold Wars” not once… but twice!)

2008 – On my birthday, I accompanied with my pretty college classmate going home from the campus, but suddenly one old man interrupted me to talk about his “non-sense” life (I don’t really like to the strangers who want to talk me during my travel).

2009 – Most of my college classmates (except most of my group mates who had their high egos actually) greeted me before our class was started. This was my last birthday in my college life.

2010 – I just celebrated my own birthday despite of being “jobless” just a month after I resigned from a travel agency that didn’t relate from what I learned from school (as Information Technology (I.T.) course).

2011 – During my first job stint in Alabang, I just didn’t come at work because it was my birthday. (It was Sunday, but I chose to not come at work even it was due of large production so that most of my colleagues forced to work 12 long hours for 7 days. What? No resting day?!!! WTF!!!)

2012 – During my second job stint in Mandaluyong, most of my colleagues really didn’t know about my birthday, so I just remained silent to not act that the day was my actual birthday. It was my first birthday within the time when I was in relationship with my long distant girlfriend.

2013 – For the second time, I just celebrated my birthday despite of being “jobless” two months after I resigned from work in Mandaluyong because of inconvenient workplace.

2014 – I was blessed during one session at the Feast together with other attendees who also celebrated their birthdays in the month of August.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

One more thing, I was still wondering if my former love still remembered my birthday yesterday. It has been 6 weeks after ending our long distance relationship that lasted for three long years. I didn’t know if she supposed to greet me thru text or just forgot me due of some complications especially for her. Earlier today, I received a text message from unknown mobile number stating, “How are you?” But I didn’t reply thru my old Smart mobile number although I already deactivated it minutes later, and I couldn’t reply thru my new mobile number due of security reasons. I tried to search that mystery mobile number from my database, but I didn’t find it either.

I’m not hoping that someday she will interact me even thru text (I already blocked her from my Facebook but not for excommunication). I want to move on from the unexpected incident because I still don’t know what to do next. And that’s my mission.


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