Deaf Appearance on TV

Episode 251 – Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 (7988)

Hi there! Earlier this week, I was able to watch the latest episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) about the story of a deaf student (portrayed by Nash Aguas) who faced tough challenges when he pursued his studies in a non-deaf (hearing) college and meet new friends despite of his disability. It was such a heartwarming and inspiring story that made me so sad for him especially the part when he experienced depression after arguing with his mother that he said she was the reason why he became deaf. Already aired last Saturday evening, I was unable to watch on TV, but fortunately I searched this episode and was able to download this in high definition (HD) through my phone while I was heading back home from my job interview. I was too glad that there’s caption (or rather a subtitle) on that episode and inserting a sign language interpreter on the beginning and the end of the program when Ms. Charo Santos-Concio narrated the story. Continue reading “Deaf Appearance on TV”


Is My Future So Scary (Yet Exciting)?

Episode 250 – Sunday, November 11th, 2018 (7985)

Last All Souls’ Day (November 2nd), I was surprised that our main clock was gone from the top wall (near our bathroom) that faced our main door. Later, I found out that my mother removed the clock from there and placed it to the top between two doors of the bedrooms. I asked her why. And she replied that she moved it because of a superstition. I didn’t know what kind of superstition (or pamahiin) was that older Filipino generations still believed. I really condemned about this move because the clock had been there for a long time (more than 25 years), but she did it after the tragedy happened to my eldest sister who died last May. Really? Was it just because of the placement of the clock that caused my eldest sister into death? Dahil lang dun??? What the heck! The death of my eldest sister last May might be just a coincidence and not because of a superstition due of wrong placement of the clock. Unbelievable, isn’t it??? Until now, I’m still confused looking for a time at its former place. Nasanay na ehh.

But anyways, speaking of time, don’t we notice that time is really so fast? Yeah! Every second counts as it already passes in every moment in our lives. It’s just like when you already ate your breakfast, but you’ll later eat meal again at your lunch or at your dinner. Just like right now, it has been already 50 days before the year 2018 ends. You just imagine you will be celebrating with your family a new year with fireworks and lots of noise on the night of December 31st – 50 days from now. But you might realize what were you doing 50 days ago? Hmmm… Continue reading “Is My Future So Scary (Yet Exciting)?”


Episode 249 – Sunday, November 4th, 2018 (7978)

A month ago, I published an episode (story) about possible causes why I’m jobless, financial burden, having no leisure, having no girlfriend, and still unmarried. Oh well, I might probably be miserable for now, but in the past 7 or 8 years, I feel my life from 2010 (or at least right after my college graduation) has been somewhat wasted. Yeah, my career life has been wasted. Because ruining my career, my finances have not been fulfilled, thanks to those parasites that asked me for money, making me so stupid to lend them. Thus, my savings from hard work have also been wasted. And my wonderful love life for three years was wasted without any reason, but later I found out that my former love somewhat betrayed me for another love, making me furious and until now I still can’t find the right one.

I feel so upset why I am here right now, becoming poorer and more distress than ever. It is only because all things that I had before have already been wasted. Pabaya or sayang talaga. I might regret about it because these were come from my hard work, sacrifice, and sweat. But these went nothing. There’s nothing to grow my life as well to conquer my greatest dreams. Thanks to those who distracted me, I am now suffered the worst and the darkest side in my life!

Right now, I’m discussing the things that have been wasted causing my present life into downfall and never become successful. Continue reading “Wasted”

Remembering CG: Care/Connect Group

Episode 248 – Sunday, October 28th, 2018 (7971)

I and my friends from Feast Biñan gathering a Connect/Care Group during one Saturday evening back in 2014

In the present, I barely or (consequently) never join LG with mostly single (and pretend to be “single”) people in the Singles Ministry right after Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa. Also I’ve never joined any Singles gatherings such as Singles Night Out (led by Marlon Tacalan and held every 4th Wednesday of the month). It is because I don’t want to be ashamed due of my current situation such as being jobless or poor (really?). However, back in my old, happy, and better days, I frequently joined a gathering called Care/Connect Group or CG.

