The Beginning of My “New” Adventure

Episode 1 – Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 (6749)

Good day! I’m very excited to be back on writing my commentary about my life and current events that I have witnessed right now. It’s about 5 years and 7 months after writing my very final episode of my old “All About Tent” (in November 2009 before it was shut down due of non-sense controversy that almost destroyed my whole life before), and I miss it (although I had written some commentaries in 2011 while I was working in Alabang, Muntinlupa) because this is my passion (aside of drawing or designing, of course) that I got inspired from our national hero, Dr. José Rizal. I first started writing my own diary as early as 2002 when I was studying in a deaf school in Pasay City, and this is my mindset to do either writing using my pen or typing on my laptop. Anyway, for the first time in almost 6 years and in my working career as a graphic designer for magazine, I started to do my writing about stories in my life and its surroundings. Let’s go!

The Final Session of Saturday Feast Biñan at Central Mall

Last Saturday, June 6th, I attended Saturday (Sabado) Feast Biñan (SFB) for my serving as LCD operator (where I operated worship lyrics and PowerPoint presentations on the big LCD screen), but suddenly in the middle of the worship song (after the talk with Bro. Dreus Cosio), the laptop that I operated was crashed because of bad, bad virus (or whatsoever). I wasn’t panic though, but I needed to rush and to fix the laptop because there was a new worship song titled 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman that my colleagues in Music Ministry needed to sing through flashing the lyrics (as they didn’t memorize the song although Bro. Dreus did it to sing while I was fixing around). I failed to do so, but I did flash the lyrics lately. That was ok because the show must go on even experiencing some technical problems! That was nice to serve with God at the Feast.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, my attending (and serving) at Saturday (Sabado) Feast Biñan (SFB) was the last to be held at Central Mall Biñan before moving to other location (due of occupying a space for a new branch of a government agency). It was sad; however, Bro. Dreus announced that Feast Biñan would be moved to a cinema theater in SM City Santa Rosa temporarily (thus it would be now called Feast SM Sta. Rosa), and it would be held every Sunday morning. I was happy for that. But there’s one problem. Personal security is the reason why I can’t go to SM City Santa Rosa because, aside of crowded people gathering inside the mall, there might have some of unexpected people who I know to see or to meet inside such as adversaries in my life (maybe the family of my former college classmate and “crush”, living in the same village where I also live, or some of my high school classmates, who bullied me so much, might gather there). Also, I rarely go out from home on Sundays because of household works when my mother irons our clothes every Sunday and it’s only my “full” rest day from work (Saturday is also my rest day, but indeed, I frequently go out and attend Feast). That’s why I can’t go there for that reason (especially Sunday is the family day). So, my serving (as LCD operator) at the Feast has been temporary hiatus until such a time when the Bro. Dreus’ Feast will find a new place to serve and to worship (but I can serve in Feast Santa Rosa in Paseo if necessary, but as I said, I rarely go out during Sundays).

Saturday (Sabado) Feast Biñan has been temporary hiatus due of tenant replacement from Central Mall
Saturday (Sabado) Feast Biñan has been temporary hiatus due of tenant replacement from Central Mall

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Last Sunday, June 14th, it was the first Sunday of “new” Feast with Bro. Dreus Cosio at SM City Santa Rosa, and it was jam-packed with more attendees gathered to listen a new series called Jesus Entrepreneur. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend or go there because I was in Pampanga with my girlfriend for our anniversary date (I will tell that story later on). In what I saw in my friends’ post in Facebook in some other day, my colleague in Media Ministry, Lanie Garcia, was there together with some Feast friends, Nikki Bumatay and Earl Pascua, and some of my former college classmates were also present including my former “partner” Onin that I don’t want to see or to interact him because of his “anomalies” in my life (I’ll explain why in later episodes) and my former chubby “crush” that I don’t want to see or to meet her because PAST is PAST! Buti nalang wala ako dun kung hindi… NEVERMIND! Hehehehe!!! Anyway, what I said earlier, I rarely go out on Sundays and can’t go at SM City Santa Rosa because, not only crowded, but also might some “adversaries” around! Security is a MUST!

Bataan Trip for 3rd Love Anniversary

Last June 13, I went to Nueva Ecija to meet my beloved girlfriend again to celebrate our third anniversary (we actually advanced our anniversary date to weekends from actual June 17 when we became sweethearts). This was our only 15th time in three years despite of having long distance relationship for our romantic date. How sweet it is! I arrived at Science City of Muñoz in early morning and I met her sitting at the bench while waiting for my arrival as we’re ready for our long journey. From there, we rode a jeep to Cabanatuan City then riding a bus twice, and then when we arrived at Balanga City, Bataan, we rode another jeep via Cabog-Cabog bound and took off at the intersection to ride a tricycle going to our destination for our anniversary date: Mount Samat National Shrine (Shrine of Valor) in Pilar, Bataan.

We’re first time to go there with such excitement to see the giant cross on the top of the mountain. But before reaching the giant cross, we needed to walk long upstairs (thanks for reminding from a tricycle driver that we needed to buy a liter of mineral water at a store before we rode on a tricycle going to Mt. Samat) and finally, we reached the top with a lot of tiredness from long walking! Hehehe!!! We fell in line going to the elevator inside the cross where we would see the nice view of Bataan and Manila Bay from the top of Mt. Samat. After sightseeing from the top, we bought our souvenirs like T-shirt and magnetic picture of Mt. Samat (my favorite souvenir item) then taking pictures and selfies around the place. We also visited the museum where the artifacts and WWII guns were displayed (even though the tour guide warned us to not touch any of those guns because they contained radium which is very dangerous in health). After our excitement date, we rode the same tricycle that we provided going back to the highway. However, going back home from Mt. Samat was difficult one especially because the passenger jeeps were rarely travelled going back to Balanga City, so we just provided another tricycle (in some expensive fare) going back at the bus terminal where we rode a bus going home.

It’s me at Mount Samat National Shrine in Pilar, Bataan (Photo via InstaMag)
It’s me at Mount Samat National Shrine in Pilar, Bataan (Photo via InstaMag)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Our trip to Mt. Samat for our anniversary date was an adventurous one. We left Muñoz at 7:00 am and travelled for more than 110 miles within the national road in almost 8 hours before reaching our destination. I just suggested that there is supposed to have a passenger (public) bus provided from Nueva Ecija (either Cabanatuan or San Jose, north of Muñoz) going straight to Balanga City via Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and vice versa without travelling town-to-town highway which causes traffic and long hours of travel. And I also think that there is supposed have a provided passenger bus or jeep from Balanga City going straight to Mt. Samat within on-time or a provided cable car just like what I saw when I was in Hong Kong last October 2014 where there is a public bus (travel on-time) and/or a cable car for the tourists want to go to Giant Buddha Statue sitting at the top of a mountain. There is also a subway train from the downtown Hong Kong city to the place where we provide a public transportation (bus or cable car) going to Giant Buddha (just like going to the province from a major city), and it is less hassle both on travel time and providing public transportation (unlike what we experienced last weekend where we needed to ride several public vehicles (jeep or bus) going to the destination taking a long time and travel).

Nevertheless, we celebrated our third anniversary of love relationship as we travelled long journey for the third time after our date at Ocean Adventure in Subic, Zambales (2013) and Enchanted Kingdom in my hometown, Santa Rosa, Laguna (2014). Next year (2016), where shall we celebrate our fourth anniversary…? Hmmm…


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