Episode 10 – Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 (6778)

In the past few weeks, you have wondered why I have still “no show” in most of the activities especially in the Feast (SM Santa Rosa and also in Alabang). Of course, I’ll always tell this reason so many times: security reasons (or even sometimes, personal reasons). Even my “guardian angels” always tell me, “reason pa more! Hehehe!” Especially since I’m already loveless four weeks ago, it seems me so bored because, of course, I don’t have any friends that support me (I mean karamay) anymore even thru text message after I changed my mobile number because of… again… security reasons. Reason pa more! Hehehe! But anyway, I have noticed something that I have no idea what happened last week especially the long weekend due of Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan). Continue reading “Disappearance”


Having Allies… No More? (Forever Alone?)

Episode 9 – Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 (6770)

It’s Day 20 of being single, and I have still no idea what will I do to move on from the unexpected break-up of my long distance relationship last month. I’m still depressed despite of my optimism in my life such as my career. And one of the saddest moments right now is that I have… NO person that I need to talk closer (in a one-on-one confession) about my situations (e.g. problems). Yeah, I have NO “best friend” (or closest friend or ally) to confess. I have some of my friends outside especially from the Feast, but I feel none of them are closer to me, and some of them are too choleric. Also, I have no opportunity to talk with someone within the times when they’re accompanied with others that I feel I don’t trust them. And lastly, my speech (or rather having speech defective) is one of the reasons that I don’t want to join (or I’m willing to join if there’s no “disturbance” around me) such as Connect/Care Group (CG), Light Group of Feast (I’m sorry to express this), and open forum in a group of friends to confess each one. Continue reading “Having Allies… No More? (Forever Alone?)”

Remembering My School Life at IMS

Episode 8 – Thursday, July 9th, 2015 (6764)

I want to go back in my time from the past and let’s throwback when I was studying high school at International Montessori School (IMS) exactly 10 years ago. It was my first non-deaf institution that I entered for the continuation (actually) of my fourth year (senior) high school after my wonderful experience in the U.S. in 2005, and it led the beginning of Post-Deaf School (World) Era. Let’s read from my article called Tent on IMS (I just made it summarized): Continue reading “Remembering My School Life at IMS”

My Terrible Sunday

Episode 7 – Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 (6762)

Last Sunday, July 5th, it was my Day 10 of being single (and loveless), and it was supposed to be my peaceful rest day. But suddenly, that day would become terrible for me.

After my breakfast, I started to read today’s newspaper while eating my favorite yogurt. Later, my father called me to help his walk going back inside the house. He was suffered mild stroke last late January and barely walked (sitting his wheelchair then he’s now able to walk slowly using a quad cane), so that my mother and my other siblings needed to help his recovery. My elder brother was not in the house during that time because of some reasons (he has still been jobless since last year from working abroad, and my mother dramatically warned him to look a better job for his better future (he’s already near 44) just like me before when I was jobless in late 2013), and my mother was not there because of her busy things outside. Continue reading “My Terrible Sunday”

Post-LDR and “Transition” Period

Episode 6 – Monday, July 6th, 2015 (6761)

Within just few days after disbanding my long distance relationship to my girlfriend from the North, I really don’t know what to do next. I also don’t know if I’m still hurt or depressed after our break up last June 25th, but that’s life. I’m still thinking around but not just in time right now because I’m still in “transition” (or “moving on” stage) from having a relationship lasted for three strong years down to be single again. Continue reading “Post-LDR and “Transition” Period”

10 Years of Post-Deaf World

Episode 5 – Friday, July 3rd, 2015 (6758)

Together with my fellow exchange students during our end of stay orientation in Washington, D.C., June 29, 2005, marking our final days in the United States before we're back home.
Together with my fellow colleagues as foreign exchange students during our end of stay orientation in Washington, D.C., June 29, 2005, marking our final days in the United States before we’re back home. (Photo courtesy from Tent Archives)

Time is so fast. It has been 10 years after I came back home from my wonderful experience in the United States as a part of foreign exchange program where I and other 40 high school students were luckily included to study and to stay with our own foster (host) families there for a year. I still remember when my foster family spent our final time (episode) to bond together before I left with much of sadness and memories with them. Before I and the other 40 fellow students left the United States, we had our end of stay orientation for three days. Then on July 1st 2005, our moment was come when we’re ready to go back home with much of excitement because we missed our own families so much at home even though we missed the celebration of the 4th of July (U.S. Independence Day). On July 3rd, we arrived at the airport from the warm weather in the U.S. to the very hot weather in the Philippines where we got full of sweat and tiredness from a long journey of flight. Continue reading “10 Years of Post-Deaf World”

Worship and Service at the Feast

Episode 4 – Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 (6756)

My colleagues from Feast Biñan and Santa Rosa during 2014 Kerygma Lenten Recollection (Photo courtesy from Kimmi Islao Besmonte)
My colleagues from Feast Binan and Santa Rosa during 2014 Kerygma Lenten Recollection (Photo courtesy from Kimmi Islao Besmonte)

Two years ago during Lenten season, my former college classmate (again) invited me to attend a recollection, together with some of our fellow former college classmates (including that “chubby” lady), which, during that time, I had no idea what was it. And I started to discover the Feast. Continue reading “Worship and Service at the Feast”