The End of My Long Distance Relationship

Episode 2 – Friday, June 26th, 2015 (6751)

My long distance relationship with my girlfriend from the North has been no longer existed.
My long distance relationship with my girlfriend from the North has been no longer existed.

It’s so shocking. I never thought this would be happened at Thursday night of June 25th, 2015. After three long years (or 1,103 days), I and my beloved girlfriend are officially over… and yes, it’s true; it’s official. To be honest, I’m no longer with a pretty lady from Cordillera as my girlfriend anymore.

It was a very sad night for me because I really didn’t know this would be happened in my love life. In the past three years, I was so patient to go at Nueva Ecija to just meet her and to accompany her for a nice romantic date only with us together. I just met her only 15 times despite of being long distance since our first meeting in June 2012. It was the most memorable for me to be with her as my first ever non-deaf girlfriend after 7 years of absence.

Anyway, within the time when I’m writing this episode right now, I don’t want to share the reason why we decided to break our long distance relationship because of complicated situation that she has faced in her home right now (maybe I’ve been involved with this problem because I was her boyfriend). And please if ever you’ll ask me again about this, I’ll be remained silent at all.

When and how was our relationship started?

I just want to share my story, however, about how we met each other and how to start our relationship. I was just laughing when I remembered our very first conversation, not in personal appearance, but thru one simple text message! Let’s throwback in time when and how did we started to know each other.

One Tuesday afternoon of February 1st 2011, when I was waking up from my sleep to prepare for my night shift work in Alabang, I received an unknown text message from an unknown stranger. I knew that it was a wrong sent message (that I read something I didn’t understand because of different dialect), and it was strange that how did she know my mobile number. Suddenly, I just replied it before leaving going to my work. At night, while it was my break time, she replied me back asking her apology for sending wrong text message to me that supposed to be sent to her friend. On the next morning, when I was going home from work, she sent me another text message and asked my name. I just introduced myself that I had no idea during that time because I supposed to not introduce my name to any stranger based on my personal security (that’s why I didn’t want to have a textmate because of security reasons, but I broke already after my introduction thru text). Days later, just before Valentine’s, I just sent her a nice Valentine’s message thru text, and she suddenly replied me back asking my name again that she would remember during our first text conversation. She finally introduced her name and her place where she lived. It was a strange communication between us because we’re several miles apart from our places where we belong. And it was my first time to have a textmate (or text friend), as well, while we had not met. We started our friendship thru text after Valentine’s, and the rest was history.

Well, every time when I was alone or no one wanted to talk with me (I think because I was loner), I just communicated with her thru text messages to make me happy to be with her but without our personal appearances each other. We lasted our friendship for 6 months until I had something strange for her because of her soliciting load for texting. I stopped communicating with her for a while until I just decided to chat her again thru text. Several months later, I just realized that I began to fall in love with her even though I hadn’t seen her face or her personal appearance. She didn’t have her Facebook during that time, so that I was remained clueless about her appearance. But not until, I expressed my feelings to her thru text messages in March 2012. She accepted my courtship to her thru text in which I had never done this before in my whole life.

But on Sunday afternoon of June 17th, we just started to chat thru text with some pleasure and laughter. Suddenly, she sent me a simple question that would be changed our status. She asked me, “if I said this to you ‘I love you’, what will you reply?” there were choices that I could answer for her question. At the first place, I thought it was just a joke, but when she insisted me to answer that question in a serious matter, I answered letter ‘A’ which stated “I love you too.” Because of that simple but serious question, she was starting to insist me to be in-love with her, and I did answer to her seriously that I’ve been in-love with her. Later, after my nervous response which increased my love feelings on her, she revealed that she also fell-in love with me which led her answer to my courtship. Finally, after 7 years and 17 days or 2,573 days of my “love absence”, I had already my very first girlfriend who is not totally deaf. That day made me so happy when she became my girlfriend (thru text messages), and this led the end of the long-time “curse” in my love life where I couldn’t have any non-deaf girlfriend in the past 7 long years because of the reflection to my past love life with deaf girls, but it was already broken after she answered me to become lovers after 16 months of being textmates.

Even though we had still not met each other after becoming lovers due of long distance, we were expecting to meet for the first time as soon as possible. But not until, June 23rd, after 509 days, finally (not 7.50) we met for the very first time in Nueva Ecija where we had our romantic date together.

We lasted our long distance relationship for three long years until such a time that we needed to let go because of complicated situation that she has faced right now.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Awwww… how sad it is! I know many of you saddened this breaking and shocking news, and most of my “guardian angels” were so shocked this unexpected happen and had their sympathy. The three years of our relationship was the longest ever in my love life history. For me, it’s so hurt even inside my heart when she informed me thru text about our unexpected break-up after three lovable years. She said to me before saying goodbye (translated from Filipino), “thank you for your understanding if ever this will be for us [no matter] whatever happened. I’m still crying since last night, and yes we regret our companionship, but I can’t make it… I treasure it so much.” Ayyy… it’s so very sayang! It’s so regrettable for me. My happiness with her will be forever in my memory and in my history. Just like playing in a championship game or in the playoffs where I was a defending champion, I was lost from the opponent causing me to be dethroned from being a champ. And I know those who have broken-hearten that they always inform #WalangForever. I thought our relationship would be lasted forever but ended surprisingly.

I hope we made a right decision to be letting go between us, and I hope she will find a better one for her better future. I’ll always pray for her and her family in Cordillera. (If ever, I supposed to bring her at the Feast to enlighten her life and her family and to give more blessings for her, but it wouldn’t be happened)

Well, back to zero again and back to Day 1 of being single. And I’ll change my Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “single”. Welcome back! Hehehehe! I just made fun to myself from affecting this situation, but it doesn’t affect me outside, but deep inside from my heart, I’m so affected. Now it’s time to move on. Ika nga, MOVE ON MOVE ON din pag may time! Hehehehe!




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