Bad, Dirty and Poor

Episode 16 – Thursday, August 27th, 2015 (6813)

Well, I want to express to you about these situations that affect our lives (yes, OUR lives not only my life) every day, every time, every moment, and some sort of always in our beloved country, the Philippines. These are the five (5) bad, dirty, and poor things that I (or maybe some of you) might be no longer to live in this country anymore (or in the future). It’s because I’m too dissatisfied so many dirty, poor, or even bad (or worst) things that happen in this country every day (too bad news)!

This article is just my opinion (with some true facts) that I want to express about my dissatisfaction that probably I may not want to stay here in the future (but I’m NOT telling any negative intentions about this). Continue reading “Bad, Dirty and Poor”


My Programming Schedule

Episode 15 – Monday, August 24th, 2015 (6810)

In the past 8 weeks, I’ve been so bored in almost every day activities especially in my work when I’ve been idle most of the times (except for rush deadlines every two months). Even in my house, I don’t have any private (and free) time in my bedroom (as well as in my Tent Office) because of my elder brother who is still jobless and annoying me most of the times especially I’m tired from work and my rest day on weekends. And because nobody interact me either thru text communication or in Facebook, my life right now is so boring. If ever my long distance relationship (LDR) with my girl from the North has been existed right now, I could be survived from boredom thru text communication to make me happiness. But since LDR (and having a textmate) is over (and changing my old mobile number due of some annoying text messages that I really don’t like to receive), I have no more to socialize with my friends and other people. Continue reading “My Programming Schedule”


Episode 14 – Monday, August 17th, 2015 (6803)

It has been 7 weeks and still counting. I can’t imagine that my happiest moments in my love life with my long distant girlfriend have been already gone, and it’s so sad that I’m still disheartened in the past 7 weeks despite of having positive vibes (at my work only not at home). Just imagine two months ago, we had still celebrated our third anniversary of love, and we’re still together when we travelled our anniversary date at Bataan. It was just our 15th meeting despite of having long distance relationship (LDR). But now… we’ve been over. Our three years of LDR was not a joke. Unlike other long distance relationships didn’t last longer (but only some people have experienced this), we had been still able to maintain our relationship thru communication (using text messages and Facebook), and we sacrificed for this despite of our busying schedule where I’m working at the office and the Feast while she’s still taking her studies in college. Continue reading “Downfall”


Episode 13 – Thursday, August 13th, 2015 (6799)

Last episode, I was thinking who sent me a text message on my birthday last week stating, “How are you?” Few days later, I just tried to reply the message thru my old Smart mobile number. The answer was finally revealed when a person who sent a “mysterious” text message was from one of the Feast members in SM Sta. Rosa. And yes, I remember him who asked me to give my number (but I just gave him my old mobile number instead of my new ones due of security reasons) when I was attending Sunday Feast at SM Sta. Rosa a month ago. (I really miss the Feast! But because of personal and security reasons, I have temporarily stopped to attend because the one whom I don’t want to see him (and also with that “chubby”) is always there to attend.) And because the mystery was already solved, my old Smart mobile number was again deactivated forever as I’ll never use that old number anymore! Continue reading “Distraction”

My Wonderful (but not quite) Birthday

Episode 12 – Friday, August 7th, 2015 (6793)

Yesterday, August 6th, it was my special day in my life, and that was my birthday. Although I couldn’t be able to make fun on my birthday due of very irritating mouth sore, I was still able to cheer in a very simple celebration. (Ahhhhhh! It’s so irritating to me especially I’m eating!) This was my first time since 2011 that I celebrated my birthday as being single, without having a girlfriend, or without any love life existed. Yeah, it was my first birthday since the unexpected break-up (or the end of long distance relationship) happened 6 weeks ago. Let’s start my happenings occurred yesterday. Continue reading “My Wonderful (but not quite) Birthday”

Text Communication (and Its Stats)

Episode 11 – Monday, August 3rd, 2015 (6789)

It’s August, and time is so fast because it’s only five months left before the year 2015 ends! I’m so excited for Christmas (although it’s more than 100 days to go), but I’m still sad for unexpected break-up happened nearly 40 days causing the “death” of my long distance relationship. But anyway, last month, it was still fresh from the break-up that caused me so depressed even thru text communication with someone. Continue reading “Text Communication (and Its Stats)”