Anomalies From My Former “Friend”

Episode 3 – Monday, June 29th, 2015 (6754)

In October 2014, I was in Hong Kong together with A-Team after attending the convention. However, this would be my last time to be with the team.
In October 2014, I was in Hong Kong together with A-Team after attending the convention. However, this would be my last time to be with the team.

This episode is just more complicated story that I’ll share, and I will reveal the biggest revelation about my former college classmate (and friend, as well), just called him “royalprince”. I wanted to express my displeasures about him before, but I know some of you are the friends of him. I just clarify that I have no intention to be against him. However, for the first time exclusively in the third episode of this article, I want it right now to express or to share about this. In late 2013, I was searching for my new job after I resigned from a graphic company in Mandaluyong. Needing to have an extra income while being temporary unemployed, I found him in Facebook posting his testimony that he had already earned money thru travel. Later, I let myself to join him in his business together with some Feast friends. I thought he wanted to help me in terms of financial aspects in “our” business. I supposed to make him my “mentor” in building full abundance, but suddenly, I observed him that he’s too complicated for me. So, since late last year, I started to stay away from his works, activities, and obviously himself. Within days after we came back home from Hong Kong for the seminar, I felt uncomfortable for him when the times he “needed” me for his own help. And because of that, these are reasons why I don’t want to be with “him” anymore:

  • He’s feeling “bossy” every time when he commands me to help his things (panay utos) such as creating “his” promo (because I’m graphic artist), printing materials for promoting his business or requirements like what I did before our Hong Kong convention where they were useless causing my time and money wasted that I paid for the computer rental, and he DIDN’T pay me for those!
  • He made me “servant” (or alalay, what I mean) like carrying his materials or handling his camera to capture him. I felt he made me dumb for this.
  • He’s always LATE in most appointments (with me, alone, or other groups/friends), that’s why I really don’t like his habit to be tardiness!
  • He sometimes asked me for allowance like passenger fare when we’re together travel going home after his money was not enough to pay (kulang yung barya, I mean) especially when we’re in Hong Kong last October that he asked me again to borrow my money for his allowance (I thought he has cash flow on his travel business and becoming field leader in a company just named “IMAGE”). And then when it was time that I asked him to return his debt for me, he was complaining after I said to him the exact amount of his debt that he borrowed while we’re in Hong Kong. And that’s why I left “IMAGE” temporarily because of him (he might ask me again for it! Gosh! He never learns for it!).
  • When I had consulted to other businesses (rather than his business), he warned me before that I must stick in one business (just called “TELEVISION”) that we’ve been there, but later on he left his old business to join “IMAGE” and encouraged me to join which I did. I thought he stuck (or loyal, I mean) in one business after he warned me for it, but sooner he joined “Image” for some reason. That’s confused! He contradicted his statement before. And because of that, he just “halted” my dreams in HOT Team.
  • And because of his joining in “IMAGE”, he planned me to rent an apartment near the office of “IMAGE” in Makati with him to make us “less” hassle from travelling further from Laguna. But my decision is a BIG NO because his working office in Taguig (during that time) is quite near, but it makes my working office in San Pedro further from Makati (instead quite near travelling from Santa Rosa). Obviously, that’s too disadvantage for me even though he forcibly encouraged me for rent an apartment with him that, in my thoughts, he will get benefits for it (I know he would ask me for his allowance every time when his money is not enough again! EDI WOW!).
  • He has connection to my another former college classmate named “chubby/big hog” who is also my former “crush”, as well, who hurt me so much caused into “Cold War” twice during our college days because of her freaky boyfriend who, coincidentally, had been also a member of Music Ministry of Feast Biñan (but the good news was that he has been no longer belonged there). But when he encouraged her to join “IMAGE” as his business partner, I got upset, so I just left “IMAGE” temporarily because of THEM! (Tapos sasabihin na naman nila sa’kin na MOVE ON daw eh anung klase move on yan kung andyan sya?)
  • He has also connection to my another former college classmate and “crush” named “THE” who became my mortal enemy (blacklisted from my excommunicated list, I had written about criticisms against her in most All About Tent episodes in 2009). Do you know why? I remembered when he showed me her posts on his Facebook (as she’s his friend) while we’re setting for team call in HOT Team. I know it was just his joke but not so nice for me! Kapal talaga ng mukha na pinapakita pa nya sa’kin nun! He’s not supposed to do that for me because every time when I saw her posts (on his Facebook only, not mine because I just blocked her from there), I got irritated for this! (Tapos sasabihin na naman nila sa’kin na MOVE ON daw eh anung klase move on yan kung ganyan ginagawa nya sa’kin?) My God!