Yeah, I was still joining CG with my beloved friends from The Feast. But that was 4 or 5 years ago when I was still attending formerly known Saturday Feast (preached by Bro. Andreus Cosio) in Central Mall Biñan. CG is now a present form of Light Group or LG (not my initials though). During the time when I was jobless back in late 2013 – the time that my life was way better back then, I usually attended (and sometimes served for the Media Ministry) at The Feast every Saturday evening. Right after the weekly gathering, I was asked by some of my new friends from Feast Biñan to join their CG. CG was a weekly gathering for Singles. There was also a CG for Youth and some parents to share their own lives and blessings every week. Continue reading “Remembering CG: Care/Connect Group”

Sunday is My Only Free Day

Episode 247 – Sunday, October 14th, 2018 (7957)

In all 7 days of the week, only Sunday is my free day. And because today is Sunday, I can go out from the house and attend (or serve) the Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa every week. And after attending The Feast, I spend myself for some free time such as taking a lunch and renting in an internet café to download videos and to upload this episode on my blog. However, while Sunday is the only day that I have “freedom”, all other days – Monday to Saturday have been boring to me because, first of all, I still don’t have a permanent job, and lastly, there are lots of distractions at home, so that I don’t have time to spend my own privacy (my elder brother is also jobless, so he stays at home for the whole day).
I only think that Sunday is a family day for most people around because it is where they stay together and bond each other in one family after a whole week of work and stress. However, for me, it has been an opposite. While my other friends spend their free time with (happy) families every Sunday, I don’t spend too much with my family because I have already done this for 6 days while I’m jobless, staying at home at all times. That’s why my freedom has always reflected on Sundays. However, 4 or 5 years ago, Sunday was my usual time to have a full rest from work and to spend with my family at home. Continue reading “Sunday is My Only Free Day”

What Are The Main Causes Why I’m Miserable? (Really???)

Episode 246 – Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 (7952)

Good day everyone. Well, right now, I’m still distressed, waiting for some miracles in my life. For three straight months, I still have no permanent job after I left a job that really made me discomfort because of an overacting antagonist then I decided to not report for work anymore without any official absence. But being jobless has caused me even worse. While looking for a new job so hardly, my bank savings have been little by little decreasing due of expenses that I’ve done almost every week. Because I don’t have a job right now, I don’t have any monthly salary at all. My finance is never fulfilled because, last May, I withdrew almost entire savings for the higher hospital bills of my eldest sister who unfortunately died after being released from the hospital. It feels like that my patience at work for 7 years has been wasted. Also while I don’t have big enough savings (it has been almost already 4-digit amount), I can’t be able bonding with my friends as well as finding a one true love that will be my “forever”. And I can’t settle for my own independence because I’m still single and living with my parents who are senior citizens. My gosh! I’m 32, but no job, no big savings, no love life, and no happy life! Am I really such an unfortunate person with all misfortune around my life?

While I’m here without all of these, some of my friends – former high school or college classmates, or former officemates – enjoy their own lives (I guess) because they are enjoying their own lives… almost. Some are already married and having children and might be living in their own away from their parents. Some are already (new) parents giving their first (born) child. Some are already in a love relationship or engaged going to be wed soon. Or some enjoy their leisure, travelling around the country with friends like swimming, hiking, sightseeing, and even in abroad because of their big enough savings from their hard work in their good company. And in fact, they’re younger than me. They’re really fortunate, right? But how about am I? Do I have these right now? Continue reading “What Are The Main Causes Why I’m Miserable? (Really???)”

Singles Night Out: Why Haven’t I Attended?

Episode 245 – Monday, October 1st, 2018 (7944)

singles night outEvery time when I talk with someone thru Facebook, they’re asking me to have some bonding with our friends from Feast SM Santa Rosa. I know that I’m too much introvert because I don’t really have any close connections to my friends particularly in Singles Ministry where a bunch of singles (and pretend to be “singles”) are gathering. Some happenings that they gather are the Light Groups where they share their personal stories on their coffee dates (particularly right after Feast session), Love Someone Today (LST), Intercessory Ministry, Love Life Retreat occurred annually in February, and lately the Singles gathering or Singles Night Out. Oh well, I already attend these kind of occasions (although I didn’t complete LST course due of personal reasons) except the last one.

This gathering for Singles are held monthly where single (and pretend to be “single”) people meet for fun and with blessings from God. I don’t have any idea about this, but it was actually started early this year after one of my Feast friends named Bethz encouraged me thru Facebook chat to attend the event. However, due of being tired from work during the time (thanks to the frequent overtimes at my old job in Pasay and long travel with traffic going home), I was unable to attend Singles Night Out where most of my beloved friends from Feast SM Santa Rosa were there including the one who have been chatting with me for a long time. I didn’t have any regrets for not participate in this social event. But in later months, my beloved friend, who had first invited me, again let me to attend another Singles Night Out. Continue reading “Singles Night Out: Why Haven’t I Attended?”