Episode 10 – Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 (6778)

In the past few weeks, you have wondered why I have still “no show” in most of the activities especially in the Feast (SM Santa Rosa and also in Alabang). Of course, I’ll always tell this reason so many times: security reasons (or even sometimes, personal reasons). Even my “guardian angels” always tell me, “reason pa more! Hehehe!” Especially since I’m already loveless four weeks ago, it seems me so bored because, of course, I don’t have any friends that support me (I mean karamay) anymore even thru text message after I changed my mobile number because of… again… security reasons. Reason pa more! Hehehe! But anyway, I have noticed something that I have no idea what happened last week especially the long weekend due of Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan).


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

In the beginning of the week (working week actually), I just opened my Facebook and noticed the pictures from my friends from the Feast (SM Santa Rosa) attended something special (just like a retreat). Most of my Feast friends were present including my two “old” friends that I don’t want to meet (or to talk) them (I’m sorry to express this) – my former college classmate and my friend from HOT Team. That’s why I don’t want to meet these two because of their different attitudes that I don’t like (I’m sorry again to express my bad feelings to them).

I looked most of their pictures that they’re happy to bond together just like what we had before in the Feast (and also in HOT Team). They enjoyed their fun and bonding as one “family”. The good thing was that they didn’t inform me about the event due of changing my mobile number effectively last July 1st. I had no idea what was going on last Friday, but even someone informed me (thru text or Facebook) about that event, I would not still go there to have bonding because of security and personal reasons especially where the two “old” friends were present. Baka kasi kung mameet ko silang dalawa eh kung anu-ano sinasabi nila lalo na ung isa diyan na hindi pa binalik ung utang nya sa’kin at yung isa naman optimistic sana siya kaya lang… “mayabang” lang masyado at choleric! That’s why I didn’t appear (or “no show”) to them last Friday.


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Another thing that happened last long weekend was the treat of Canlalay Kids in Biñan happened last Saturday. My Feast friend, Marian “Yani” Carpo, led her Kids Ministry to treat together with some HOT Team friends for the kids of Canlalay. As I checked most of the pictures in Facebook, I thought I missed to serve with them learning some lessons and games that they’re willing to play. But the good thing, again, was that they didn’t inform me about this due of changing my mobile number. I know Yani is unaware on this where I already changed my number that I’ve no longer to receive any text messages on my Smart mobile number. I supposed to give my new Globe number to her, but there’s one problem: her “boyfriend” is always with her in most of times. I think he could borrow her phone to use for his important purposes especially in their team call in the HOT Team, so that I don’t give my new number to her due of my security reasons especially to her “bf” who was always sending his “unattended” text messages (mostly about HOT Team) with his tagline: EveryJuan masipag. That’s why I’ve no longer to use my Smart number because of him. (Sorry Yanz, I can’t give to you my new number because of him!)

And if ever she informed me thru text or announced on her Facebook, either I would attend serving the kids of Canlalay or not basta wala nang magtatanong sa’kin kung nasaan na naman si _____! As I always mention, I don’t want to hear this question (especially from a person who is so “mayabang” kung magsalita) again and again and again! And again, I’m NOT “royalprince” (my former college classmate) obviously, and I clarify that we’re NOT “bestfriends” anymore!

Because of that, I didn’t appear to them for the treat and serving with the kids last Saturday.


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

And lastly, I also checked news feed on my Facebook and looked a picture posted from one of my Feast friends where two of my former college classmates were present at the session of Feast SM Santa Rosa last Sunday. These two were: “royalprince” and “chubby”, and I don’t want to meet these two (especially the latter who is really “thrown away” from my past college life) even they’re attending Feast. I really don’t understand why they now regularly attend Feast during Sunday although they hadn’t while it was in Central Mall Biñan for Saturdays (where I usually served there as LCD operator). And this was the main reason why I temporarily halt serving the Feast in a new venue at SM Santa Rosa because I know they always attend there. Last July 5th, in my rarest time, I attended there because I had a lot of problems in my house during that time, and I immediately rushed out after the session because I knew “royalprince” was present together with my other friends from Feast. The good thing was that we didn’t meet or see personally.

This led me to disappear all Sunday Feast session in SM Santa Rosa (and also in Paseo) due of personal and security reasons especially SM City Santa Rosa is listed as one of the places that I suppose to not go (because some of my “enemies” might spot me there).

And also I’ve still not attended Wednesday Feast Alabang (WFA) in Festival Mall, Alabang because I don’t want to see and to meet most of my “old” friends from a financial school due of my personal reasons (especially to my former college classmate and his mentor). This led my disappearance at WFA since November 2014.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I’m really disappointed that I suppose to attend some events with my friends like you, but there are some unexpected people coming and making my day so annoying and irritating. And that’s why I’ve made my disappearance for several weeks (especially the recent break-up of my long distance relationship last June), not for my disgrace, but for my frustration to my “old” friends, as well.

And for those who have still not known that they thought they still contact me to my old mobile number, I’ve no longer to receive any text messages from them because of personal and security reasons including those two that what I mentioned earlier above and another person from a financial school in Makati who had been always sending his text messages congratulating his members which was NOT supposed to send me because he didn’t mention my name (to congratulate) either!

It has been 4 weeks after splitting up with my long time textmate/girlfriend that we emerged for three long years, and it’s so sad that I will never see her again after only 15 dating appearances between us. This will be my forever disappearance for her.

And what I mentioned in last episode (see Episode 9)… I’ll be forever alone.


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