nf2lq nf2u1 And because of these reasons, I just decided to “unfriend” him in my Facebook (sorry, but I’ve done this already), reject his “unattended” calls (as he wanted me to help him again), never reply when received his text messages, and never go in any place where he’s present (just like Grand Easter Feast in Mall of Asia Arena three months ago because, aside of being late, he would ask me again to borrow my money for his allowance if his money wasn’t enough for passenger fare!) such as Light Group if ever he’s there to join with Nikki Bumatay and/or Earl Pascua (especially he currently joins their group in HerbalLife).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I don’t understand why some of my friends from Feast had sometimes asked me, “where’s ‘royalprince’?” and they did the same question again and again and again every time when I attended Saturday Feast Biñan or accompanied with some HOT Team members for the kids of Canlalay. That’s an obvious question because, first, I am NOT “royalprince” in person, and second they must ask HIM and NOT me! Sorry guys, but I’m tired to hear that question. They thought that “royalprince” and I were “best friends” because we’re just former college classmate (porke former classmate eh best friend agad?), but the truth is… we’re NOT as per my clarification. I have never been closed with him even since college days. But because I knew him, as my former college classmate, during our companionship in the Feast and in the HOT Team, I just approached him to be closer than my new friends that I only introduced them in 2013. I know I had several “best friends” during high school and college times (in Post-Deaf School Era or since 2005), but my closeness to them didn’t last long. Having a “best friend” is just a “short-term” for me. Because of complicated life, I don’t want to have a person who is close to me and become a “best friend” (or closest ally) as well. I’m just neutral, neutral to all “groups” that you belong. So, it’s better to stay away from him because of complicated situation between us. So… PLEASE DON’T ASK ME ABOUT HIM! OK?!!! Tanong nang tanong eh di naman talaga ako si… NEVERMIND!!! TANONG PA MORE!!!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Another situation that I involved was my temporary leave in “IMAGE” because of “royalprince” (and eventually his encouragement to that “chubby” to join as his business partner). Just before we left for Hong Kong convention, I had one-on-one confession to one of my closest friend in the Feast (and in HOT Team), and I told that I was not comfortable to so-called “A-Team” because of their “boring” discussions (even their “corny” jokes, sharing stories or whatever) and being serious focusing to the “system” (unlike in HOT Team where there’s a lot of enjoyment while working). There was nothing compared to HOT Team where I had been belonged for a short time (because of him, of course) and full of happiness together with some Feast friends that I’ve already known them. So, right after our trip to Hong Kong, I immediately left them for good because I was not happy with them anymore (especially the one who bragged his wisdom to learn about the “system”, parang si… NEVERMIND!). Within few weeks (right after my unexpected hospitalization last November), I just rejected unattended calls from “royalprince” that I expected he would need me to help him and not replying his text messages (his “mentor” never stops sending me text messages even he announced to congratulate his downline members that he supposed to announce thru Facebook and NOT wasting his text messages to others! That’s why I’m so bothered to receive his text messages congratulating his members rather than mentioning my name. I really want to change my mobile phone number as soon as possible.)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Every time when I open my Facebook, some of my friends from the HOT Team have always posted their vacation in some hotels. I think every month they have checked-in some classy, expensive and luxury hotels within the metro, but I don’t think they have “wasted” their money because of these. I know they have their cash flow, but how about the others na nakiki-join lang? And, as expected, they would have so-called Care/Connect Group (CG) to share their stories and personal lives before they would sleep overnight or early in the morning (in which I don’t really like to do that, but I like to share in one-on-one conversation basis and not in larger group because of my speech inefficiency). I had been with them once before in Tagaytay early last year (“royalprince” was in their team just weeks before he left for “IMAGE”), but it was never happened to me again because of my participation in “IMAGE” (with “royalprince”, of course). I still remember when “royalprince”, I, our mentors, and our fellow members attended a seminar in SMX Convention Center last year. We also attended the Gala Night a night before. We supposed to have a full rest and nice sleep in a nice, classy and expensive hotel at late night when we immediately rushed to prepare and left to go back again at SMX in super early morning for just being “first” in line! We had never experienced to relax at the very nice hotel (I think it was a 5-star or lower?) comparing to the HOT Team where they were so relaxed and comfortable (even after their “half-day” convention). That’s why I temporarily left that team, for good, because of their some “irregularities” which made me uncomfortable. Period.


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